Twin Shadows
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OC profiles

Name: Shadow (Possible alias:"Black Dragon")

Age: Unknown (implied to be older than Yamamoto)

Height: 5 ft. 11 in. - 6 ft.

Facial features: Unknown; wears a black cloth-like mask which completely covers his face; a line cuts horizontaly across the center of his mask, indicating the mask can separated into two pieces; his eyes are covered by reflective lens shaped like parallelograms set at a downward diagonal, giving a slight sinister appearence.

Attire: black leather duster, ends at mid-shin level, sleeves end above the wrists; sleeveless black shirt; black leather gloves which cover the fingers; loose black jeans; black boots with silver straps, reach the bottoms of the duster; wears two necklaces around his neck:

-- 1. A dark brown cord wrapped around a black, glassy stone shaped into an arrowhead; possesses so much sentimental value, he removes it before going into a fight.

-- 2. A chain with a dragon silhouette, the head has three spikes on each side of its head and the eyes cut out, its wings spread and its tail pointed straight down to a point.

Special Traits: Unknown


-- The Mark of Oroborus: an ancient seal which predates the Soul Society; the tattoo is in a perfect circle, with two figures connected to form it, both going clockwise; the figure on the left going right is a phoenix, its feathered wings opened to the outside, talons pointing inside; its head, topped with feathers going backwards along its neck, is at the top of the circle, while its long tail feathers are at the bottom; the opposite figure is a dragon, its leathered wings the same way as the phoenix's and its claws all like the talons, with spikes going along its spine; the head, with six spikes coming out of the back, is positioned at the bottom, making it look like it's eating the phoenix's tail, while the dragon's tail, spade-shaped and seemed to be in layers, is connected to the phoenix's beak; at the center of the circle, there is meant to be a unique insignia for each wearer of the mark (5-point star for Shadow and Ichigo's is 2 crescent moons back-to-back, the left one is white with a black outline, the right is completely black).

- Strengths:

It moniters the amount of spirit energy used at one time, constatntly adapts to the growing spirit energy of the marked, the more your power grows, the more layered it becomes and the more compressed the bottom layers become, making the spiritual pressure to become denser; to lessen the pressure, say, "Release the containment: XX percent(I'm only writing it out cause it won't show the symbol in the profile)" and move one or more limbs.

If the energy is stabilizing, a person with great control over spirit energy(i.e., a Quincy or a chi master like Yang) can draw the energy from the mark to either awaken a spiritually developed person's powers or, in the case of Uryu and his grandfather, can return powers that have been weakened.

- Weaknesses:

To have the mark placed on a person, he/she has to be at peace with all sides of their soul (meaning, if a person has an inner hollow, said hollow has to agree to work together with you)

Shadow warned Ichigo to "never be outside during times when light and darkness congregate simultaneously", though he doesn't say what would happen, he does say that "it will prove most disastrous to you."

Due to the denser spiritual pressure that people with the Mark of Oroborus, any time that they do Soul Reaper-style kido, the spiritual pressure causes the kido used to overwork and perform at a dangerous level.

-- Soulfire Phoenix: a sword which is strung across his back with the handle pointing over his right shoulder with a leather strap(isn't considered a zanpakuto).

- Sealed form: a double-edged straight sword curving into a point, with a bronze guard shaped like a pentagon with the pointed end with the sides curved and the hilt wrapped in black leather and a flat pommel topping it.

- First Release: activation command is, "Knowledge's light guides the way; wisdom's warmth nurtures the spirit"; it becomes a 6-foot long halberd with polished dark wood and a metal weight on one end and a large irregular blade; known to the Soul Society as the Sokyoku; it's noted by Kurotsuchi that he possesses skill in controlling its pyrokinetic powers.

-- Retractable Wings: by concentrating his energy, he can generate a pair of large black dragon wings; while he is able to fly, the wings get tired from extended use(can go 5 miles when flying fast).

-- Enhanced Speed: can run at flash step-level speed

-- Enhanced Strength: strong enough to stop Yammy's attack with one hand and punch hard enough to Yammy's mask and knock a tooth.

-- "Shadow-style" kido: When Shadow found out that using Soul Reaper-style kido was too dangerous to be used even in battle, he combined spirit energy with the physical power of different matrial arts forms, balancing out the two energies and making an option of kido available to those who have too much power (Hado=Guardian's insert number strike; Bakudo=Scholar's insert number wisdom). All Shadow-style kido spells are like the spells in Soul Reaper kido, with slight variations.

- Guardian's 4th strike: Thunder Dragon Dances Across The Sky

Variation: it weaves similar to natural lightning.

-- Stealth: able to enter the Soul Society without detection until he showed himself by repairing Soulfire Phoenix

Personality: A pretty mellow guy most of the time, but will be serious when the situation calls for it; doesn't believe in playing favorites; acts uninterested in fighting, only feels the need when he has to protect others lives; he does a lot jokes, one of which includes asking a person for their names when he knows their names anyway, another is to use irony on people; likes to use nicknames for people, some of which can hit it hard at sensitive areas for people; sometimes, he'll overreact when something happens.

Name: Yang

Age: Unknown, though he's older than both Urahara and Yourichi but presumably younger than Shadow

Height: 5 ft. 6in. - 5 ft. 8 in.

Facial Features: Wavy silver hair tied up into a small ponytail, with bangs; soft golden eyes set in a moderately attractive face.

Attire: wears a light tan leather jacket over a short-sleeved dark blue shirt, light blue jeans long pants; wearing brown boots; on his right wrist, are a set of black beads wrapped tightly around it and going up his arm.

Special Traits: A tattoo of a black rose in bloom on his left shoulder; can collect information on anyone, the more urgent the situation, the more thorough he is in investigating; spiritual powers similar to a Bount.


-- Yin: Yin is a Shadow being (a creature born in the Shadow World before partnering with a special human that he chooses to aid in the Human World) has human-level intelligence (can use morse code) and has a telepathic link to Yang, similar to a soul reaper and his or her zanpakuto.

- Original form: shaped like a black-furred, wolf-like dog; the same eyes as Yang, reaching Yang's waist in height with a collar made of the same beads as his master's; can turn into a black mist to surrond Yang or go by himself and merge with nearby shadows to teleport.

- 2nd form: transformed by the command, "Ambush your prey, Yin!"; His body grows to be a head shorter than Chad vertically. His muzzle is a foot in length with 3-inch teeth coming from his mouth. His fur grows longer and matted with his paws wielding 2-inch claws. His ears are larger and longer with the ends twisted. Finally, the eyes are tinged with red.

His jaws are strong enough to tear off a piece of Yammy's flesh, despite the hierro

Able to swallow and eat a cero without being harmed

-- Chi/Energy Manipulation: He can push his own chi to affect the physical world, strong enough to force back Yammy in their first meeting; he can also control any energy around him from other sources and redirect it. For example, he can draw energy from the Mark of Oroborus to activate and/or reactivate a spiritualy aware person's powers, however, doing so for an extended period of time physically exhausts him and mentally weakens him.

-- Enhanced Speed: can run at shunpo-level speed; when moving fast enough, can vanish from sight.

-- Master Acupunturist: possesses intimate knowledge of the human body and its pressure points, so much so he can strike them in battle

Personality: a calm and mostly patient person(with exceptions to people like Keigo); tries to make sure people are comfortable around him; not fond of people interrupting him when he's trying to explain a situation; when he senses danger, he becomes serious with a deep frown.

List of Tatsuki, Keigo, and Mizurio's powers:


-- has dragon blood, which gives her:

- Enhanced strength

Can break bones through an arrancar's iron skin, though she can hurt her arm

- Enhanced speed

- Ability to breathe fire


-- Superhuman agility and balance

- Displays amazing acrobatics

-- potential to become the next Monkey King


-- Enchanced spirit sight

- Can use his sight to see the source of where an indiviual's power stems from

- When close enough, he's able to get a more specific shaping of the person's spiritual pressure and their powers

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