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Hi there!!

Yo i'm vastler75, Vast for short

this is my profile:

Real Name: it's a secret

Nationality: Indonesian

Location: House or anywhere with a computer

Gender: Male

Age: born on 20-08-1990(you do the math, I'm not updating my age)

Fav. Game: Kingdom Hearts series, Persona 3, .hack//G.U., Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Dissidia-Final Fantasy-,etc(usually RPG or Crossover)

Top 5 Fav. Anime/Manga:

1. One Piece = Love it for years

2. Tiger & Bunny = An Anime that i instantly fell in love at the 1st Episode with Catchy opening

3. Negima = Kazumi's in it, & let's not forget that the characters in it are Fun

4. Bakuman = A Manga about Manga...Never thought it could be this Awesome

5. Ore No Imo = This Anime caught me by surprise, it was funny & heartwarming at the same time, Decent Fanservice too

Fav. Male Char: Sora, Solid Snake, Riku, Edward Elric, Cloud, Tidus, Haseo, Minato Arisato, Roxas, Galen Marek, Gintoki, Fu Xi.(still currently, maybe added more)

Fav. Female Char: Kazumi Asakura(dang, she's so Hot), Kasumi, Kairi, Yukari Takeba, Kaede, Namine, Setsuna, Sunny, Mio Akiyama(maybe added more)

Fav. Quote:

"Real man doesn't see his future, he makes his own" -Solid Snake

"Played like a violin" -Drebin from MGS4

"The past is History, The future is a mystery, but today is a gift, that's why it's called the Present" -Master Oogway from Kungfu Panda

"If you can dodge a Wrench, you can dodge a Ball" -Patches O’Houlihan, Dodgeball the Movie

"Kept you waiting, Huh!"-Solid Snake

"So you are what you are"-Darth Vader's secret Apprentice in Soulcalibur 4

"Damd you Golden Magic Monkey" -3rd Hokage in Naruto the abridged series

"Getho...Smurf" -Fast & Furious

"I'm your worst nightmare, pal. A manga nut with a power ring" -Kyle Rayner , the Green Lantern

"Sasha and Milia are huge fans, but boys, don't get any ideas. Two words for you: Predator drones. You will never see it coming." - Barrack Obama to the Jonas Bros

Friends(i wish): Sora(My Best Buddy), Riku(My Other Best Buddy), Minato Arisato(My Other Other Best Buddy),Kazumi Asakura(My Wife),Mio Akiyama(My Ex-2nd Girlfriend), Musha Gundam(My Mobile Suit), Solid Snake(My Co-Worker), Abarai Renji(My Partners-in-crime), Gintoki(My 2nd Partners-in-crime) ,Lu Bu(My Loyal Bodyguard), Dong Zhuo (My Punching-Bag(not exacly Friend)), Rufus Shinra(My Current Boss who still needs to pay the Dimensional Witch for secretly saving his butt back in FF:VII(Non-Canon)), King (My mentor).

Okaaaaaaayyyyyy!! to much info.

If U HATE Yaoi/Yuri (or Both) then copy paste this to your profile!!

If U Love Cross-over copy paste this to your profile!!

Game(s) waiting to get hands on: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

The Most Awesome Scene in Power Ranger History:

Story I Written

-Shin Academy Crossover --> Super Robot Wars VC

Ancient Evil unleash?, then time for some Heroes team up to stop said Ancient Evil, OC Accepted for limited spots

-Anybody Interview (On Hold)

Join me as I Interview characters from various series & maybe embarrass them for your amusement.

-Negima! Truth and/or Dare (Deleted by Admins) -R.I.P-, you were the best fic i ever made

Dare the Cast of Negima...hosted by Me ,TheDatenshi, & Kurush Wuzurg


-Kamen Rider Dark Decade: Legacy of Decade

Starring Axel Joedo & Kami Tsubasa from KH3OHD by Epic Network, a Crisis has cause disturbance to the Blance of the Anime Universe & Axel must do his Role as Kamen Rider Dark Decade to to safe the Universe before it's to late, OC Riders needed

Kickassia: Blooper & Behind the scene


-Chizu banish scene-

Chizu: You're letting the power get to your head, Vast. Trust me when I say that you'll regret the day you wanted it for yourself. *gets up on Azariah (the griffin)*

suddenly a Tanuki runs pass by Azariah which startle him, making him lifting his front legs

Chizu looses her grip & fall down on her butt

Many: Ouh!

The other Author rush to her aid

Karai: You okay *helping Chizu up*

Chizu: yes...i'm fine

Vast (who's the Cameraman) turns the Camera to Azariah who's still panicking as Kurush & HolyMage tries to calm him down

Kurush: Woah...Down Boy! Down!


-Vast vs Asuna on the rooftop scene-

Asuna jumps & does a HelmSplitter, Vast dodge roll but Asuna is losing her Balance after doing the Helmsplitter, Vast then grabs her arm to help her but she loses Balance & fall, then slides down the roof taking Vast who's hand she's still holding, they both Fall from the edge of the roof

The Author Rush to check on them, the Cameraman looks down from the roof & see's Vast dangling on the Edge of the roof with his right hand, while his other hand is holding Asuna

Fenrir: you guys okay?

Twisted: that was close

Vast: yeah, Help us up will ya!


-During the fight with Ku-Fei scene-


He fires the blast but it misses and hits Kurush in the back of the head

Vast: CUT!

Kurush: Goldphnx WHAT THE HELL!

Goldphnx: *Gulps*

The camera turns revealing Vast as the cameraman
Vast: Yeah we might wanna cut that out *awkwardly smiling then turns off the camera*


-lhklan vs Yuuna scene-

Their in a more close Area & lhklan is nowhere to be seen

Yuuna: where are you...come out will ya?

lhklan suddenly jumps down from above to infront of her then he point the gun at her while holding the guns backwards

Yuuna: *laughing*

Vast: dude!

lhklan: whoops


-Karai vs Takahata scene-

Hina/Chachadelta begun slashing like a Maniac but Takahata was able to dodge all her attack

Hina does a powerful swing but her Weapon slip from her hand & it's goes flying away

Hina: I hate my Clumsiness

Takahata Blast Hina away

but he doesn't notice that Karai is already behind him, she takes out a Spray Can & she accidentally drop the spray-can.

Takahata: *laughing*

Karai: oopsey

Vast: don't worry...we'll just take another shot of you pulling out the can

Karai: sorry about that

Vast: no worries


-Vast victory speech scene-

Vast: My Friends! This is indeed an Awesome day, we have revived The Greatest Nation of all!

Everyone: YEAH!

Vast: And there will be government. Rules. And a new democracy to live by!

TK: Why a democracy?

Vast: Because I...Forgot my lines

the others: *Laughing*

Vast: sorry-sorry...can anyone get me the script

lhklan: your the one who wrote it & you forgot the lines

Vast: *looking at script* i'm just human


Behind the Scene

in Vast's car*

Kaz: *using a camcorder & is shooting herself* hello everyone, this is the Video diary for the Kickassia filler...right now we're on the way to Mahora to check in on our hotel

Kazumi then turns the Camera so it shot Vast who's driving*

Kaz: & here's the Man with the Idea

Vast: *wave to the Camera* Yo

Kaz: *turns it back so it should her* okay, i'm just gonna put this on stand-by & we'll start recording again when we get to the Hotel

Cut to the Hotel's Lobby*

Kaz: *shows the Hotel Lobby* & here we are at the Mahora resort

Vast: wonder if the others have arrive ye

?: Hey!

Vast: hey, it's lhklan

Kaz aim the Cam at lhklan

lhkaln: whatcha doin Kazumi?

Kaz: Making a Video Diary

Vast: so is their any others beside us?

lhklan: Daten & Kurush are already in their room, Fenrir & Twisted are in the Coffee-shop, I was on my way to their

Vast: alright, i'm gonna check in first then i'll meet you after we get our stuff in our room

lhklan: cool

Kaz: are you feeling?

lhklan: well...kinda nervous

Kaz: you'll do find


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Chisel by JumperthreeDS reviews
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Niko and Roman visit the Liberty City Graveyard 1 year after the game's events. Familiar names appear on the marble stones. The Idea just came to me. Please review. I do not own anything about GTA. Changed to One-shot, see my profile for explanation.
Grand Theft Auto - Rated: T - English - Spiritual/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,808 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 6/7/2008 - Published: 5/20/2008 - Complete
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