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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto.

Name: Gemini

State: Texas

Age: You never ask a lady her age :)

Occupation: "Someone once asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I told them happy, and they told me I did not understand the question. I said, they didn't understand life" -- John Lenin

E-mail: send me a private message

Other stuff about me:

--Oh FYI: I don't own anything of what you see and or happen to read. It all belongs to some guy who will be far more wealthy than I will ever be in my life.

Yes this is my first shot at anime writing and no I'm not that good at Japanese so I don't know how authentic my story (Hopefully stories) will be. I do enjoy comments and if you must flame then please do it nicely.

My name is Gemini and I live in a small boondocks town in Texas close to the Mexican boarder. Just so everyone knows, I am not a twin. My parents thought it might be funny if I was named after twins. I am a freshmen in college persuing a degree in, you guessed it, writing.

Really I decided to post some stories just to see how readers would react to them. After all, a writer is nothing without its readers.

I'm only really into Naruto so I'm sorry for anyone looking for something else by me. As for couple pairings; I'm kinda strict and flexable at the same time. Yes I know its weird but just go with me on this.

I believe that some pairs are ment to be while others can be played around with. I'll list the girls below and let everyone know what guys I like with what girls. As for other characters, the only characters i'd add would be clients or children that the story might happen to call for. The less character's you add, the truer the story seems to be to the show. At least in my point of view. which does not mean I don't like to read stories with extra characters.

Seriously i don't mind if people contact me through e-mail if you have questions or comments you'd rather explain more in detail than what is allowed in the reviews.

Okay for the couples.

Hinata: I can only ever see her with the hyperactive knuckle-head. Naruto and Hinata are perfect for each other and I would not write it any other way. I can however stand to read about her with Kiba on occasion. Doesn't mean I will completely agree with it but I will read it if I have too.

Ino: I will only ever write her with one of two guys: the first and foremost being Shikamaru. I believe that he is who she's 'supposed' to be with but once again these are fanfics so if he does get paired with another female that's not Ino; the second in line would be Kiba. I will read other fanfics that have her with Naruto but only if I have to.

Temari: Only one guy- Shikamaru. If he's with Ino then she's with some random guy in her village.

TenTen: Tenten belongs with one guy and one guy only. Tenten goes with Neji, end of story, point blank. Neji is Tenten's and Tenten is Neji's. (She's one of my favorite girls.)

Matsuri: Hands down Gaara. Same things goes with Matsuri . she gets Gaara.

Karin: She is the one girl I love to hate; and if I did write about her in a story she'd end up with Suigestu after pining over her beloved Sasuke.

Anko: Kakashi or Gemna

Shizune: Iruka, Kakashi or Gemna

Tsunade: Jirayia, yes I know about Dan and all but their banter is just so funny.

Kurenai: Asuma, and only Asuma.

And Finally For Sakura: Okay... here comes the flexible part.

First I'll say that in the series I'm wishing for Sakura to end up with Sasuke that's the way it should be. No matter how much he doesn't deserve her, she deserves her life with him.

But... that doesn't mean that I don't like pairing her with others as well. Just for fun to see what would come out of a story like that. So other than Sasuke I'd go with Gaara, or Shikamaru, possible a one nighter with Kakashi or Kiba, but my personal favorite (other than Sasuke) would have to be Itachi.

And really in non-massacre, it makes more sense for them to be together, but in normal story arch it does make perfect sense for her to be with Sasuke.



Summery: Shikamaru and Ino pairing - Ino thought she loved Kiba, all until an arranged marriage changes everything. And guess who she has to marry? None other than the one guy she's been around all her life; Shikamaru.

Lady Luck:

An Itachi & Sakura non massacre. I wanted the challenge of writing the good side to Itachi after writing him so evilly in Forced. Basically Fugaku is pressuring Itachi into finding a wife. Which he does, she just doesn't know it yet. And low and behold she is having the worst day of her life. Only he could make it worse.

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