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I am fifteen years old and this is an alternate account meant for all my Pokemon Shipping needs. I intend to write lots of Rangershipping (Solana and Lunick) because there IS NOT ENOUGH RANGERSHIPPING FANFICTION!! That and I have too much spare time. I'm writing a story adaptation for Rangers, but I'm not posting any of it until I finish it all.

Oh, and I used to be Kaze Takiruna. My new name, Champion Tasume, is based off of one of my player names in Pearl.

Now, on to my favorite Pokemon:

1. Feraligatr- It was my first lvl 100 on Silver Version ever. Level wise, the next would be my lvl 99 Kingler... What is it with me and water Pokemon?

2. Misdreavus- I myself am quite a prankster. Besides, I think that Misdreavus are very pretty. There is a likeliness that she will show up in a few of my fanfictions. I also like her evolved form, Mismagius (spelling?).

3. Aipom- I don't know why, but I'm addicted to Aipom and it's evolved form, Ambipom.

4. Plusle/Minum- If you have to have me to explain this, I'm going to brutally murder you with a butter knife.

If I think of more favorites, I will feel free to post them here.

On top of my other Pokefanfics, I'm going to write Pokemon Rangers. You know how people like, write a game with the main character talking. I think I'm going to do that while I play. This'll take many hours and lots of DS charging. (Where did that extension cord go? Teehee.) But with determination and the justice in my heart and omigosh. Where did that justice speech come from?

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