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Poll: Who is/are your favorite tribute(s) in the 202nd Annual Hunger Games: The Credence? Vote Now!
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202nd Annual Hunger Games: The Credence TRIBUTE PROFILE (please refer to the Prelude to see which tributes still remain)

Here is the tribute profile to the 202nd Annual Hunger Games. Please read everything in this profile (everything bolded), for it will be helpful and useful if you are planning to create a tribute.

How tributes will be doled out (IMPORTANT): Each of you may submit up to FOUR tributes, and a maximum of TWO tributes will be accepted for each person. You may list four since there is a chance some of the submitted tributes will not make the cut, and I want everyone to get in at least one tribute. Also, be sure to list tributes in the order you would like them to be submitted. In other words, list the tributes you REALLY want in the Hunger Games first, because I will accept those first. If that tribute slot is taken (or if their personality is too similar to someone else’s), I will go down your list until I accept at least one.

Also, there are 28 tributes in this game. There are 14 districts. 1-13 are as you would expect. District 14 is a district filled with rebels (in prison), other criminals who have committed crimes too horrible to contain them in their own district’s prisons, and people who are kept in asylums and are in need of much psychiatric help. The Capitol has put all of the “imperfect” people there. ALSO, this district typically puts out tributes as strong as careers, BUT the Capitols do not refer to these tributes as careers since the Capitol hates district 14.

Final note: If you do not want to answer a specific question, write an “X” or something similar for the question. This is giving ME the opportunity to decide the answer to the question for you (if you don’t particularly care about that question, or if you want to leave me to decide).


Name: (full)
Age: (12-18)
District: (1-14 -- 1, 2, & 4 are career districts. 14 has tributes typically as strong as careers but isn’t called a career district)
Strengths: (fighting, specific weapons, etc.)
Weaknesses: (fighting, weapons, etc.)
Fears: (at least two)
Pet Peeves: (optional)

Compassion: (1-10)
Likelihood to join an alliance: (1-10)
Romantic interests: (what kind of person do they like?)
Likelihood to fall in love and let this love affect play: (1-10)
Likelihood to betray (even close allies): (1-10)

Suggested training score: (list at least a 3 point range, may be slightly adjusted)
Game Strategy:
Attitude toward Hunger Games:
Attitude toward Capitol:

Physical Description: (be as specific as you like. Anything you don’t mention will be filled in by me)
Personality: (optimistic, pessimistic, timid, headstrong, etc. be as specific as you like. Anything you don’t mention will be filled in by me)

Family: (family members, relationships with family, etc.)
Bio: (be as specific as you like. List important things about past, where they live, and anything important)
Other: (list anything else you feel is important. You may list ANYTHING here)

One final note as to how this will work: Reviewing and answering poll questions (most of which are related to your favorite tribute/the one you most want to survive) will be VERY important for your/your favorite tributes wink wink ;). Once the games start, I will begin with the aforementioned polls, and I will probably repost the SAME poll every couple of chapters. This may seem unnecessary, but since tributes will constantly be dying, people’s favorites will constantly change. So, a tribute who doesn’t have very many votes the first poll may have significantly MORE votes in the second poll, since several tributes may die (and therefore, the votes for the dead tributes will go to someone else), so the results will be constantly changing. So even if you’ve voted in one poll, it is important that you vote in all of the polls because the results from each poll will be carried over.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, and if you’ve submitted a tribute, thanks for submitting! The fan fic will start a few days after all of the tributes have been submitted. And remember, you may still submit tributes until I close the SYOT!

Lalalalalalala cleaned up this page after all these years. Look at all this space!

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