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Author has written 22 stories for Inuyasha, Naruto, and Twilight.

Age: Teenager
Height: Pretty Tall...who am I kidding I'm 5'10
Hair: Shoulder legnth and dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Sex: Female
Birthday: May 11th(May b-days are the BEST!)
Why I'm doing this description: I have no idea. Bored possibly.

(Orginal banner image found on tumblr and edited on photoshop by hanmajo)

ABOUT THE BOOK COVERS!!!! One, I love that we can do it now and two, I have to pay respects to the artists of the pictures, because I didn't draw them and to hanmajo because she did all the editting. So yes, this is a DISCLAIMER. I do not own these pictures. Please don't bitch me out for tyring to pass someone elses work off as my own because I'm not.

I have a tumblr now! Same penname as on here, kimiko888. I've also made a tumblr just for Walking Tightropes with previews, backstories, banners, ect. I just wanted to find a way to organize my original tumblr. Hopefully, I'll have a page for other stories as well. Walking Tightropes just has a lot more characters with histories and things to cover in comparison to my other stories.

I have a facebook page! Since there's a lot of random stuff I like to talk about hanmajo made a facebook page for us. The reason I have a tumblr is for information about stories and ideas, but, honestly, I blog as much as I update (not very often) so a facebook page is easier. And hanmjoerin is more in charge of this and she's way more responsible than I am. So I would highly recommenced checking out my page.

I think hanmajo told me last week that I needed to update my profile so, because I am me, I am finally getting around to it a week later. I could go on and on about rediscovering my childhood last week through Disney movies and old cartoons, but I can go on for a long time about that stuff. So, I'll just list some of my ideas I thought of. And, if you actually read this you could PM me and tell me what you think.

1. For Walking Tightropes, Kagome has a long list of ex boyfriends and I thought about doing a blog or something like that dedicated to Kagome's Failed Attempts at Love. It would either be a collection profiles with a description of each of her exes or a collection of drabbles of her relationship with them and where it went wrong. Or both. I just thought of this last night because I needed away to keep them all in order.

2. I have lots of ideas for I Have a Confession to Make chapters. Just a few: Kagura attempts to write a screenplay, Inuyasha meets Kagome when she's reading a book at a party, Sango being in love with a gay guy (who is not Miroku), and that's actually all I'm going to share with you. Well, there might be one where--no, never mind. That one is too hard to explain.

3. I want to write an Ayame and Kouga fanfic and it's actually coming along fairly well. It'll be a short one, considering it was originally supposed to be a one shot for I Have a Confession to Make, but not that short. I'm trying to limit myself to ten chapters, but I haven't really been actively writing it. As a hint, Ayame is an enigma , mainly because she has Avoidant Personality Disorder and her mom forces her to see a therapist.

4. I want to write a Kagura and Sesshomaru short fic that centers around a laundromat and its regulars who are all kind of offbeat people. Through out telling the story of the regulars and Kagura herself, you slowly see the growth of Kagura and Sesshomaru's relationship. No lie, this was inspired by the pick-up line, "Let's make like fabric softner and Snuggle."

5. I might write a oneshot/chapter for I Have a Confession to Make (I can't decide) that's an outsider's view of a relationship. Outsider: Kagome. Relationship: Inuyasha and Kikyo. Brief summary: Kagom'es college roommate is always having sex in their room so Kagome spends most her nights in the hall outside with her laptop and headphones to keep her company. From her spot outside, Kagome witnesses the comings and going of Inuyasha from Kikyo's room across the hall. Inuyasha comments on Kagome constantly being locked out of her room and the two slowly form a friendship.

And that's five ideas, a nice number, so I'm going to stop there. Any questions or if you just may want a little more information on anything PM me.

2. I do not like Twilight - I am highly aware of the fact that I am writing a Twilight fanfic when I hate Twilight, but I'm writing that fic to bring justice to the ones hurt by that book. By that I mean the Blackwater pairing. JACOB AND LEAH BELONG TOGETHER! I just can't understand how Stephanie Meyer could miss something so obvious in her own writing and have Jacob imprint on Nessie. That is just so wrong on so many levels! You end up lusting after the love of your life's daughter - it's messed up! That's just too soap operaish for me. And I have a number of problems with that book, like Bella saying she loves Jacob only to tell him she will always love Edward more. Why even give the poor boy hope. And it irked me that Bella was just some SUPER vampire that could resist her desire for blood. I'm not saying she should have gone on a killing spree, but COME ON! Sucking blood is what vampires DO. They already don't turn into stone in the sun or into bats and fly away, how much more of the traditional vampire identity has to be stripped away! I was also annoyed by the fact that Bella was so dependent do Edward. She could still be madly in love with a vampire WITH a backbone. And what really turned me off of Twilight all together is the fact that there was no huge vampire fight in the final book because of Bella's frickin' power. I'm not big on blood and gore, but if there are 50 vampires gathered around I want to read about an epic battle. The fact that the Volturi ran away like cowards ruined the book for me. I wanted SOME action in there, not all romance. And finally, why I REALLY don't like Twilight is because it triggered this fad for books to be written about vampire romances and I find it extremely annoying to walk to the Target book section to find 3/4 of the shelves covered in books about vampires. I really like being offered a variety so that really irked me. And I don't do fads. Not becasue I'm think I'm too good for them, but I just never really catch on to the amazing part of a fad. But because of Twilight and it starting a trend, I have swore not to read or watch anything related to vampires until this fad dies down. Werewolves, however are cool. WEREWOLVES ARE ALWAYS COOL!
(I know I'm not doing the confession thing anymore, but I strongly believe this and I can't delete it from my profile.)

Like every other high school student, I got distracted by YouTube when I was supposed to be studying, and while I was watching my typical dance videos (it's an obsessions) I watched LOIS LANE choreographed by Keone Madrid and it is BEAUTIFUL. And I was going to post this on tumblr, but it's not working right now, so I had to settle for fanfic because the poem in the opening is BEAUTIFUL.

Poem by Rudy Francisco
(should still go watch the video)

Superman... The Man of steel, Big Blue, The last son of Krypton
He is faster than a speeding bullet
Stronger than a locomotive
He has Lasers for eyes
X ray vision
and can fly without even flapping his arms
But his most notable power... was Lois Lane
The love of an amazing woman is a phone booth
That can turn a man from a spineless news reporter into a symbol of justice
Into the reason why its safe to walk outside while the sun is sleeping
I'll be honest, I don't have a cape... or a costume
I wasn't born on Krypton and its been a really long time since I've been in a fight
But I will fight gravity for you
When you're upset and don't feel like talking I will use my x-ray vision to look inside of you and find out what's wrong
If you need me to I'll use my superhuman strength and put your entire world on my shoulders
If you let me I will do my best to be superman for you...
Because you deserve it.

I was bored, but didn't feel like typing a new chapter so I'm going to be nice and give you all a few previews!! I know, I'm an angel.


He was staring. I always knew when Inuyasha was staring at me because it always felt like someone was holding a laser beam up to my face and Inuyasha was the only person I knew with a gaze that intense.

“You have a bruise on the side of you face,” he finally said, when I showed no move towards turning and acknowledging him.

“Hm,” I answered, not looking up from my binder. Do not engage in a conversation with him, do not engage.

“It looks pretty ugly.”

“Thanks, Captain Obvious.” I should have spent more time trying to cover it up with Mom’s make-up this morning.

Inuyasha leaned in a bit closer over the aisle, getting a better look at my bruise. “How’d you get that one?”

“I thought we agreed to stop with interrogations.”

“How’d you get that bruise?” Inuyasha repeated. Anytime he was hell bent on finding something out he completely ignored my desire to not talk. Inuyasha Takahashi is just that much of an asshole.

“I ran into a door.” I looked up and raised my brows at Inuyasha. “I’ll watch where I’m going next time.”

Inuyasha’s face was flat. “You’re lying” I looked back down at my binder, pretending to actually care about my notes for Lit. Anything was better than talking to Inuyasha at the moment. “Do you want to talk about it?”


“I think it’s better if you do.”

“Do you want to talk about the problems you have with your brother?” I snapped back at him and he hesitated for a second, licking his lips. “That’s what I thought.”

“Sesshomaru is prejudice against half breeds so he hates me, but since my parents died and he’s my only family the government made him take me in.” Inuyasha looked me in the eyes as he spoke and I bit my lip to prevent myself from giving away just how shocked I was that Inuyasha actually told me. My best defense had always been calling him a hypocrite and now even that was starting to slip away. “Since he can’t really fight the law, he makes my life hell in any other way possible. Sometimes we fight, sometimes he hides all the food so I have to find my own. He’ll lock me out some nights because he knows how bad our neighborhood is and if I can’t find a way in the apartment I have to deal with the assholes who roam around our building. It’s a real pain in the ass on nights when it’s freezing outside. It’s about to start snowing, you know.”

I struggled swallowing my shock and I cleared my throat. “Tough.”

“Hm.” Inuyasha stared at me and I started fidgeting in my seat. “I forget how cold-hearted you can be.”

“Yeah.” I looked down at my binder again and tried to think of another topic we could easily slide into and avoid me sharing my own experience like he expected. “Since it’s snowing soon we should make plans to—”

“What’s your story?”

I hesitated for a moment, thinking over the best thing to say. I couldn’t just avoid the topic now that Inuyasha had laid his family issue out for me. Lying or refusing to answer would lead to a big argument and I wasn’t in the mood to fight with Inuyasha. Not anymore.

“My dad died,” I finally answered him, still not looking up. “And then everything went downhill from there.”

Walking Tightropes:

“You’ll be home by tomorrow, right?”

“Yeah, Mom. I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon.” I reached up to ring the doorbell, adjusting my book bag on my shoulder. “I have that big world history test on Monday so I really need to just go over everything with Sango.”

“Will Kikyo be there too?”

“If we were going to study with Kikyo we would definitely be at her house since it’s huge and gorgeous.” Inuyasha opened the door and was about to say hi, but I covered is mouth before my mom had a chance to hear him through the phone. “I have to go Mom.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon then. Tell Sango I said hi.”

“I will. Bye, Mom. I love you.”

“Love you, too. Study hard!”

“Bye.” I hung up the phone and took a deep breath of relief and then smiled at Inuyasha. “Hey.”

“You’re staying with Sango tonight?” Inuyasha pretended to pout as he hooked his fingers through my belt loops, pulling me in closer to him. “I was under the impression that you were spending the night here. I made sure I had the house to myself, too.”

“Sango gave me a better offer than just listening to music and a movie night.”

“I’ve got board games too.”

“Sango has Dance Central 2 on Kinect.”

“I’ve got a sexy body.”

“And a hell of a lot of confidence to go with it.” Inuyasha smirked and I stood on my tip toes to kiss him, smiling lazily when we pulled apart. “I brought Titanic.”

Inuyasha groaned. “No, Kagome, not Titanic.”

“You told me I could bring any movie I wanted and I was in the mood to watch a three hour long tragic, but touching romance.” Inuyasha groaned again, stepping aside to let me in before closing the door behind me. “I brought The Office too,” I added as he locked the door. “You need to finish up season four and then we can start season five which is possibly the greatest season ever.”

“We can’t watch Titanic and all those Office episodes in one night.”

“Guess it’s a good thing I told my mom I would be at Sango’s until tomorrow afternoon studying.”

“Did you really have to lie to her? You stay at Bank’s house some nights.”

“Yeah, and friends and boyfriends do totally different things when they’re alone in a house together.” I dropped my book bag in the foyer and took off my shoes and then slid across the hardwood floor, spinning around to face Inuyasha. “So what’s first? Music, games, or movies?” I looked down at my stomach. “Maybe we could eat…”

Inuyasha wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to his chest, resting his forehead against mine and whispering, “Totally different things.”

Confessions of a Band Camp Geek:

Is this how drug addicts forced into rehab feel? Crazed? Like a part of who they are was cruelly ripped away from them? The sickness was as if they lost their life partner and didn’t know if they’d be able to make it through another day, let alone move on? If so, I’m starting to feel empathetic towards them.

Candy… no, sugar. I needed some sugar now. Right now.

Stupid raccoons. I’m going to go hunting with a b-b gun one of these days-- they might want to watch their backs when it happens.

It was dark now, lights out, and all I could see was the top of the ceiling with thanks to the moonlight from the window. There were carved sayings on the wood and spider webs hung around. Ugh… I hope no spiders fall on me in my sleep.


I turned my head in Aimi’s general direction. “Did you know the average person swallows eight spiders a year in their sleep?”

“Did you know the average person wouldn’t know odd facts like that?”

“Did you know I can’t survive without sugar?”

“That’s pretty obvious,” Aimi snorted. “Did you know sugar gives you a pimply face?”

“Did you know that I don’t care?”

Aimi laughed and so did I until I remembered it was around midnight and everyone else in our cabin was asleep. I shushed Aimi.

“I’m suffering from a candy withdrawal,” I whispered when we settled down again.

“Oh… That’s not good.”


“So…” Aimi’s suspicious, I’m-gonna-cause-some-trouble tone began. “You want to raid the kitchen?”

The kitchen, home of marshmallows, cookies, whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate chips!

“Hells yeah.”

We laid stock still for a moment, listening to the even breathing of our cabin mates.

“Alright, let’s move,” Aimi whispered and I slowly slid the blanket off me.

Aimi started climbing down her ladder, but I, being the smart person I am, knew my ladder had some creaking disorder that would wake up Sango. So I threw my legs over the edge of the bunk so that I was laying on my stomach with my legs dangling over the edge. All I had to do was touch the edge of Sango’s bed and—

My toes slipped from the edge of the bed and I completely lost my grip, my body slipping and tumbling to the ground with a loud thud.

So much for being smart.

“Kagome?” Aimi’s voice came out as a whisper. “Are you okay?”

“I have fallen and I can’t get up.”

You Got Me:

I used to be indifferent when it came to Thanksgiving. Get stuffed on turkey and all that jazz, watch football, and spend the rest of the holiday break getting fat off leftovers and watching more football. I like football, I like food, and Thanksgiving just combined the two, making the five days home tolerable.

But, Thanksgiving at the Swans’ makes the entire holiday shit. I fucking hate Thanksgiving now. I want to rip the damn holiday to shreds.

One, it’s Charlie. Charlie, the guy who’s supposed to be one of my dad’s best friend, starts screwing my mother only six months after Dad's death. Seriously, what the fuck? I mean, was a year just too long? Personally, Charlie should never have even touched my mom. But, Mom just let it happen because both of them didn't know how to keep their pants on.

And Charlie has the nerve to come up to me one day and say, “I’m not trying to be your father, I’m just trying to help.” As if I’d actually buy that bull. He is trying to be my dad, but he needed to make it look like he wasn’t so he could mosey on up in our family. As if I’d drop my guard and let that happen. I’m not an idiot.

But Charlie isn’t the real reason I hate feasting at his house. I have a big problem with the annoying, whiny bitch that is his daughter. Bella Swan just pisses me off. Not because she really did anything to me, but she just is so… helpless.

And she is so stupid. Really, people with common sense can remember to put a condom on to prevent teenage pregnancy. No, I have never been lost in that moment of complete passion where all you can think about is jumping the other guy’s bones, but even if I was I would make sure that condom was snapped on because there is no way in hell I'd waddle around high school, not able to see my toes.

“Leah,” Edward called in his creepy, soft and patient voice. “Can you pass the green beans?”

I shoved the bowl in his direction, not even looking up from my plate.

The one thing Bella did right was get knocked up by a guy who stuck around. Not that I liked Edward, either. He always had that stupid smile on his face as if he knew something you didn’t or didn’t want him to know. And he was so devoted to Bella and that creepy demon growing inside of her it was sickening. Seriously, watching Edward kiss the stretch marks around Bella’s bulging stomach, telling her she was beautiful when she looked like shit, was nasty. And they did it in the living room in front of everyone.

So I was basically forced to sit through a living hell. I don’t know about some people, but for me it was really bad. Really bad.

“So, when’s the wedding?” Mom asked, starting conversation. I just stabbed my turkey like it didn’t suffer enough pain when its head was chopped off. “We’re all really anxious for the invitations to come out.”

And Bella was also dumb enough to get married at 18, following the stereotypical life of high school sweethearts from a small town. Give it five years and they’d begin filing their divorce.

“Speak for yourself,” I mumbled and someone snorted. I looked up to see Seth smiling at me through a mouthful of mashed potatoes. Okay, so it wasn’t a complete living hell being home with Seth still here. It turned out this town failed to chew him up and spit him out as a carbon copy of the rest of the individuality-less population.

“Leah,” Mom hissed at me and I rolled my eyes, going back to pretending that none of them existed.

“Actually,” Bella spoke up, “We were thinking about winter.” Perfect; I‘ll be at school. “When Leah gets back.” Shit. “I’d really like you to be one of my bride maids.” Double shit. “It would be like a bonding thing.”

“No thanks,” I declined, not looking up. “I’d rather have every hair from my body plucked one at a time than have to wait on you hand and foot while listening to you bitch about not being able to fit your fat ass in a wedding dress.”


“I’m done,” I said, pushing my chair back through I still had more than half a plate full of food. There will be leftovers. “I’m going to meet Nikki and Kenny.” I got up from the table and made my way to the front door, grabbing my jacket off the back of the couch as I walked by.

“Leah, will you sit—”

“I’ll be back later,” I called back over my shoulder, ignoring my mother again, spinning my keys around my finger as I opened the door. “Or not.”


“Bye!” I slammed the door shut behind me, marching to my car.

I don’t know why I get so mad when Mom sends me away. I hate it here.

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