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Author has written 4 stories for Sonny with a Chance.

Gender?: Female.

Full name?: Brittny.

Nicknames?: Bernie, Brit, and Brit-TANY.

Todays date?: July, 9th 2009.

Place of Birth?: California.

Date of Birth?: July 11th.

Hometown?: Orange.

Where do you live now?: California.

Religion?: Christian.

Zodiac sign?: Cancer.


Height?: 5.4.

Weight?: 104.

Eye Color?: Blue.

Hair Color?: Doesn't Matter.

Straight Curly or Wavy?: Wavy.

Bra Size?: Getting a little to personal arnt we?


Favorite Color?: Yellow and Purple.

Favorite animal?: Elaphant.

Favorite number?: 7.

Favorite letter?: L and T.

Favorite smell?: One of my pillowcases haha.

Favorite book?: Deadly little secret and The Hunger Games.

Favorite Magazine?: Seventeen.

Favorite type of Music?: Rock/Pop.

Favorite Singer?: Ohhhhh hard one. Hmmmmm. Either Demi Lovato or Leighton Meester.

Favorite Band?: Plain White T's.

Favorite Actor?: Uh. I guess Sterling Knight. But maybe Ed westwick? One of those two boys.

Favorite Actress?: Leighton Meester. No Doubt.

Favorite movie?: My sisters keeper. But my favorite movie changes everytime I see a new one haha.

Favorite Store?: Target.

Favorite Quote?: Dont be afraid to be amazing.

Favorite Place?: Boston.

Favorite thing in my room?: My Laptop.

Favorite song?: Stolen by Dashboard Confessional.

Favorite TV show?: Sonny with a Chance.

Favorite Girl name?: Angela.

Favorite Boy name?: Logan.

Favorite Holiday?: Christmas.

Favorite Season?: Winter.

Favorite Time of day?: Early morning. Around 5ish.

Favorite dy of week?: Saturday.

Favorite Celebrity?: Leighton Meester

Favorite Radio Station?: 98.7.

The future

What do you want as your future job?: Something in writing. :)

Plan to go to college?: Yeah. Hopefully Dartmouth. But only if I get smart really soon.

Do you want to get married?: Maybe.

Do you think you will keep in touch with your family?: I sure hope so!

Do you wish you could actually see the future?: No, I dont. The great thing about the future is that it's always a surprise. No matter what. And I don't want to miss out on that just because I was impatient.

If money wasn't a problem then what would I do with it?: Good question.

Which is more improtant, Money or Love?: Love. Love has been a better friend to me then money.

Do you want to have Children?: Yeah.

If so how many?: Two.

Would you be involved in your kids lifes?: Of course!

Would your kids go to a private or public school? Or would you homeschool?: Homeschool: No. I was homeschooled until 7th Grade and I wish I had gone to public school a WAY long time ago. Private school: No. Because Private schools are just like public, my cousin goes to one. So public.

Will you have any pets?: Yeah, I really want to have a dog and cat.

Will your family go to church?: Yes. In less my kids don't want to. I'll just go, I don't want to force them.

Are you going to be romantic or serious?: I wish I could be serious.

Will your kids think you are the coolest parent ever?: haha probably not. I'll be jammin to "I gotta feeling." When they are listen to some future shit.

Will they be spoiled?: If I have money then hell yes. I don't want them to feel the way I feel.(BTW I still think Love is more importent lol)

At the end of your life will you be happy with it?: I hope so. If I died now then I know I would be happy with it.

Will you go to heaven or hell when you die? Heaven.

Will your spouse be everything you have ever wanted or will u settle for less? Never gonna settle. I never want to get divorced. Never. I'm not freaking kidding you.


People should not get married before this age: 17.

People should not have kids before this age: 20.

The appropriate age or sex: 16.

One thing in the world you are addicted to: My computer. ;D

Would you kiss a frog if it were to turn into your prince?: Yeah! Hell, I'd kiss it ayways.

What could somebody do to you, that would instanly crush you?: Drop a Piano on me.

Is acceptance, values, or happiness most important to you? Happiness

Would you risk your lie for another person?: Honestly, it depends on the person.

Is being remembered or finding understanding more important to you? Finding understanding


Abortion?: Wrong. But okay in some circumstances

The right to own guns?: We shouldn't be able to but...Then we should. I really don't know.

War?: Only if it's a last resort. And in this case, it's definetly not a last resort.

Gay Marriage?: Alright with me.

Rap?: There is SOME good rap music. But very little.

Rock?: Awesome.

Pop?: Okay if it's not retarded. Example=Hannah Montana. haha ;P

Country?: Taylor swift has a couple good songs.

Metal?: Kinda cool but I don't find myself listening to it.

Politics?: Boring.

School?: It sucks. Kinda.

Cell phones?: Awesomist

Computers?: L O V E

Fears?: Well, they are definetly not my friend.

Guitar Players?: Cool.

Drummers?: The bestest.

Music?: So freaking awesome.

Cussing?: I think it's absolutly fine in less you say it in front of kids under the age of 12 or if you are insulting a person while saying the word.

Smoking?: The most discusting thing that was ever created. It killed my grandmother. It gave me Chronic Broncitis.(I didn't actually try it. It was just secondhand.) And it gives my mom the WORSE PMS. I hate it.

Drinking?: Just don't drink and drive.

Friends?: The coolest.

Love?: Couldn't live without. Whether I like it or not.


Longest friend?: Layla.

Most inside jokes?: Maddy.

Shortest?: Katia.

Tallest?: LeAnn.

Most Emo?: None. haha

Preppiest?: Maddy

Most likely to become a porn star?: Katia. hahahahahahahaha inside joke. Actually a obvious joke. ;D

How about president?: Simran.

Best guy friend?: Don't have a best guy friend. All my guy friends are pretty equel.

Longest hair?: Millie.

Weirest?: Layla haha

Loudest?: Maddy.

Quietest?: Me.

Most athletic?: LeAnn.

Funniest?: Layla.

Skinniest?: Katia.

Who loves food the most?: Layla. No she is not fat haha.

Smartest?: LeAnn.


Mom's name?: Nancy.

Are you two close?: Yeah.

Can you see her in yourself?: Yes -_-

Dad's name?: Paul.

Are you two close?: Not as much as I wished we were.

Can you see him in yourself?: Yepp. And the perfect amount.

Any sibilings?: No.

Oldest, middle, youngest, or only child?: Only.

The Cell.

What type is it?: Rumor, older version.

What service do you have?: Sprint.

Last recieved Call?: Mom.

Last dialed Call?: Vons. Don't ask.

Last missed Call?: Dad.

Last text message from?: Twitter update: Brandon Smith.

You're backround?: A beach.

Flip or Slider phone?: Slider

What color is your phone?: Green.

What is your third picture of?: Hahaha of Layla looking REALLY surprised.

Second to last ringtone?: Next time.

Fifth person on your contact list?: David.

Do you like your phone?: Love it.


What color is it?: White.

How many windows?: One.

Do you have a small or big closet?: Medium.

What size bed?: Twin.

What color are your sheets?: Blue.

What's on your nightstand?: The world.

What's in your top drawer?: Body spray stuff.

Do you have a TV?: How could I not?

Radio?: Yepp.

Computer?: haha. Actually two.

Phone?: Cell.

How many lights?: 6. One of my lamps has 5 diffrent lights.

A cieling fan?: No.

Any plants?: No.

Animals?: Yes. :) My two 7 year old kitties are sleeping. Their not so little anymore. :(

Posters?: Yeah like 30 little tiny ones.

Pictures?: Yeah, like four of when I was a toddler and a baby with my parents.

VCR?: No.

DVD?: Yeah :)

PS2?: No.

xBOX?: No.

Fill length mirror?: Two.

Is there laundrey on the floor?: haha yes.

What else is on the floor?: Like anything possible.

Is your room dusty?: Nah.

Smelly?: No.

Dirty?: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeessssssssssss.

Nice-n-clean?: -Falls on the ground laughing-


What room were you in last?: Livingroom.

What are you listening to?: The TV.

What are your plans for tomorrow?: My birthday party. :)

Last movie you watched?: My sisters keeper?

What was the last thing you said outloud?: "I'll put my phone on vibrate then."

Can you do a backflip?: No.

Do you believe in God?: Yes. :)

Do you smoke?: Hell no.

Drink?: No.

Are you a virgin?: I don't see how that is anybody's buisness.

Have you ever had a crush on somebody from the same sex?: Yes. But only one person. But Demi Lovato is just so awesome. ;D

What did you dress up last halloween?: Poodle girl crap. My mom REALLY wanted it. I swear to you, I was gilted!

Do you let your mom deside what you wear?: hahahhahaha look at the previous question

Do you talk to your prents about your sex life?: No. I maybe don't have one. Or do I?

How do I want to die:? I'll just let fate deside that.

Where do you see yourself in twenty years?: Hopefully A writer with a husbend and two kids living in Boston.

Should weed be leagalized?: No.

Do you have your license?: No.

Do you like to take walks?: One of my favorite things to do.

Can you type without looking at the keyboard?: No. But I subbconially still do it. But if I don't then I can type fine.

Longest car ride?: 5 days.

Have you ever been called sexy?: Yeah.

Have you ever died your hair?: Yes.

Do you like skinny jeans?: All my jeans are skinny. ;D

What's your worst fear?: Drowning. Not death but drowning freaks me out in a unhealthy way.

Do you like thunderstorms?: Yeah.

How many times have you thought you were in love?: 0

Do you get in trouble a lot?: Recently yes.

Have you ever ran away?: No.


Rock or rap: Rock.

Gold or silver: Silver.

Short kiss or long kiss: Long.

Phone or Computer: Computer.

Night or day: Night.

Sun or moon: Moon.

Friends or Family: Family.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.

Couch or bed: Bed.


TV or Radio: TV.

Orange Juice or apple juice: Orange. I've had a recent obession with ALL orange drinks.

Hoodie or sweter: Isn't it the same thing?

Baby or toddler: Toddler.

Eyes or hair: Eyes

Tshirt or tank top: T-Shirt.

Eyeshadow or Eyeliner: Eyeliner for suree

Have you ever?

Been in love?: No.

Smoked?: No.

Driven a car?: Yes.

Listened to the same cd over & over again?: Yes!

Apologized for something that wasnt your fault?: Yes.

Dated someone who has smoked weed?: No.

Cut yourself?: No.

Cussed your mom out?: I wish.

Wished you were dead?: Yes.

Been dumped?: Yes.

Cried hour over the oppisite sex?: No. Actually, I've even ever shed one tear over a guy. Probably never will in less they die or if it's tears of joy.

Would you ever?

Be able to shoot your friend?: No.

Marry for money instead of love?: No.

Spend eternity in the dark?: How dark?

Cheat on your lover with another?: I don't know.

Do you?

Tell the truth?: Yes.

Gossip?: Yes.

Get mad easily?: Yes.

Get annoyed easily?: Yes.

Forgive easily?: Yes.

Have a best friend?: No.

Like what you see in the mirror?: Sometimes.

Hold grudges?: No.

Regret easily?: No.

Wish life was more simple?: Yes...

Have any gay or lesbian friends?: No.

Live in the moment?: I try not to.

Love or hate yourself?: I love myself. Don't call me conceited because I'm content with myself. I'm no CDC. :)

April 12 2009- The day my obsession started with SWAC and Sterling knight.

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"Why does romance have to be so hard?" -Stella(Chelsea Staub) from JONAS

"And your love is where im falling but please dont catch me." -Catch me by Demi Lovato

Rebecca: "Why do you act this way?"

Me: "For a lot of reasons actually." (a recent convo's with a friend that from her POV was a playful joke but for me... Well it wasn't playful that's for sure."

(fake)Couples I like: Sonny/Chad. Blair/Chuck. Serena/Dan. Nate/Jenny. Joe/Stella. Cody/Bailey. Olivia/Elliot(SVU). Peter/Tracy. Marshall/Mary(IPS). Ricky/Amy. Jack/Grace. House/Cuddy. Thirteen/Forman. Chase/Cameron. Alex/Dean. Justin/Juliet. Fred/Sam. Mitchie/Shane.

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