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I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry for not updating in so long. School is super stressful. It's getting toward the end of the school year and hopefully i'll be able to write a bit more this summer. I promise I haven't quit. I just need to get back my... mojo... if you could call it that...

Hi my name is Makayla, everyone calls me Kayla. I'm 17 just to let ya know.

I think I'm addicted to anything and everything that is Twilight. Fanfiction is addicting also. I pretty much stay on it 24/7 when I'm not writing my own stories or thinking of new plots. I really enjoy writing for fanfiction but I enjoy reading other people's stories more. I seem to be drawn more to the all human stories for some reason. Sometimes it just seems like if Edward were human everything would work out so much better. But then what would be the point of the books? Yes I am team Edward! I don't mind Jake but I think he's immature. Edward and Bella were no doubt made for each other. I do say that New Moon completely killed me. I probably used an entire box of tissues. Sometimes in my stories I like to shake it up a bit. I love Edward to death... but why is he always portrayed as the perfect one? He can make mistakes too... right?

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Sadly I will not be writing many more fanfictions for a while. High School takes up a lot of my time and I'm not sure when i'll have time to update. This was a good experience for when I'm older and it's really improved my writing. I want to thank my wonderful reviewers for helping me reach the potential i've gotten to and for pushing me further than i thought possible. If i have time i'm going to write for but i'm not sure when that will be. Have no fear! I will be finishing all the stories i start and i will also finish the "The Last Night" trio i'm doing as well as start and finish "Worthy Intentions". With the progress i'm making it might take a while but i'm hoping to write "Relentless" as a fictionpress so i can develop my own characters. Anyway i'll post my fictionpress profile when i get a chance. Thanks for being so good to me!


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Fighting Temptation by Dobber17 reviews
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Dance in the Pale Moon Light by Clopins-Gypsy-Dancer reviews
I didnt believe him...he was wrong and probably insane. Werewolves and vampires do not exist and I was not a toy which one vampire wanted...and I was not the mate of a werewolf...I was human.
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Edward, my boyfriend? by Twilightfever reviews
OOC! Bella and Edward have been friends ever since they were six years old. What happens when Edward needs a fake girlfriend and Bella is his only choice? Will Bella find feelings she never had for Edward or will there relationship fall apart?
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It All Falls Down by LilyAlice reviews
Bella’s best friend Edward had always been there for her, he was there when she broke her leg and when she got her first A on a test, but when tragedy strikes Bella’s family can Edward keep her together? Can he show her the true meaning of love? All human
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I Don't Trust Myself With Loving You by kirstie23 reviews
Through the wonderful use of Myspace, Bella, living in Florida and Edward, living in Forks, become the best of friends. Once she moves to Forks things change and Bella knows her life will never be the same. Feelgood romantic story. ALL HUMAN.
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The Geek gets the Guy reviews
Ever since Edward could remember, his sister's best friend, Bella, had always been awkward and out of place. When his best friend Jake takes interest in the new Bella, Jake signs up for band camp and Edward starts to understand why. AH
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Sequel to "The Last Night". Bella starts the summer of her life with a huge decision. She refuses to tell Edward yet the offer is too good to pass up. She yearns to chase her dreams and since when has Edward ever held her back? Never. AH
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The Last Night reviews
All Human. Renee is a druggie that beats Bella. Her dad turns his head because he's in love with Renee. It started when she was 14. For 3 yrs she thinks she worthless cutting herself. Can the Cullens change her outlook on life?
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New Beginnings? Or old pick ups? reviews
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Its the night Renee is leaving Charlie, and Bella is with her. She gets in a car crash and dies. Alice and Edward save Bella and shes a little less than a year old. Only Edward's touch can calm her. Alice has a vision of Bella sixteen years later.
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