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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, and Harry Potter.

12/6/10: New pen name, new pic. I'm so pro.

5/24/10: It is the end of an era. 24 is over, finished. I pay tribute to my favorite TV show of all time here, and hope that it will continue somehow. If not, I own every season on DVD ;).

How awesome is that picture?

Name: Peter

Age: 18

Education: senior in high school

Sexual Orientation: you don't need to know that

Path to Power: Under Rewrite 8/16/10

Something that I had planned to do for a while now, and actually have some time to get done. I'll be addressing some concerns that have always been there since the beginning of the fic, the tenses, and some stuff from later on, and the fact that I basically lifted a scene from another story. I'm not proud of that, and apologize to HowdyU for not giving credit for his work. Needless to say, it won't happen again.

Sorry to those who liked and reviewed, but, aside from the plagiarism issue, it was always going to go under a rewrite, as there are numerous things that I felt needed to be changed.

Story Status: Resurgence of Namikaze: Abandoned

Unfortunately the more that i write it the more that i realized that the plot was unoriginal and wasn't going anywhere. Sorry for those who enjoyed it.

Konoha's greatest: Hiatus Indefinitely

Once again sorry to those who enjoyed it so far but rest assured that i will start it again i just have too many plot bunnies running around to keep it going now

Future Stories:

Untitled Harry Potter Story:

Summary: Harry James Potter was a child defined by both his drive to better himself, and to know why exactly things happened the way they did. Growing up in the Dursley household had forged Harry potter into a person who would do his utmost to better himself, if only to escape his own personal prison. Arriving at Hogwarts School, Harry's inquisitive nature shone through with his sorting into Ravenclaw and his subsequent befriending of Michael Corner, his roommate. This is not slash!

The story picks up in GoF, at a time when the crux of Harry's magical learning could have and should have taken place. The story will cover years 4-7 and will hopefully have a realistic view of the Wizarding War and Voldemort himself. Harry will be powerful, as he needs to be, and will fight what will hopefully be a realistic war.

Formula to a crappy Naruto Story, by Silent Master

Step One: Naruto is being chased by an angry mob even though he's only three years old (barly old enough to wipe his own ass) and living alone for some reason.

Step Two: He trips and/or reaches a dead end (oh noooo's) and they procede to inflict grevous, crippling, and all around over exaggerated unsurvivable wounds.

Step Three: After ten minutes of stabbing and beating (Which miraculously avoided his vitals) someone comes in to inflict the the final blows at the crowds jeering.

Step Four: In a 'thrilling' and 'suspenseful' moment a giant war-hammer is swung down on Naruto, only to be stopped an inch from his head by token superhero #25.

Step Five: Token superhero #25 yells at crowd. "WHAT ARE DO DOING TO TO THIS POOR BOY?!," crowd replies. "KILLING THE DEMON!" or the like. Slaughter ensues.

Step Six: Sarutobi and an Anbu squad show up. (perfect timing) Hokage confronts token superhero #25. "WHO ARE YOU?!" hero responds. "I'm super awesome-man! (Relation to Naruto's parents optional) Now why are your villagers attacking this poor boy?"

Step Seven: The Hokage proceeds to break his own law and tells to complete strangers Narutos life story, much to their outrage.

Step Eight: Token superhero #25 says he's taking the boy away to train him. Sarutobi agrees immendiatly without aguement, but pleads for them to return for the Genins exams. #25 agrees. (The fact that he agreed to bring the kid back to a place that delivered a massive beating to a three year old didn't seem to bother him.)

Step Nine: Naruto wakes up after the ten minute conversation completely healed, energetic, and with enough brain damage to forgive the entire ordeal. (Apparently he's Jesus, filled with infinate forgiveness for the unforgivable)

Step Ten: They fill Naruto in on the details and he begs to be able to come back to be Hokage. (a three year old can comprehend and the duo is off.

Step Eleven: Time skip. Naruto returns, covered in trench coats and pictures of foxes. (throwing all stigmas to the wind).

Step Twelve: Meets Hokage and dishes out all his skills in painful detail. (Throwing all ninja sense to the wind.) Assigned to go to the academy, which happens to be having its exam that day.

Step Thirteen: Shows off dramarically for the test and remainder of story, pwning everyone but Orochimaru in the Forest of death.

Step Foreteen: Falls in love with Hinata?!

Props to Silent Master for his well thought out and reasoned rant (claps).

Personal Naruto Rant:

Sasuke vs Itachi

I'd just like to start with the fact that as of chapter 408(I think it's 408) I no longer have any idea of what's going on in the manga. The whole Sasuke vs Itachi fight took up way too many chapters for one, and secon was the fact that Sasuke won. Now before I go on I'd like to make one thing clear, I don't hate Sasuke! I quite like him actually. That said, there's no way in hell that he should have won that fight. Itachi had the Mangekyou Sharingan and not to mention the years of ninja experience he's had since Sasuke was still in diapers. Sasuke should have been torn to shreds (hell he shouldn't have even survived Deidara's explosion), spit up and then cast to the winds. Instead we have Kishimoto killing off one of the most beastly characters in the whole series in a lame-ass way(colapsing due to a disease? really?) and Sasuke ends up with the Mangekyou Sharingan in some convoluted way. At least with the Akatsuki cloak firmly on his body Naruto should have to kill him.


The man's back in town and he still sucks! He leaves for two and a half years to train with Jiraiya, one of thee strongest ninja on the continent, and he has nearly nothing to show for it. He still wears orange, he's still as stupid as ever(he tries to use Sennen Goroshi on Kakashi) and he has virtually no new techniques. He's got a suped up rasengan and faster clones, no skill with seals, genjutsu, taijutsu or anything else. Hell the guy doens't even have any new ninjutsu. He still needs clones to form the rasengan and he doesn't even know what the hell element manipulation is until Kakashi tells him. With all of Naruto's lack of strength, one would have to think that Jiraiya was freaking incompetent, which we know he isn't. This is the guy that has to face nine S-ranked criminals in order to live? Kishimoto has pretty much made it so that Naruto is going to have to get new heaven given powerups(Sage mode anybody) in order to win his fights now.

Naruto vs. Pein:

Truly the best fight in the entire seris to date, tops Naruto vs. Sasuke by far. It seems as though Kishimoto decided to grow a brain and give Naruto some skills, even if he still is completely one demensional, and he got those skills in a short period of time. I thought it was going great, what with the whole fourth Hokage scene and the death of God Realm, and then the imbecile somehow manages to fry his newly grown brain. Kishimoto has wasted five chapters dealing with Pein's background, which can be okay, but then he decides that Naruto won't kill him (insert car screech noise). Hold up, this is the same ninja who "leads" the group of S-Class criminals with the goal of taking all of the tailed demons while killing the hosts in the process. The same ninja who killed Jiraiya, Naruto's sensei, Kakashi, Shizune and over 100 other leaf ninja, and the same ninja who blew up Naruto's village just so they could understand his pain. And Naruto is going to let him live just for some mother-fucking cliche called peace. What the fuck is going down in Kishimoto's head? And then to make things worse Pein decides that he is goin to die heroically and uses his last strength to bring back everyone killed in Konoha. What happened to the cold hard ninja world where people actually die?


I know you've heard it one hundred times but I, like so many others, hate this pairing. This is rather funny to me because I actually used to love this pairing, but addressing the facts of cannon while reading too many poorly done fics has turned me off it. Looking at the facts Hinata and Naruto have about as little interaction with each other as possible while still being aquaintences. They don't go on the same missions and they don't hang out together, so there isn't even any basis for friendship let alone a romantic relationship. Looking at fics I'll admit that there are quite a few good ones that portray a logical Naru/Hina pairing, Team 8 and A Growing Affection are good examples, even though the latter is a little rushed at the begining, but hte majority are decent at best and quite crappy at worst. I believe the last straw for me was reading a fic where Naruto got banished for hurting Sasuke after the Valley of the End, back when that overused genre actually intersted me. The story goes that Naruto gets brutalized by his long time crush Sakura, who he was hoping to impress by bringing Sasuke back, and decides to leave the village with Gaara after being banished by the council. On his way out he meets Hinata on the street and says something along the lines of, "Hinata, I really like you. I'm leaving the village for a while so please don't forget me..." um... wasn't he just trying to impress his long time crush Sakura, ten minutes ago? While the pairing has as good a shot as many others in the Narutoverse it's fics like the one mentioned above that have completely turned me off the pairing, and I sincerely hope that Kishimoto decides to use whatever part of his brain he has left to choose a different pairing if any.

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If you could read that put it in your profile.

Newest Update 11/26/09:

First off I'd like to start by saying thanks to all of the people who have read my stroy Path to Power, the response I've been getting has been beyond my expectations. That being said, I would ask all of you who stop by to read it to leave review telling me about what you may or may not have disliked about the fic so far. This is my first fic that I'm actually interested in completing so I would like to know how I can improve; constructive critisism makes both my writing better as well as making the fic more enjoyable for all of you.

Secondly, as of 12:08 am I have just finished reading Naruto Chapter 473. The Raikage-Killer Bee combo is the most badass thing Kishimoto has ever published. I sincerely hope that there will be some more focus on both of these two awesome characters; they're my new favorites after all. Rest assured that both will feature in the Shipuuden Arc of my fic, I hope I will be able to do them justice.

Peace out and I'll try to update soon.

Rant Add On: Harry Potter

While I could probably go on for pages about the numerous faults that I find in the Harry Potter series, I'll try to be rather conscise. The single most glaring beef that I have with the Harry Potter series is the decisive lack of power and skill that Harry has a the end of the series; this beef is followed at a distance by the crap that J.K. Rowling tried to pass off as romance, but that's seperate.

I'm fairly sure that just about everyone could see that Harry was going to have a final decisive confrontation with Voldemort after the first book. This is assuming that most people have higher levels of intelligence than fannon-Ron Weasley, this is merely one small step above mental retardation from the majority of the fics that I've read. With this fact being geneally accepted, it should stand that Harry should, in theory, come to have power and skill on the level, or nearly the level, of Voldemort. Now, with Voldemort being portrayed as this super evil, super dark and, most importantly, super powerful wizard, it should go without saying that Harry sould have some legitimate skills after seven books(frankly he should have had legitimate skills after five books at the minimum). So why is it that he's so fuckin' weak?!

He's fighting Death Eaters with less than harmful spells, he's got no backbone when it comes to anything other than standing up to his friends, and he shows no interest in actually bettering himself in preparation for the final confrontation. For the love of God he threw an Expelliarmus at Voldemort while the man was hurling a killing curse at him!(the fact that it won the battle for him was bullshit) In total, he's a chivalrous bundle of morals with a distinct lack of guts and drive. He throws bitch fits all throug book 5 about not wanting to be kept in the dark, and when he finds out what he wants to know, he does absolutely nothing! After finding out about the prophecy, he spends all of book six toiling with potions and pining after Ginny Weasley, a waste of time to be sure and this is coming from a H/G shipper.

After reading Forging the Sword, by Myst Shadow, I found that the quote in the first chapter summed up most of my thoughts to the letter:

When Voldemort was 16 he was becoming immortal, when his Harrys dad was 15 he could already do silent spells, when Snivellus was 16 he was inventing spells and creating new ways of making potions, when Draco bloody Malfoy is 16, not only can he do occulemency, but he made up a plan that lead to the death of one of the most powerful wizards in the world. Heck, even Peter was an animagus when he was what, 15, 16. What the hell is Harry doing?

Thats the crux of the matter, isn't it. All this time Harry hasn't tried to better himself, yet he has all these examples of wizards beginning to show greatness at the same age as he. Dumbledore can be added to the list above, remember the O.W.L. examiner said that she saw Dumbledore do things with a wand in his exam that she had never seen before? Harry seems unmotivated and unwilling to work, or even to try to gain anything - power, greatness, or just vengeance on his parent's murderer.”

From Dark Lord, this excerpt is a very accurate summary of my feelings on the matter.

I'm not saying that J.K. is wrong with the way she wrote the books, as the author she is right by default, but I found many things not to my liking and hope to write a story that portrays a Harry that becomes competent enought to actually kill Voldemort. A rough outline and summary is posted above. It will hopefully feature a proactive Harry with close to cannon Dumbledore, i.e. not evil, as well as a competent and reasoning Voldemort, rather than Cobra Commander like persona he takes on in many fics.

I'll try to update Path to Power soon,

Peace out,


Update 2/15/10:

'Lo all.

I was browsing the forum "The Guild", created by LD1449 and moderated by EliadS, two of my favorite authors, when I came upon a newly formulated challenge. A normal Naruto.

Now as everyone knows that that last sentence is pretty much an oxymoron, I'll give all of you a little run down.

The challenge is basically to keep Naruto in his cannon characterization while making it so that he is merely a normal shinobi i.e. no Kyuubi. The one key clause is that somehow, someway, Konohamaru ends up as the Kyuubi jinchurriki while Naruto becomes your average, run of the mill shinobi.

An interesting idea to be sure, and one that I plan to run with at some time in the near future. With a few changes of course.

Given the fact that I find Naruto's cannon personality distasteful, for lack of a better word, one may expect that he will be a hell of a lot more serious. Naruto will be strong, but because his own hard work, dedication, and will to succeed(rather like cannon Naruto but he simply won't suck). I also intend to expand upon an idea that was mention briefly in my story Path to Power: the reserve corps.

Working Summary: An average orphan in the village of Konoha, Uzumaki Naruto grew up with modest goals and a fierce determination to reach them. He clawed, scraped and grabbed power, ignobly and unrecognized by most, leaving a path of his own blood, sweat, and tears in his wake. Looking back, he realized that he wouldn't want it any other way.

If anyone actually bothers to read this, drop a PM my way and tell me what you think.

Extended rant ad-on Harry Potter:

Harry/Ginny: I'm well aware of the general over population this site has of this pairing, and the overwhelming hatred for it by some very intelligent people over at DLP, a site that I'm now a member of(go check it out!). Given the situation and the amount that I invariably hear about it, I felt it was time to let my views be known.

I used to be an H/G shipper. Used to be is the main point of the sentence. after having re-read book 2, I felt that H/G had become a very logical pairing. The two had shared a mutually traumatizing experience, and it was an experience that a friendship could have been formed over. Unfortunately, JKR didn't think that killing a 1000 year old basilisk and saving a girl from having her soul consumed was nearly as good a bonding experience as knocking out a mountain troll, and as such, Harry and Ginny had little to no interaction until book 5.

Moving on to OoTP, the two had a certain lack of interaction. The only real scene where they even bother to talk is when Ginny is talking to Harry about Sirius. That's it. Given that the two had nearly nothing to do with each other, Department of Mysteries included, I was resigned to Harry/Hermione, as she was the only female that Harry actually spoke to on a regular basis.

JKR managed to prove me wrong in HBP, by having Harry develop an attraction to Ginny out of nowhere. As I like to think of myself as a logical person, I know that this usually doesn't happen. Most people actually bother to get to know each other before doing anything serious. This lack of "chemestry" between the two managed to completely turn me off the pairing, so much so that I can barely stand to read it anymore unless it is very good.

Ginny Haters: A group of people who I can't truly bring myself to understand, for one small reason. They hate a character who has no actual personality of characterization. In writing the Harry Potter series, the "romance" between Harry and Ginny in particular, JKR neglected to actually give Ginny a personality. We simply know nothing about the girl.

She's a Weasley, she has red hair, a strong temper, is good at Quidditch, and has a major infatuation with Harry until the 4th book. That's it. We don't know what she likes or dislikes or even a general skill set that she possesses in terms of magic. There is simply nothing there. It's why so many H/G stories have Ginny as a Mary Sue, as she has no character to begin with, how can anyone truly write her as "canon"?

Extended Rant add-on Naruto:

Realistic Plot Devices:I don't know how many fics I've read, hated and reviewed saying as much. The reason is pretty simple too: the plot devices suck. I understand that most people want to make a strong Naruto, I do too, but be realistic about it. Frankly, I think Shraper V said it best in his opening to Indomitable. Making Naruto strong is easy! All you have to do is give him a few brain cells, the work ethic he's supposedly famous for but doesn't manifest until the Wave mission when he's competing with Sasuke, and someone willing to take some time out of their day to teach him some tricks. At this point, some people are probably saying that Naruto always worked hard. Wrong! He was a fucking slacker in the Academy. He cut class, didn't listen to what Iruka was trying to teach him, and thought he was the shit anyway. That's canon.

What he doesn't need, is some newly created, or canon, bloodline or special ability to be strong (no offense to the people who've done it well, you know who you are). You don't need to cross him over with a different series of manga, anime, etc. to give him some unheard of ability that can wtf!pwn everyone. Likewise you don't need to have some long lost relative/friend come and train him (yes, I've been guilty of this one). Shippuuden shows that Naruto can accomplish some pretty sick shit when he puts his mind to it, Rasenshuriken and Sage mode anyone?

That said, I think I've made it clear that authors don't need to pull out all the stops to make Naruto into a badass. Even so, using plot devices to alter Naruto's character can be fun, and is all in the spirit of AU. That said, if you're going to use plot devices, use realistic ones. Naruto getting help from the not-yet-Godaime Mizukage who comes to Konoha for help isn't realistic. Having some nuke-nin tell him that everyone he's ever known is holding him back in some way, and then Naruto setting out to change it, isn't realistic. Save for maybe Itachi, who's been redeemed, nuke-nin don't do that. Having Uchiha fucking Madara tell Naruto that his plan for world domination is going too smoothly and he wants a challenge so Naruto should get stronger to test him, isn't realistic! So don't use it.

Give him a few brain cells, give him some drive, and give him someone to teach him some moves. That's all he needs.

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