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About me:

Hi, my name is Jacqueline, I like to write just like everyone else on here. And this is just

some good fun, don't take it all too seriously.

I finished Continuing On, but It's Just Love had to be stopped because went on to University,

and life got too busy. I don't see me going back to it any time soon, I'm sorry.

Continuing On:

SO Like i said before. i am not very good at summing my story up. Jessica-Bella was AWESOME to sum it up for me.

here it is:

After high school you move away for all the
things that happened to you and never have to deal with them ever again. What
happens when high school comes looking for you? When you go into the life of
higher living, you never have to face the people who screwed up your life
before. What happens when the one person who screwed up your life, comes
looking for help? Bella moved away form her passed, to a new future. When her
past starts to catch up with her. The life she now leads, could change, but
for better or worse?An author, who had a past with no friends; But now has
many, when she lends out a room to a frind of a friend, her past comes
catching up to her.Jaspes friend needs a place to stay, and Bella, and up
comming author has a place to stay. What happens when the to people meet, and
one hates the other, but the other wants to say sorry?

I like it!! let me know what you all think. :)

This is the link for Chapter 14- Realization.


that is the link to-

Brandi Carlile, the Story

if not you guys can just google it

It's Just Love:

Growing up, Bella always loved movies best known as ‘romantic comedies’. There was always a formula to it: meet in a weird yet romantic way, get together, then something goes wrong, then the guy does something to prove his love for the girl and says some kind of really romantic speech. When Bella’s best friend, Alice, announces that she’s engage, Bella get roped into the planning the wedding. Around that time she meets Mr. Right. He's everything a girl can ask for and everything is going perfectly and he is fallowing the formula like all the movies... Now if only the groom’s stupid cousin, Edward, would stop making fun of her and actually help her with the wedding like he supposed to do.

Not much to put here, but if you want to know what my cast for IJL or for other things i talk about go to...


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