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The.Letter.L is my name, and comedy and romance is my game...


Alright, yeah, soooo...what is up guys? What's that? I still have fanfics that have not been completed like I promised? HAHAHAHAHA someone send help.

So yes, I admit I am not on the ball as I should be, but this is pretty much all the creative thinking time I have anymore. With the holidays coming it is going to get harder and harder to get things done. SO I will say this, I will work on finishing things that I need to.

Happy Birthday Ponyo is already planned out and will be short because it was never really meant to be long. No worries on me getting that project done.

Sophia the Babysitter is also near completion if I get off my butt and finish it.

The one story I was "proud" of to finish was Sesshomaru's Juliet. I would enjoy making like mini chapters or add-on to it, or even a sequel? BUT that is a project for another day!

So, in short I will aim to get these done as WELL as the soul eater fic I started. I really liked that story idea...

[UPDATE: May 1st, 2014]

Wow, it has been a crazy ride has it not? Well let me start out by saying that I really appreciate all who read my FanFics, and I would also like to thank you! Now then onto buisness!

I am booking out chapters, getting things done before I start my Ponyo FF I have been mulling over in my head. If you have access to my DA account than you already have a sneak peek of what is to come, but for now let me get the other things done!

So yeah! Finally got Sesshomaru's Juliet done huh!?! Pretty exciting stuff! I set out to get it done and I did it! As I have been posting EVERYWHERE, I will add more if I see that people want it. Although it would be nice to go through everything I had planed in my little head.

[UPDATE: October 5th, 2013, edited as seen fit]

Wow, it has been FAR too long since I came here...I apologize to the ones who I promised updated chapters and then disappeared into the void of the Abyss [seemed a lot shorter time there...huh...]

Anyways, seeing I STILL have an intense hatred for unfinished stories [I.E. my whole FF account] I will make a promise here and now! I WILL finish my stories, I WILL update chapters, and I WILL come on more frequently! who knows, I might even post more stories [But, baby steps]

I wont bullshit you all [who care] with details about why I was gone for so long or what excuses I have because quiet frankly there are none...

Again, thank you all for being so patient with me for so long [if you haven't given up on me yet!]

FYI: My tumblr is kast43,

deviantart is kast43,

and Youtube guessed it...kast43!

Hit me up if you want to from any of these places!

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