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Author has written 3 stories for Haibane Renmei, Young Justice, and Hunger Games.

Words present themselves to me in knots.

The stories and characters and fantastic places and quotes are all there, hiding just beneath a crude idea and waiting to be unwrapped. It is not my job as a writer to fabricate these things, but to untangle them. I take one thought out of context, alone and torn off from its unsalvageable and tensely wrapped ball, then connect it. Some ideas string together like delicate daisy chains, managing against all odds to stay in tact and tied to the thoughts that spurred their genesis. These I loop together with others of their kind, makeshift connections between them consisting of the lonely wisps not so lucky. Together they make a base, and then braid together into something more thorough and beautiful and strong than any knot of thoughts could ever be.

Some braids lay half-finished in long forgotten closets and pathways of thought, seemingly useless as the knots from whence they came. And then another braid is just not long enough to reach its anchoring conclusion, or a gaping hole lays between it and a sparser chain. It is then that, from nowhere, these abandoned but beautiful and beloved ideas return to gently weave into the rope of a story. Maybe with slight modification, or maybe with no effort at all, but the match is always perfect.

Then that rope, made whole by a deus ex machina of an old idea, looks whole and is set aside and appreciated.

Then another thick and dirty knot is woven into a sail.

A small forest of ideas that can't be seen for the trees is restructured into an ornate and sturdy ship.

Elements land together one by one in ways I never suspected they would, and almost without my consent. I can only laugh as these things fit perfectly, with a little ingenuity and original thought and a whole lot of borrowing and outright thievery from those who know far better than I.

Somehow, without warning, knots of useless material and huge, imposing forests of potential are refined and readied to into the brightest and darkest of places the mind can conceive. Sometimes these places will so closely mirror our own it is terrifying but necessary. Other times the pure unparalleled bliss of something new and unconnected and unknown is the most important thing in the world.

It is only my job to unravel what is already there.

Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell dragons exist, but because they tell that dragons can be beaten. -G.K. Chesterton.

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The Astonishing Justice Games reviews
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