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"To be honest, fanfiction seems like a lower class of writing."
"But it doesn't have to be. It just happens that most fanfiction sucks."
"It's really derivative most of the time, and when people try to add their own stuff, it's just fucking weird. Not all of it sucks, but the vast majority of it does."

- excerpt from a conversation about the unfortunate state of fanfiction

My name is John. I write fanfiction sometimes.


REAL NAME: Johnny Ether
AGE: 18
RESIDES: New York, United States
BIOGRAPHY: Johnny Ether was born unto the world in a time immemorial (i.e. October 1st, 1995) and then joined under various circumstances. He has been writing ever since he was just a young lad, but only started getting semi-decent (arguably, I don't know) by the time he wasn't a young lad. However, he frequently suffers from bouts of writer's block, a demon he still hasn't relinquished to this very day. He's gotten better, though, as he has posted his first fanfic in several years, FIN. He plans to write more fanfiction in the future, with interests in video games, cartoons, and movies, amongst other things. When he's not writing, John engages in fun activities such as being a lazy bum, surfing the web aimlessly, and contemplating the meaning of life. He was a student majoring in audio recording technology at a college for about four weeks until he was forced to drop out due to a serious illness. He plans to come back once that inconvenience is over and done with. For the time being, he will continue being a lazy bum, and, as he puts it, "write fanfiction sometimes".


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One man documents the world's end, all thanks to a mysterious black ball of gas consuming them all.
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