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This is my other side. My darker side. My secret obsession.

I only write what is pleasing to my own ears. I write what satisfies my own desires. Passion.

I see no fine lines. Only this question. What happens when the lines blur and the sexes no longer matter.

I seek this answer...

For those who don't understand, in short. I write fan fics that I want to read, whether others like them or not. I write mostly romantic fics, but it's about passion, not sex. I don't support yaoi/yuri, shonen-ai, or whatever. Just because I do write things like that, does not mean I support it. I feel my stories are about the passion the characters share, no matter the situation.

Ignore my state of mind if you wish. This is just a little secret of mine.

I am however a slow writer, and busy with my real life. Don't expect many updates.

CURRENTLY: I'm attempting to write... and failing wonderfully.

I still love my NessLucas, but I have a new obsession in the form of a game almost no one knows about. My friend got me into Eternal Sonata (360, PS3) and, thanks to some people on dA, my favorite crack pairing from that is Jazz and Frederic. Yes the composer. Oh boy, I'm going to hell! (Like I wasn't already)

Whatever. Hoping to get another fic up by the end of the week. Geez, I'm a wreck when it comes to these things.



Boys will Be- Ness makes a new friend in the latest Smash Bros. Competition. But, when he starts to fall for him in ways friends shouldn't, how does he handle the pressure, and what's Lucas' reaction? (MULTI-CHAPTER)

Advantage- Lucas has always played the submissive role in his relationship with Ness. Once, however, he'd like to be the one in charge.

Awkward Moments- A little quirky tale of when an angel accidentally catches two psychics in a passionate act, in the shower no less! (Don't ask why Pit's there.)

Pleasant Surprises- What a birthday surprise it is! Something that started as a practical joke turns out to be the best present Ness could ask for.

My Cherry on Top- Lucas buys a sweet treat to share with his friend; Too bad Ness and his perverted mind take everything the wrong way. (ICECREAM!)


A Simple Kiss-(LinkZelda, LinkMarth) ONESHOT

After a request from Zelda, Link finds himself physically infatuated with Marth. Can just one night of passion be enough to rid his mind of these thoughts?

Fetish-(IkePit) ONESHOT

Pit has an obsession with swords. When sets his sights on Ike's blade, Ragnell, however who does he choose; the sword or its master.

As Cold As Heaven- (PitIce Climbers)

Nana has a crush on Pit. Pit as a crush on Nana. Popo despises Pit with a passion, which causes Pit to fall for him as well! Why are things this complicated?


Boys will Be- Cover Art

Seven Minutes in Heaven- Cover Art

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Seven minutes. Make every minute count. Because that's all the time I have to show him how I feel." -NessLucas- ONESHOT-
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