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Author has written 8 stories for Saint Seiya.

Female, 34, biologist.

My devotion: God, nature, family, martial arts.

My work: Pollination ecology, research. Native bees of the Neotropics.

My hobbies:

Reading (mythology, fantasy, sci-fi, history, other fiction). Favorite books: Hmmm... dunno, too many.

Movies. Favorite movies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; Rashomon; Seven Samurai (Kurosawa's); Labyrinth (Jim Henson's); Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them); House of Flying Daggers and Hero (Zhang Yimou's).

Manga. Favorite manga: Inuyasha, Rouroni Kenshin (loved it waaay more than the anime), Immortal Rain (if you don't know this one, you MUST give it a try. Believe me, this is the must underrated manga ever).

Anime. Howl's moving castle, Mononoke Hime, Spirited Away... (all I've seen of Miyazaki, I've loved), Saint Seiya, Samurai Seven , Dragon Ball.

Anime recomendations: I think these are worth your time: Death Note, Shakugan no Shana (great voice acting!), Tsukihime.

My Fics

"Sacrifice" and "Compassion": complementary stories centered on the daily life of the Bronze Saints, their struggle to grow up and become adults, and to live like normal people, even if they are not.

SPANISH ONLY (But i'm including them because I'm considering to post an English version, so if it sounds interesting to you, please let me know.) "De Caracoles Marinos y Voces de Sirenas" and "El Jardín de la Sirena", a romance between Kanon and Thetis, during the years before the awakening of Poseidon.

Related fanart, and fanart I'd like to share with you

I used to have some links here, but apparently they don't work anymore. If you are interested in my humble fanart, look for me at DeviantArt, as Rihannon52.

Mailing list (Lista de correo)

If you are interested, please send a message to:

rihannon.fiction(at symbol)gmail(dot)com

Indicating which stories you would like to be informed of. After receiving the request, I’ll send you back a confirmation message as soon as possible.

(Indicando cuáles son las historias que te interesan, de las que quisieras recibir notificaciones, te responderé lo antes posible.)


Mis fics

y "Compasión", relatos complementarios que se centran en la vida diaria de los Santos de Bronce, su lucha por crecer y llegar a ser adultos, y por tratar de vivir como gente común, aunque no lo sean. Drama y romance. Parejas: Principalmente SeiyaXShaina y ShunXJune, algo de ShiryuXSunrei y AioriaXMarin.

"De Caracoles Marinos y Voces de Sirenas" y "El Jardín de la Sirena". Romance entre Kanon y Thetis que ocurre durante los años entre que Kanon fue liberado de su prisión en Cabo Sunion y la llegada de los Santos de Bronce al domino submarino.

"El espíritu del arroyo" Breve historia que narra una aventura del caballero Fénix, perdida entre las batallas. "Gift-fic"para Sunrise spirit.


Hace mucho ya que no he podido dedicarle tiempo a los fics. Aprecio muchísimo sus comentarios y me alegra mucho que mis historias todavía sean de su agrado. Espero poder algún día volver a este maravilloso mundo. Para mientras, aquí les dejo mis divagaciones.

Saludos y un abrazo a todos, son lo mejor de lo mejor y me hacen muy feliz.

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The Stream Spirit reviews
The Phoenix Saint has endured the horrors of Hell on Earth, yet never thought he would get involved in such a bizarre adventure... Rated T for language and mild violence. Dedicated to -bronze andromeda shun-, hope you like it!
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