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There's more to this masterpiece.
I'm Blue.
Yes, just like the color.
Be my friend?
Warm Weather, please.
I think females are the better gender.
Surfing isn't just a sport, it's a lifestyle
I talk with food in my mouth.
Come near me with an onion, I'll punch your face in.
People sometimes find it hard to understand what I am saying.
I like the number 11.
I always blame other people for my mistakes.
I'm currently on the search for Big Foot.
He's out there.
I always seem to have uncontrollable giggling fits at the worst possible moments.
I'm paranoid of sharks.
Glow in the dark paint is just about the best thing ever created.
I tend to find all the bad things about trying out new things in order to avoid them.
I'm beyond understanding.
Carbonated peach drinks and fruity tasting gum do not mix well together.
I will die and bring no secrets to my grave.
I want to conquer the world and rename it something else.
I'm incredibly sarcastic.
I give names to inanimate objects.
When I'm in a bad mood I play with my shoestrings.
Hunting is barbaric, but I do it anyways.
Cereal is my comfort food.
I detest clowns with every fiber of my being.
I believe that technology will lead the world to its doom.
I have the ability to pick locks.
I'm terrified of babies.
I have never understood the concept A+B=C.
I am constantly seeking attention.
My dad is a murderer in disguise.
I hear it's cold in Alaska.
I make my own sound effects.
I get over excited about little things.
I jack shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels.
I can be very short tempered.
I'd rather drown in a heated pool than be thrown around in a tornado.
I don't tan, I spontaneously burst into flames.
I cannot watch needles piercing skin.
If you fall, I will laugh.
I hate it when people snap/pop their fingers or toes.
I create diversions so I dont have to do homework.
I doodle on almost any surface.
I one day would like to fly an airplane, and not kill anyone.
Vacuums are scary; they are liable to eat your feet.
I've got that joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart.
When I file my nails, I get goose bumps.
Red bull is the drink of champions.
I chew on pens, and rubberbands.
When I’m 89, if I’m still around; I plan on jumping off the top of a Farris wheel.
I want to rob a gas station one day.
Why do people dress up for school?
I want a tattoo of Paul McCartney.
I rarely get embarrassed anymore.
My dreams are absolutely bizarre.
I am definitely not my biggest fan.
Toys were not made to talk.
I laugh when I'm nervous.
I am loud.
Music is pretty much the blood running through my veins.
I like stickers.
They stick.
I have a very low tolerance for stupid people.
I write letters to people and never send them.
I require some alone-time every day.
I love everything that sparkles.
Touch me, I kill you.
I often reminisce about my childhood.
I'm Blue.

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