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Author has written 6 stories for Dragon Ball Z, A Knight's Tale, and Brothers Grim.

About me: Thanks for giving my profile the once over. I live in sunny Florida, I have a cat and I love to read and write. My favorite author is Michael Crichton. I love his heavy mix of science with fiction. Rest in peace Michael, I will miss you. I have written at least five DBZ fanfics and a few original stories. Come back soon. I'm always rearranging the furniture in here, so there's new stuff all the time.

Feel free to PM me anytime ya'll have questions about my stories or anything in my profile or if you just want to chat!!

My Twitter page - - Follow me!

My Home Site - http:/// - Parnassus For The Masses!! Please join us!

Please take a moment and read my original fairytale on . It's called "The Little Tinker" and its dedicated to a wonderful storyteller, Terry Gilliam. Its based on the journey that he has taken over the past year and a half to bring his film and Heath Ledger's final performance "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" to the screen. Reviews are quite welcome.

Favorite Animes:

DBZ (of course! :P)
Ruroni Kenshen
Yu Yu Hakusho

What I'm reading now: Had to take a bit of a break, trying to fit in reading The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly as well as my newly acquired Complete Works of the Brothers Grimm. Many more stories in there to read that I haven't read before or have just forgotten over time. Plus the fact I'm neck deep in a new fanfic at the moment. (See below -)

Fanfic I'm writing now: Right now I'm in the middle of writing a fic for The Brother's Grimm called "The Dove Princess". Following Terry Gilliam's vision of loading the story with various fairy tales has proved to be a challenge plus capturing Matt and Heath's expression of the brothers themselves. The story outline is finished and I'm working on chapter 16 at the moment and it should expand it's way into at least 22 chapters. Yes, it's a novel! Lol!. So with my Brother's Grimm theater poster above my desk with Matt and Heath watching over me and my cherished book of Grimm's Fairy Tales by my side, it's back to work. Thanks Terry! P.S. I have now acquired a second book of tales as a gift from a friend that contains many more stories. Perhaps at some point, I will look into reading some of the brother's more serious work on languages and history.

Update #10: I've put up chapter 20 and 21. 20 closes the story and sets all things right once again, 21 is just the cherry on top! I hope these last chapters prove to be a satisfactory ending to it all. It feels good to have finished it off, however it feels rather sad too. I will miss visiting with Jakob and Wilhelm for a little bit every day, but I won't say good bye, but rather see you later. I may revisit the brothers sometime soon and write about their further adventures. Hope everyone liked it. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

So here we are and in the immortal words of Heath's greatest character: "And here we go!!"

TV I'm watching now: Looks like I'm on summer hiatus in regards to that. Heard they've renewed my beloved Chuck. Yay!! Upcoming goodness includes new Heroes, Bones, Smallville, House, Num3ers and some crazy-good Supernatural.

In Loving Memory of Dr. Lawrence Kutner on House - A good doctor and a good friend. A quiet man who didn't really like people get to close unfortunately. He will be missed on the show. Suicide is never the answer. I lost a good friend in just this same way a few years ago. If you need help or need information, please visit www. or please call your local suicide hotline. There is help out there, you are not alone! Please cut and paste this to spread the word.

Dr. Kutner's Facebook memorial page:

PS: RIP Heath Ledger 1979 - 2008 You will be missed :( Movies: The Patriot, Casanova, The Brother's Grimm, Ned Kelly, Brokeback Mountain, Lords of Dogtown, A Knights Tale, 10 Things I Hate About You & His final production: The Dark Knight.) If you miss Heath Ledger as much as I do and his death has affected you more than you would think, copy and paste this into your profile and add your name to the list. GregsLabrat, Vegetasgirl01

I am eagerly awaiting his true final production, The Imaginnarium of Doctor Parnassus. The director and his good friend Terry Gilliam is dedicating the film to the memory of Heath. I will watch it and I will once again wonder at the charm and grace of this gentle man as he graces the screen and then again, I shall grieve the loss of a beautiful soul.

There is a forum strictly dedicated to The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus that I am a member of. I am also Snowy0122 on there as well. If you want to learn more about the film or your just a fan of Terry Gilliam, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrel or Jude Law please come and visit and perhaps join the Doctor's troupe. Remember, Please Take Generously! http:///

Wow, I just took a look at where all my readers are coming from and was I surprised. I have folks visiting from 50 different countries and regions around the world! I just want you all to know that I really appreciate you all coming here to visit my profile page and read my stories. So I'm giving you all a shout out back! I hope I got these right.

U.S.A. - Howdy! -- U.K. - Greetings! -- Canada - Salut! Australia - G'day Mates! -- Germany - Guten tag! -- Europe - Hallo!
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Favorite DBZ quotes:


1. The sleeper has awakened. I am the prince of all Saiyans once again!
2. I'm a warrior! not some variety of flower!
3. I don't have time to waste on Kakarots hair problems!
4. A true Super Saiyan would not have fallen. Maybe I'm not who i think I am...
5. Even in the after life you're better then me... DAMN!
6. It's amazing that every time you open your mouth, you prove that you're an idiot.


1. When's the last time you took a bath?
2. You've challenged and lost to a fighter who is superior to you. And what's worse, he was just a monkey, right?
3. Shame on you!
4. Hey!I think there's a little me hiding behind you Chichi.


1. I think I burned my underwear.
2. It looks like you know who has joined the Super Saiyan club


1. So you wanna see my sword, huh? - Trunks
2. Yeah sure big guy, whatever turns you on. - Freeza
3. Hey Freeza! (sticks his tongue out) Here's your target! (slaps his butt) - Krillin
4. I think you're actually kid of cute! - Bulma to Vegeta
5. Bulma: (to Vegeta) I know you don't want to believe it, but you are made of flesh and blood!
6. I am neither Goku nor Vegeta. I am the instrument of your destruction!

What Yu Yu Hakusho character am I? - Yoko Kurama
What House M.D. character am I? - House
What Smallville character am I? - Clark Kent

The Writer's Arsenal

I thought I would share a list of what I consider very important books that any writer should have on their desk at all times. I hope this helps out not only the newer writer, but those that have been writing for a while.

There are six books that have a place of honor on my desk and for good reason. I believe that no writer should be without these. Weather you are writing a cover letter or a thousand page novel, they serve as a set of tools you cannot work without.

The first two are or should be obvious. A good dictionary and thesaurus are invaluable tools. Even in this day and age of spell checkers and online references, there is no substitute for being able to quickly grab a book and check on your spelling, look for the opposite of a word your using or searching for another word that means the same thing, but fits much better into the piece you’re writing. A good dictionary is also helpful to check the precise meaning of a word or words you are using. There’s nothing like being corrected by a reader for a word you’ve used that turns out not to mean what you thought it did. Imagine watching Disney’s “The Sorcerer’s Journeyman” instead of Apprentice or “Ego and Prejudice’ instead of Pride. Close, but not quite and sets out a whole new storyline for both of these.

In the same vein, but just a little more novel is a book titled “Sisson’s Word and Expression Locater” by A. F. Sisson. This book is basically a thesaurus for more obscure and unusual words found in the English language. It will give you insight into many words and phrases and their synonyms. You use this book by using a method that would make Google proud; you look up the keyword in a phrase you need to know. For example, if you needed to know the word for unintentional repetition of letters or words, etc., you would look up “repetition” and you would find the word “dittography”. Obscure; yes, but you never know when words like this may come in handy.

The next book I couldn’t live without is “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creative Writing” by Laurie E. Rozakis, Ph.D.. This book helps you find and bring out your best creative writing style. It also nurtures your skills as you progress in your writing so you grow as a writer. Laurie covers topics like how to find your most comfortable writing style, how to structure your novels, plays and screenplays plot and characters and how to build dramatic tension. It also covers prose, poetry and dialog construction as well as making it riveting to the reader. As a side bonus, it also has information on getting an agent and what to do about getting publishers to read and publish your work. So weather you’re just starting out as a writer or you need a refresher on any element of writing, this book contains a wealth of information.

The last two books in your writer’s arsenal are both references on punctuation and grammar. These are the two areas where I see writers falter the most. Bad grammar and punctuation can ruin an excellent story by being a distraction to the reader. It also tends to bring the grammar nazis out of the woodwork. So please, please, please read these two books, if you read nothing else this year and commit them to memory! The first book is called “Eats Shoots & Leaves” by Lynne Truss. She is an author from the U.K. and she is also a columnist. Although a few things in the book refer to Queen’s English and not American English, the rules can still be put to use. As you can tell from the title, she has a thing about the proper use of commas. The title is derived from an old joke about a panda that walks into a bar carrying a gun. By using one well placed comma, the entire meaning of the punch line has a completely different outcome.

The last book is titled “Write Right!’ by Jan Venolia. This also covers punctuation and grammar as well as style. Jan covers everything from nouns to the cliché’. Don’t know the difference between there, their and they’re? Not sure if you should use who or whom? "Write Right" covers that. She also gives you the rules on when to capitalize, use italics, the difference between writing quotes and dialog, how the write dates and how and when to use abbreviations. Both of these books will give you the foundation of great writing skills.

If you read these books and keep them around for reference on your desk, you will have the tools to build the proper structure for anything you’re going to write. Once you learn them, you can concentrate on the content of the piece and write a great story, poem, screenplay, play or novel. Knowledge is power and these books put the power at your fingertips.

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