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September 8, 2010

Hey readers and fans,

No, I'm not dead, I swear. My updating has been nil because of my busy schedule. BUT, I do plan on making a big comeback in the near-future. Hope you guys are excited for my upcoming chapters!

Hi! I am BrightenStar, and yes, if you recognize the name, I am the same BrightenStar from Quizilla. Since Quizilla has remodeled, I have found little enthusiasm to update (not that I can or anything).

So, a few things about me: I love to write; I love to sing; I love to play sports; I love to ride horses. I am known by my friends as the enthusiastic and outgoing one. I love to give compliments as much as I like to receive them. If you enjoy my stories, please tell me. There's nothing in the world I love more than getting a few nice words.

I am in love with reading, so if you wish for me to read and comment your story, I would be more than happy to.

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My favorite books: Anita Blake series, Merry Gentry series, and/ or anything by Laurell K. Hamilton, Harry Potter, and many others that cannot come to mind.

Music: Pretty much anything alternative or rock.

Stories: A Memory Remembered- Sesshomaru: Amalthia has never known of her past, and her parents never wish to speak about it. Nothing seems to fit in her life in modern day Tokyo. And when she magically finds herself in the feudal era, she knows right away that this is the place she was destined to be. Following around Inuyasha and the gang sounds like the best thing, that is until she meets his cold-hearted brother. When the two first touch each other they immediately react to the innocent gesture. A story of adventure and of a relationship that grows between two different "people".

I Love You, I'll Kill You - Vampire Love Story: Grace Evans thought that visiting her uncle would be like any other. She was very wrong. She may finally get to see a new part of the world…but what kind of world does she believe she’s in? She doesn’t realize what kind of dangerous world she is now in. Taking one look at a handsome stranger, or running into another is more than a little dangerous. The stranger she sees walking on the sidewalk takes her breath away: Desmond. But by the second day she is in the new town, she finds out that she is not only in a different world but that the Lord of the Underworld and his son have found an interest in her. Now Desmond and Grace must run from the Devil’s henchmen, as well as his son. But how faithful is Desmond? And what will become of Grace’s feelings

Don't Look At Me Like That- Sasuke/ Itachi: Sora Inazuma, a young missing-nin, comes back to her old home; Konohagakure, the Land Hidden in the Leaves after 3 years of hiding away from all who would try and find her. She has a bit of a secret that she keeps with her at all times. She becomes interested in Team 7; not only because of curiosity, but because she is an old student of Kakashi’s, as well as his adopted daughter. Many troubles always seem to follow Sora as she runs through life with Team 7 and all the others. Every person that seems to desire power is interested in her because of her interesting power. She may look small, but she is anything but weak. Eventually, she gets caught by the small organization, the Akatsuki. But what will happen when she finds herself torn between the Uchiha brothers? The only question she is bound to ask; what will become of her heart? Will love really be something she will fall into?

Sesshomaru's Desire, Naraku's Lust- Sesshomaru/ Naraku: This story is mainly based on a girl who gets captured and sold at a fair. She is bought by a handsome lord and immediately finds herself infatuated with him. Within a couple of hours, the two seem to get VERY close. There is always the bad guy, in this case, Naraku…as usual. He lusts over the young girl and can’t hold himself back and steals her himself. THIS IS STORY IS FOR MATURE READERS.

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I Love You, I'll Kill You, A Vampire Love Story reviews
Grace thought that when she went to visit her uncle, she was just leaving England. But when she meets a striking young man, Desmond, she finds that she is in an entirely different world; one full of creatures only talked of in stories.
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