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I'm the Fluffy Marshmallow, as you've probably figured out already. If you'd like to know more, Fluffy Marshmallows are the product of Fluffy Marshmallow Sheep, and are usually, if not always, cotton-candy-pink and are best eaten warmed over a campfire. Right. Shan't go into that. In the real world, (which is far less preferable to the one in my head, as I've found), I'm a teenage Asian girl with a French name and a love for writing in English (since it's pretty much the only language I can speak or write semi-coherently in, the others being Chinese, Japanese, and a smattering of other tongues.)
You've also probably noticed, if you've read this far, that I have a tendency, or shall we say an inclination to rambling on about insignificant and half-the-time nonsensical things. Rest assured, I try to make sure I keep that out of my actual writing, so no fear.

In Real Life (that's with a capital 'R' and 'L' to you), I obsess over Korean popstars (for now), and no, I'm not, in fact, ashamed of it. If you feel the need to squeal over DBSK/Super Junior/etc to someone, feel free to message me. I will most happily squeal with you. If you're interested, I used to adore anime to bits, and then illiterate, obnoxious fangirls both IRL and on the internet drove me away. Also, the lack of good, short animes/mangas. I do still enjoy the occasional gothic-esque animes like Kuroshitsuji and Rozen Maiden, though.
My other interests include Theatre (oh most definitely), gymnastics, and the occasional dip into art.

On Fanfiction, again, I used to write oodles of bad anime fanfiction. Then I gave up (thankfully) and moved on to the wonderful world of Fairy Tales, which I love to bits. You'll mostly see me writing drabbles and spin-offs the classic fairytales, mainly because I don't have the patience to finish a full length, 20-chapter fairytale novella, or, usually, the inspiration. Tragedy is fine and encouraged by me, happy endings aren't really my thing. (Honestly, I'm a really happy person, though. Tragedy just makes more sense to me.) Also, I adore whimsical, nonsensical pieces to bits, as long as they make some modicum of sense and are interesting enough for me to get through.
I don't really write reviews and/or favourite stories; I'm sorry. It just isn't me. I love receiving them, though, which admittedly is going a bit far, but hey, we're all human.

Some of the things I really can't stand include Illiterates (punctuation, grammar, spelling, whatever.); People Who Think They're Great When They're Not; Getting Ignored By People; Epic Fantasies (ugh, can anyone say OVERDONE?); OCs and/or OOC characters and AUs. Not so much in Fairytales, but most of the time in other fanfiction OCs just turn out Mary-Sue-ish and cliched/irritating/whatever. Also, it's called fanfiction for a reason - I don't want to read a story about some random characters who just happen to have the same names as the ones in the anime/book/whatever.

I don't update a lot, due to school and things, but one day I hope to be recognized in the community~ (although it'll probably never happen due to my lack of activity, but ohwell!)

Anyway, enjoy my fics (hopefully)!

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