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July 2009 to June 2011


April 2015 to...

UPDATES - Started 3.14.2010

Update: 9/08/2017

It's been over a year, but yes I am still interested and working on Sapphire Eyes. This past year of school at my university was pretty demanding and then when summer hit I got wrapped up in something that really took most of my free time away for nearly an entire three month period. As you may or may not know, Young Justice is getting a third season so that alone should reinvigorate writing interest and passion I have, but know that I am still not giving up on Sapphire Eyes. Sometimes it's just hard to really sit down and write when it's something you do for free on your own time and need to put a lot of time into if you want to really make it work and finish with something each time you're satisfied with. The last thing I wrote for it was for Alternate Eyes and that was because someone did something very nice for me, but even though I haven't written and posted here for a while, I'm still thinking about it very frequently.

Recently a story I used to love updated and the author, like me, had lost pretty much entire interest in the show/fandom it was written about/for and finished it up by posting an outline of how it would have gone. I'm not stopping Sapphire Eyes right now, and hopefully never until it is finished, but for whatever reason just know that if I did do that, you would get an outline as well of what would have happened/what I still currently have planned. So until that day comes, if ever at all, just always know that I'm still on this.

I do hope to have something up before the end of the month but with university starting back up and me needing to get my financial ducks in a row, I can't pinpoint a time exactly yet. Thank you for those of you still faithfully waiting and who understand, I truly don't deserve you!

Update: 11/08/2016

I apologize for the lack of updates, but my quarter has been full swing and I have a community service project on top of that. However, I should be free of both after the first week of December and then I'm off till around the first week of January. When you couple that with the fact that Young Justice was just revived for a third season, it'll definitely want to make me jump back into the writing and pump out at least a chapter or two before my break is up, and hopefully before any of the new plot for the show is released, because I already have a feeling they'll be doing one major thing

Update: 7/21/2015

I got a few questions and comments over the years and recently about Saph's appearance so lately I've been putting together a tumblr that's really just what Saph looks like, his uniform, and just general street clothes/fashion he'd wear. I also sometimes put updates on the current writing progress in the tags there. Some of the stuff featured is a little over the top/high fashion, but that's more so just for a general feel, as there is also just common, regular clothes. I don't know, I thought it was just a fun little thing to put together. The tumblr name is saphstyle so you can use that if you already know how to navigate tumblr, or, just copy and paste into your browser: saphstyle.tumblr.com

Current information on my stories in progress:

Sapphire Eyes: After four years, I'm rebooting/continuing this story. At first I went through and edited/changed up the first seven chapters and from there it's been new content. I plan on covering the two seasons in their entirety, the five year gap between them, and an undecided amount of time beyond the second season. It looks like this will be a long, long tale, so don't let me punk out on it.

Alternate Eyes: There's no set limit to what I have planned for this story so it could stay on the shorter end or really grow long. Right now I plan on featuring one shot AUs, and alternate canon scenes here, hence the title. Because of my desire to keep Sapphire Eyes predominantly in Saph's POV I think I might also feature other scenes here from the show in which Saph wouldn't be present for, such as other characters discussing Saph.

Battlefield: There's about four chapters left, I'd just need to find the time and inspiration to finish (Probably when I finish other projects)

The New Adventures of an Old Beta Wolf: Almost regret starting this and then leaving it to die, but I know what I'd do with it, so if you were a longtime fan of the first part I think I could PM you the details of this story if you wanted.

Information on my completed stories:

The Adventures of a Beta Wolf: After almost 200k this story is now complete. This was my first real big endeavor that I tried and completed, but it's still a reflection of my writing when I was a good deal younger. This is the tale of La Push's Beta Wolf Jessie Mundai and the impact he has on the pack's lives.

Harper's Island 2: This story was the result of a very boring summer when I was a lot, lot younger and really just starting out with writing for fun. I followed through and finished it about eight months after it began and want to leave it up as a reminder to myself despite its less than stellar quality. Hope everyone who read it enjoyed it, and thanks for reviewing. Like I said, you should note that I was a pretty terrible writer when I wrote this so I wouldn't expect anything amazing from this and would tell you to expect to run into some bad grammar. This is the tale of Madison Allen's return to Harper's Island to have the wedding that never was.

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Alternate Eyes reviews
What if something different happened? What if they knew each other before? What if they were together? What if, what if, what if? A companion piece to my story "Sapphire Eyes" containing different deleted/alternate/'what if'/AU scenes from the story. Don't need to read the main story to read this, but it's recommended as the main focus is an OMC / original male character.
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"Those people with normal lives...who want to be extraordinary...they don't know how good they have it." After some questionable life decisions, Saph Hudson lands himself a spot on the Young Justice team. While not one with a natural affinity for heroism, Saph will have no choice but to navigate his new, unique life, or rather, just try to survive it. Eventual Wally/OC (OMC) Slash.
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