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Poll: Who is the best Chris/Wyatt slash writer? Vote Now!
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Hey everyone!!

The name's Kelly and I'm 21 years of age. God that sounds ancient to me! It seems only yesterday I was a mere 13 year old... How time flies eh?

Well I'm new to this site but I've been lurking around a lot for about 3 years, reading mostly Charmed fics! And you know the kind of fanfics I've been reading? Slash! Yes that's right -grins-

Desite how wrong it is, my favourite couple is Wyatt/Chris. Yes, it's incest, but don'tcha think they're really cute together? I do! Especially when Wyatt is all protective and dominant and..yummy. Hehe! And Chris is just adorable!

So through the time I've been here, I've read a LOT of C/W slash fics and found a lot of really great authors in the process. So what I want to know is, who do YOU think is the best C/W slash fic writer??

The author's I've included in the poll at the top of the page are (not in any order of how much I like them btw. I think they're all equally awesome):








There's probably other great ones out there, but these are my favourites. So out of these seven, who do YOU think is the best?? Only one vote per person I'm afraid! Yes I know it's hard; they're all so good!

And remember, some of the authors may have written other fics (as in, non C/W slash related) but this poll is to do with the quality of their C/W slash fics ONLY!

Things to think about are:

The storylines - do their storylines engage you? Do they have you desperate for the next update?

Grammar and spelling - How easy are the fics to read? Do they have good sentence structure, with proper paragraphs and punctuation? Is the writing easy on the eyes? Can they even SPELL properly and know what grammer to use?

Length of chapters - Not a really important one, but I don't know about you but when I click on an update and find it's a really short chapter, I'm REALLY disappointed. So think bout that too.

I don't know when I'll close the poll, I'll just see how it goes. So get voting!


Who's the best ChrisWyatt slash writer? reviews
Who do YOU think is the best C/W slash writer? Vote now!
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