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OK, since A LOT of people are wondering and complaining (who wouldn't?) about the lack of updates from Moments of Love, and I'm feeling real guilty for not telling the reason behind my sudden hiatus, I shall tell you now.

You probably remember my promise to update "very soon" since I already typed most of the remaining chapters. I really planned to update the story by the following week, unfortunately though, a tragedy occurred.

And it's not about school.

The thing is, I saved all the chappies in my trusty little usb. And since I've used that usb for who knows how long, I didn't make any back-ups since I'm pretty confident with its storage capabilities. So imagine my shock when one day, ALL of my files inside the usb (including some hard-to-find anime OAVs) are corrupted. In short, all of those 40,000+ worth of words in those chapters are simply...gone. (And you should know I'm not exaggerating with the 40,000 words, considering the length of my recent chapters...). And no, I don't have any drafts since I've been typing out those last chapters on-the-spot.

Stupid virus for infecting my usb. Stupid ME for not creating a back-up file. Stupid me for being...stupid. Haha. So after that tragedy, I lazed off for a couple of weeks because I don't know how am I suppose to retype all those words to catch up with the "very soon" deadline. And when I finally got to get the motivation, school started and I can't get the chapter constructions right. Then the 2 weeks became a month, and the 1 month became 9 months. Sweet.

So to sum things up, I am NOT abandoning MoL. I'm just taking my time because I have a lot more important things to do, such as my college elective (I'm a third-year now, so I need to get real serious with my studies). I'm not making any promises now. All I can say is, Chapter 24 of MoL is already 90% complete. The rest of the chapters, about 30-50%, and are bound to be retyped, change, etc. depending on how well I can remember that "something" I was planning to do.

I repeat, MoL is still continuing. I'm very sorry for the sudden and ridiculously long hiatus, and for not informing you readers about my mishap. I am not forcing you to wait for the next update (I won't blame you if you get tired of waiting already), but I will highly, highly appreciate and love it if you readers still do. T.T

Thank you for still understanding. And see you guys next chap! ^^

Update as of April 5, 2011:

MoL chapter 25: 55% complete

And I'm having a big idea for another DGM story with my usual pairing (Allen X Lenalee, if you haven't realized it.) It's an AU one-shot set in the present timeline, not a school fic. Might start writing this after MoL chapter 25 is released.

Update as of September 5, 2011:

MoL chapter 25: 80% complete

MoL chapter 26: 20% complete

It's my senior year in college (yay!) so my priorities are all about school. No worries though, I still manage to add a few paragraphs in the remaining chapters when there's extra-extra time. I just hope I can finish MoL before I graduate. *crosses fingers*


...THAT Allen X Lenalee moment! Its a much awaited embrace with a vague confession (where Allen is the instigator!) and I'm practically screaming in glee when I saw that scene, but why oh why in a heartbreaking situation?! Why do I get the feeling they're going into that star-crossed friends/lovers path where either of them will die in the end? *cries*


See you later guys~! ;)

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