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Author has written 6 stories for Vampire Knight, Naruto, and Vocaloid.

in personal..

I am a high-schooler. A girl, born in 1993, and is a dark-chocolate addict. I'm into foods from all over the world (especially spicy ones). Some people say that I'm a spoiled, stuck up bitch, some others simply call me an egocentric—I'd say: neither of them is wrong. I'm a sucker for family fluff. I have a fetish for shoes and overcoats (basically, winter stuff). I love to read and am into photography. I live in a tropical country, too bad since I'm more into colder climates. I like animals (only the ones with spine, mind you ) I love dogs, for they are loyal and they love you unconditionally. Cats are great because they are moody, and... self-centered. reminds me of myself, ha! I'm more into a knight on a black stallion than a prince on a white horse.

I am a poem-whore. Most of my favorites are Edgar Allan Poe and Pablo Neruda's. I often write with a fountain pen, just for the heck of it—so if you run into a girl with blotchy ink stains on her fingers, that could be me. Yes, as you might probably have found out now, I'm a snobbish bitch. Okay, I'm kidding :) I just have a thing for classical things.

I'm addicted to the rain. I'm into sociopathic, genius, manipulative bastards such as Ichimaru Gin, Yagami Light, Aizen Sousuke and Ootori Kyouya. And also calm father figures like Vincent Phantomhive, Kuran Haruka, and Minato Namikaze (I have a soft spot for 20s-and-up men in a suit or tuxedo). genius + arrogance = sexiness. I'm not a morning person, I prefer tea to coffee. I'm into all kind of dessert. and my favorite activity is taking a bath with scalding water and scented soaps + body scrubs. I have facebook, twitter, MSN and YahooMessenger. Feel free to PM me if you want to add me as your friend.

I live in Indonesia. I wonder why often put the USA flag next to the location/country at my profile though :|

as a writer..

I am a grammar freak. I suck in writing, wonder why i still love it though. English's not my first language, so please pardon all the grammatical errors, typos, and whatnot. I'm trying my best to make you enjoy my stories. I read any genres available, apparently i am not a picky reader. As you already know, I write incestuous stories. That's because I like them. Some of us enjoy boy on boy romance, sadly, I don't. I prefer straight romance between siblings or even twins. My first OTP was Sakura/Touya from CardCaptor Sakura, and that was when i was just 9 y.o (didn't even know the term 'incest' at that time) :/

I'm a person of liberalism. Yes, I don't read YAOI, YURI, or anything of that nature. But I respect those who do. Afterall, we all have our own preference. I don't mind slightly 'pedophilic' stories. My limit in the age-difference is about 15-18 years old (is age-gap that far considered pedophilic?). And that's, of course, only if the male counterpart is the older one, and is hot. Ha! >:)

currently, I'm in my last year of highschool. so please be patient with updates. my life's been hectic for the lack of better word (mostly because of school stuff and preparations to get into my desired university). But graduation is in about half a year or so. After that, I think I'll have more time to write. So maybe i can update faster. I hope so.

I love reviews. I love them more than I do thrice meals a day. Because who wants to be a lonely author? I post them because I want to now if people will like my stories or not. So feedback, for me, is like chocolate for Mello. Just can never get enough of it ;)

My Favorite Books/Manga/Anime :

Vampire Knight // Kuroshitsuji // Blood+ // Ouran High School Host Club // Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru // Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny // HanaKimi // The Promise of The Wolves // Chronicles of Narnia // His dark Materials // Inheritance cycle// Nodame Cantabile // Bartimeus Trilogy // Deltora Quest I and II by Emily Rodda. // Chronicles of Ancient Darkness // 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov // and others.

My Favorite Pairings :

> Vocaloid = Kagamine Len - Kagamine Rin // Kagamine Rin - Shion Kaito (prefer Len/Rin though.)

> Naruto = Kakashi - Sakura // Gaara - Sakura // Itachi - Sakura // Shikamaru - Temari // KakaSakuSasu // ItaSakuShisui

> Death Note = Yagami Light - Yagami Sayu

> Spwcial A = Takishima Kei - Hanazono Hikari

> Vampire Knight = Haruka - Juuri // Kaname - Yuuki // Zero - Yuuki

> Code Geass = Lelouch - Nunnally

> CardCaptor Sakura = Touya - Sakura

> Blood+ = Hagi - Saya // Solomon - Saya

> Ouran Koukou Host Club = Kyouya - Haruhi // Tamaki - Haruhi // Kyouya - Haruhi - Tamaki

> Bleach = Byakuya - Rukia // Gin - Rukia // Ulquiorra - Orihime

> Nodame Cantabile = Chiaki Shinichi - Noda Megumi

yes, some of them are incestuous. And, as for the three person stick together, you can think of them as triangle loves or threesomes. whichever is fine by me. #smirk#

UPDATE / Random rants / Cool stuff I found at the Internet :


I've just come across this amazing OAV (Original Anime Video. different from OVA, mind you) called 'Comedy (Kigeki)'. it's just a short anime (approximately 10 minutes). but believe me you'll never regret watching it. It's a beautiful and impressive (though slightly dark-themed) anime that is very rare and hard to find nowadays. Don't be fooled by the title, it has nothing to do at all with comedy. But if you love classic folklore or fairy-tales (especially dark or gothic ones), then you'll love this as much as i do. So what the hell are you waiting for?? go watch it at youtube!! NOW!

Thank you for reading,

I'm here because Heaven wouldn't take me, and Hell was afraid I'd take over.

With all the love of the world,


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