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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, Game X-overs, and Makai Kingdom.

I just cannot understand why this had to happen. I lost BOTH of my parents when I was eight. My grandma took me into her life and home and raised me. Well timeskip and most of my family did not really want anything to do with me...Ha ha don't really care. Well I lived for four long years mostly fending for myself my sister would offer her support and grandma was always supporting me even though in as sense I am a failure LOL @ Me. Which why I like Naruto constant longing for Acknowledgement. True love the idea of Naruhina but Narusaku would be just as good IMO. I especially love both of the Narusaku and Naruhina FC's names VERY original IMO. lulz where was I? hmmm both Narusaku and Naruhina manifesto's are very cool because for me Naruhina or Narusaku. I took a huge interest in Narusaku one-shots, and Naruhina multi chaps.

Well Naruto fanfics with romance I simply love them. Favorite Naruhina doujin is definitely the one by Matt wilson83 on deviantart. New favorite couple is definitely Kiba x Mina which is sooo awesome IMO. Sasukarin is awesome too because I thought Sasuke would never warm up and that Sasukarin moment was simply amazing and breathtaking. Sasuke acceptng help is rare IMO. Eightails just fucking pwned him LOL @ Sasuke he really needed that so I don't hate him anymore plus he got a really interesting love interest IMO Naruto x Tayuya is a very interesting couple too. But I have read a lot of Naruhina with Shikaino, Shikatema, and Nejiten. IMO There should a BIG five because the most popular side pairings IMO are NT, SI, ST so hell yeah for those couples.So yeah these past few weeks have been hard before my grandmother died so I was venting maybe a little too much ha ha. I just had to badmouth my favorite couples to do something with all this built up frustration. Narusaku is just perfect for one-shots IMO just as long as HInata isn't in it. So yeah big fanfiction tard. Can't even remember my favorite NS oneshot oh yeah I remember I think it written by an author called born from a Narusaku Lemon best NS citrus fic. Favorite Naruhina epic multi-chap is "What is Love" by Fester0062 kind of reminds me of myself in that story ha ha. Most awesome NH story is One Small Step by Shawny. Best Idea for a NH story is This Time for Hinata such an awesome idea.

Love Naruto romance fanfiction and doujins but only het couples now because of personal beliefs. Chose the name bluewarrior based on my favorite character Megaman. But a new Awesome name was suggested by a very nice user owner of a certain fanclub here name they came up with is "Azure Knight and now after what happened with ABSOLUTELY FUCKING MESSED UP BIGGEST NEVER GOING TO FUCKING UNDERSTAND WHY IT HAPPENED FOR OBVIOUSLY NO FUCKING IMO GOOD MOTHERFUCKING REASON!! Seriously the day my grandmother died it was raining!! I put up too big of a mask covering lies of my feelings. So yeah IMO ANYONE REGARDLESS IMO SHOULD DIE SLOWLY FOR TAKING AWAY PRECIOUS PEOPLE SO THINK BEFORE YOU KILL SOMEONE OUT OF SPITE LIKE WANTING OR WHATEVER.So yeah don't understand why bad things happen to such good people. My grandmother was loved by many people myself included, My last gift from her was a gold bracelt that was my my father's. Seriously major WTF?? Which is why I hate tragedy/ROMANCE Naruto stories just WON'T FUCKING READ THEM ESPECIALLY NOW. SO FROM THE NARUHINA PEOPLE LIE STORY FUCK YOU NO JUTSU AT FUCKING ROMANCE TRAGEDIES!! DO YOU LIKE TORTURING YOUR READERS?? SERIOUSLY THAT'S FUCKING EVIL GROW UP DON'T WRITE THAT SHIT IMO. YOU DON'T TIRED i AM OF READING STORIES SUCH AWESOME FLUFF AND BAM ONE OF THE LOVER'S DIES!! SERIOUSLY DON'T WRITE ITS TORTURING PEOPLE MENTALLY AND IT'S FUCKING MESSED UP.



Wonderul most awesome simply amazing conclusion

MY GRANDMOTHER HAS PASSED AWAY IN THE SAME MONTH MY MOTHERFUCKING PARENTS DIED...JUST FUCKING AS IF THINGS AREN'T FUCKING DEPRESSING ENOUGH LOVER IT @ conclusionHmmm four years that's a long time not speak and suddenly that makes everything okay.. Achoo!! Oh sorry allergiic to BS. Fucking selfish n00bs. I am taking this the hardest I suggest reading "one small step" by my favorite author. fucking selfish family noobs. That is all it takes to fix thing is ONE SMALL STEP. Oh that's right can't expect from FUCKING n00bs. Maybe I should recommend my most hated Naruhina Fanfic Called Grown out of you. It's about Hinata forgetting Naruto and the Naruto realized he can't live without her. hmmm sound exactly someone THAT should have taken it upon themselves to conformt me if not a just a little FUCKING bigges n00b. Congratulations Biggest n00b award goes to that person. But I guess I deserve all this fucking nonsense. Since I am ALWAYS WRONG AND ALWAYS THE FUCKING VILLIAN. HOW FUCKING N00BISH. BIGGEST PROBLEM IS THEY DON'T THEY ARE FUCKING NOOBS.VIDEOS ABOUT MY FEELINGS ABOUT EVERYTHING
FIrst Naruhina my Immorial
How last four years affected Me and how my grandma actually HELPED
Naruhina the Reason
What my grandma is

Why I think they don't

They say with their mouths that they care but I don't think they are aware that I am not as naive as I look. All this time they had me wondering if they diid or they didn't and now if you ask me they don't. How can you say with your mouth but your heart is not agreeing with you? It is much easier to tell the truth because I use masks to cover up my true feelings. So trust me I know that your mouth is with me but your heart is not.

To my precious person

This person gave me the one thing I always wanted. It was all I could ever ask for the best gift ever Acknowledgement. This person freely gave this most simple request and in return always asked that I do my best. So give to get and I was happy, But now I don't have this person anymore they are gone and the gap is very wide. So how will it be filled again? I honestly don't think I will ever find this most awesome simple gift AGAIN. For this person gave it willingly and lovingly and I hope so much to see them again because Acknowledgement is all I ever wanted. I just simply asked and they never denied.

Small excerpt on the Sasuke Retrieval Arc

Don't try to retrieve them for you have lost them. You don't have to physically be in a village to leave it. Your body is there but your heart isn't and you constatnly made them feel like they did not belong in that village. So why stay? Why staty if the villagers heart and body don't agree. There is really no point in staying in a village were you are not accepted for that is hell on earth.

Why I left the village

Where I am going please do not follow I must find on my own what I lost. How can you understand What I lost? The only one that does is the one that left. So kindly understand this person meant more to me than anyone. It may take days, weeks, months and probably years but I will get back this bond that back that I held most dear.


Well my most favorite couple in Naruto is definitely Naruhina. But ever since I saw Sasame in the anime fillers I always thought that Naruto should be paired up with her, plus there are thousands of Naruhina stories and not many Naruto x Sasame stories so for that very reason I decided to become a Naruto X Sasame author. I hope to one day write a lot of Naruto X Sasame stories because there aren't too many of them so since I love this couple so much I decided to write stories with this pairing as the main couple in the story. I love Naruto X Sasame a lot and I like Naruhina but I just don't think I could compete with the awesome stories written of Naruhina. So the main couple I will be writing is more than likely NaruSasame and Shadamy. :)


My first OC is Electra she is a green kitsune with nine tails as well. She makes her debut in my Naruto X Naruko story!!

Wed January 13th 2010

I should hopefully be getting my new glasses later today so I can finally work on my stories I have been without glasses for about a month ALREADY!!

Tuesday Januray 19, 2010

I finally got my new glasses!! So to all my readers you can expect updates in the next few days!! :D

Monday August 23, 2010

To all my readers I am truly very sorry for not updating lately mainly because I have been so busy studying for my new career and on top of that now I have a part time job and its been taking a lot of my time. Rest assured I never abandon my stories. I will try to update as soon as I can but I am not making any promises. Thank you my readers for being so patient. :-D

Monday December 13, 2010

Finally got around to updating one of my stories so expect updates in the next few days. :D

Sunday February 14, 2011

Lovers bond was my first story and was originally my main focus, but Since Flames of Destiny is so popular I am going to make it my primary story for now and all the other stories will be secondary. I hope this does not upset anyone. XD

Saturday April 23. 2011

I am so sorry for not updating my stories for so long. But like I said in my last entry Flames of Destiny is my main focus. I will try and update the other stories as soon as I can but I am not making any promises since Flames of Destiny comes first.

January 7, 2012

I bow to the people that support my work. Without them I would never come back to this place. Requests take priority but I only do oneshots. Hope my supporters and fans understand. I prefer Naruto one shots since they are the easiest to do. K?? Peace everyone!!

February 16, 2012

Besides being a procrastinator my life has encountered many curve balls and they were distractions and keeping me away from the things that I like doing. So with the extra time I have gained after making a tough personal decision. I decided to update my stories especially the ones that people have been asking me about and I am glad I updated them because it gave me a big sense of satisfaction that helped me deal with the curve balls that were being thrown at me in my personal life.

February 27, 2012

New story from a request and I think I like the way it came out. I just hope it gets more feedback, but its okay because the story was just released.


My three top stories Flames of Destiny, Lovers Bond, and Destiny Changed will get and editing revamp to bring in more readers but still hence to say thanks a lot with the people that have still been reading from the stories start because I was bad at this at first. Stories are not the same as essays I know that now!! XDDDD



Okay something I feel needs to be addressed without trying to be too rude. Absolutely no anonymous reviews will be accepted. I will delete them whether good or bad. Second my stories do not follow the canon they are all Alternate Universe written from my perspective. So if you please stop telling me stuff is not following the canon because this is not Kishi-sans work I am only using his characters NOT his storyline okay?! Thank you for understanding.

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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 48,172 - Reviews: 1478 - Favs: 984 - Follows: 667 - Updated: 10/1/2009 - Published: 11/1/2007 - Hinata H., Naruto U.
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