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Poll: who would be the best person to write a big story about? aka. who would be most interestiong to write my next story about PS. i plan to write a story on every character anyways but who to write about first!. Vote Now!
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you ever been in love


ever been in love with something so much that it could be unhealthy


yeah it takes a cirtain kind of person

you that person

i wish i wassnt

you aferaid

for what

when they leave


then don't fall in love


can't live without it can you


then i think thats your problem

think it will ever get better?

I can't say for sure


but i can say that for now wait it out wait for the right one

how will i know

you will

i don't think its that easy

i hope it is

me to... you ever met the right one

... i might have but i still don't know

what was it like... were you as unhealthly ubsessed as me

i think so


but maybe thats what love is

what was it like the feeling of meating the one

... it was like they stole your heart from within your chest and kept it in there soul

i think thats how i felt when... i was unhealthely in love

hey moon

yeah sun

sometimes i wish i was more in love then i all ready was. there is never enough to satisfiy me. is that sick



because i wish the same thing... i think thats what love is

. +new moon+ ., host. +

messengers+.giver + .

vampire diaries. ..

harry potter.

ok so i love twilight and harry potter and now the host they are well... my whole life and dreams packed up into two big beautiful book searies

i love love/ romance and magic books the only way you will get me to love your book is if they have love (a great plot) and magic

"exelent plan my brother" emmet

"no" -bella

"absolutly not" -rosalie

"i like it" -jasper

"idiots" -alice

name: nick name: just call me topaz (thats all your getting)

favorite thing: writing (its my life)- reading (it has to be eather a book with magic and love or i wont like it)- the rain (i love it so much everything about it is beautiful)- love- twilight (the book)- harry potter- twilight (the time)- Edward (twilight edward)- edward (my version i have in my mind of edward)- (the million other stuff i love)

dreams- to find my edward- to be a very famous writer

favorite word- twilight (always has been)

buddys: jen! love her


my first is rosalie's POV: what rosalie wants and what she never got. how she feels about edward and Bella's unconditonal love just a little 2 shot


jaspers turn: i don't know why i wrote this i just was thinking about love and feelings and i just wrote it its a calm one shot that you should try


and the next is placing stars read it the thoughts just ran into me (i have a bruse to show it) no actualy the played in my head. and i was liKE HOLY CRAP I NEED TO WRITE THIS FREAKING STORY!!


a midsummer nights hell: i just finished the host and i decided that it had to be done. one shot again!. another is coming up soon. me and curiosity were talking bout writing fanfics for it.


my fav author on this sight right now!! is : CuriosityKilledTheSqurrel (sorry if i spelled it wrong i stink at spelling) she is amazing and i'm her #1 fan

read her SETTEING DUSK and her MY BROTHER AND HIS GIRLFRIEND and of course LET It go

also read stories that belong to twilighter5 they are also very good!

disclamer: i don't own twilight just the little ideas that come into my mind that are based off twilight.

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