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Hey Guys!

I'm bellaklutz2010

I love writing! My other hobbies include reading and acting. I also love spending time with my friends and reading fan-fiction.

I have written twelve stories and one poem . My first story is Promise Me Forever.

My second story is Time to Wake up Now which takes place during New Moon when Amy Smith takes Bella's place in new moon. She wants to prevent Edward from leaving Bella. So one night after she gets dumped by her boyfriend of six months she wishes upon a shooting star and becomes Bella! I also wrote a poem about how Bella felt when Edward left. I hope you guys keep reading and reviewing. I LOVE receiving your comments and suggestions. Have fun!! reading guys!

My next story is a continuation of Time to Wake up Now called Your Fantasy My Reality.It stops where the other story left off with Amy engaged to Zac. Zac sadly dies in the beginning and Edward and the Cullen's come to rescue her from danger unknown to her. The story had many reviews and was popular so check that out too if you get a chance.

Then I have For Love or Wealth which is a story that was inspired by Reading the Luxe. I'm using all original idea's and the book doesn't really follow the books format the story just gave me the inspiration to write it. It is called For Love or Wealth and is about Bella, a young woman of society who has to save her family by marrying rich. But she ends up falling with the stable boy named Edward Cullen who teaches her that their is more to life than money and social standing. It is written in old time language which is kind of fun to write and I made it so you can still understand what they are saying, so check it out when you get a chance.

The Secret Compartment is my story that you are all probably familiar with seeing as it is the most popular so far. This is about Bella moving to Forks to escape her stalking ex boyfriend. Before she leaves her mother gives her a desk which turns out to have a secret compartment that allows her to speak to Edward, a man who is still living in 1918. Many people have translated it into many languages. This is the Russian version if you would like to check it out. Thank you to Tyroesse for providing the translation and the link.

Thier is also a sequel To The Secret Compartment called Within the Darkness. This picks up where the last chapter ended on a serious cliffhanger. Bella is now a vampire but now it's her who forgets everything from her past.

Anything to Save asks the question would you die for the one you love? When Edward dies he makes a deal that if Bella survives he will never talk or be near her again.

My newest addition is called, The Prom Date. Bella Swan has never had a boyfriend or gone on a date. She hates prom and hates anything that has to do with dancing. This all changes when her new friend Alice suggests that she go on a double date with her in order to find a date for the prom.

My poem is called When You Left Me and talks about the emotions Bella feels when Edward bids her his heart wrenching good bye. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them! I also love reviews and hearing what you guys think. That is really important to me, knowing how my readers feel about the situations of the story. Not to mention I crack up every time I read how enthusiastic you all are lol! Thanks for reading all this guys!

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