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Hello and welcome to my profile!

Name; ... Chloe that all i'm gonna tell you

Age; ... 13...

Height; Tall

Weight; If you don't ask again you get to keep your eyes

I like Meta Knight Sword and Blade... A LOT

There is really isn't much to say about me except that I like to doodle, write and hang out in the woods. I live out in the middle of nowhere and like it... except for the fact that the ice cream truck doesn't come out our way :(


Kirby, Meta Knight, Sword, Blade, fluff, soda, anything peppermint, fencing, Spiderwick, faeries, snakes, more fluff, the computer, tofu (my grampa's a vegetarian, it's an aquiared taste), drawing, writing, reading, popasons, Ivy J. Spyder artwork and stories, tire swings, EVEN MORE FLUFF!! Reviewers, email, anything that has to do with FF or anything like that, Mety voice actors (spanish accent makes me want to glomp him to infinity)


Preps, populars, the color pink, dolls (yes, I have an irrational fear of dolls), heights, fake Christmas trees (they... are... so... ANNOYING!), school (who does?), dish network, flamers, Sword and Blade voice actors (I will hurt them),

Favorite quotes

"You die, I die, we all die, bye bye." -Thimbletack, The Spiderwick Chronicals the movie

"There is a 30 chance that it is raining right now" -Mean Girls

"This'll totally freak them out!" -Seth, "What? A tiny skull in in a jar?" Kendra -Fablehaven

"Hey it's a tucan! Wait, no it's a wheelbarrow." -Me, when my mom was driving me home at 1 a.m.

"Hey, this water tastes funny..." -concerned customer, "THEN DON'T BUY IT!!" -anger managment guy, -My brother's 'water joke'

"I feel... dirty..." -Meta Knight -Kirby; Right Back at Ya!

"Joe the plumber doesn't need to pay taxes because he lives in a cigar box under my bed with Simon, the invisible unicorn." -Actor playing John McCain, -Saturday Night Live

"Hey um... Batman? I kind of took a little joy ride in the Batmobile, picked up the Joker and the Penguin, and we all went out for Starbucks!" -Me, imitating Hannah Montana for an SNL skit

"Read Twilight or I will BURN YOU!!" -my friend

"Life is boring. I'll move to Forks. Maybe Edward really does exist."- same friend talking about the book Twilight


"Mommy, can I have some chocolate?" "No." "Why?" "Because it's not good for you." "Why?" "Because I said so," "Why?" "BECAUSE ALASKA IS PURPLE!!" -my aunt to my 5 year old cousin

Shout out to My Chemical Romance/Kirby fans!

Go to Youtube>Kirby Welcome to the Black Parade (Greatest Kirby AMV ever made!)

Author Rants

MetyxTiff/Fumu- I don't know where I stand on that. I mean like, a few of the fics I read that have that are actually pretty good and I enjoy them and add them to my favs. On the other hand, Tiff/Fumu is like... 11. Meta Knight is like... old... ish (even though he doesn't seem like it and most of us would grab him and run off no matter how old we are... my god does that make me a hypocrite?) Bottom line, you would never find me writing a MetyxTiff/Fumu fic. Sorry

I obsess over things that have nothing to do with each other. Example; I once had a crush on Mety, the one Topsy Turvy guy from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and I thought the new animated version of the Penguin (Batman vs. Dracula) was adorable. Twisted? Even I think so.

Sword and Blade- Ok, first of all, the VA for the dub version are sooooo going to get hell from me! Sword sounds like an old man and with Blade, I can't understand a word he's saying. And they're like, 2 of my favorite characters and I love them about as much as Mety (gasp)

Yaoi/Yuri- I am not a fan of that either. I'm not against people who write them, but I will most likely not review unless it's really, really good.

Faeries/supernatural- this is one of the more random rants on my profile. Please don't think anything against me if i say I do think their real. Now, if you're still reading this, and not thought I was completely loco, I just want to say that there's no proof that they don't exist. And I do know people (not going to say who) who have seen them. I, myself. Have seen, and heard things that I cannot explain. So, before you decide that I should be put into an asylum, consider the fact that just because you've never seen them, doesn't mean they're not real.

Check out my Deviantart!

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