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Author has written 13 stories for Twilight, Harry Potter, Covenant, and Glee.

Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning how to dance in the RAIN

~Random Quotes~

I was absolutly hyper this day


Whitney: what?

Me: I don't know I'm a Salami!


I had an elephant theme going that day

Me: Can elephants have downs syndrome?

Alexa: What's with you and elephants today?

Me: I don't know...PEANUTS!

Alexa: I like peanuts...WAIT I GET IT!! You're turning into an elephant, aren't you?!


Me and My Twilight freak friend

Me: OMG Kristen Stewert's eyes are gray! Bella's eyes are not gray! they are brown!

Whitney: who?...OH! yeah!

Me: Oh Idea! I could play Bella! I mean flirting and being held by a hot guy I don't object!

Whitney: But you don't have a man's voice.

Me: uhh why does that matter?

Whitney: Because Kristen does and thats how i think of Bella now!

Me: Right...

Whitney:Bella turns Jello!


Talking about the upcoming school year

Whitney: Would you totally kill me if I said I wanted to play clarinet with you this year?

Me: NO! I'd TOTALLY hug you!


At Camp

Nina: What is wrong with my glasses?

Colleen: I don't know did you break them?

Me: Are they someone elses?

Nina: No they've been in my bag and I'm the only one in my family who has glasses like this.

Me: Well maybe your eyes took a trip to loony town!

Nina: AHHH, contacts are still in.


I run into the band room

Me: Ahhh! Robby is rapeing Linden!

Linden: He is not I'm trying to get my peanutbutter back!

Me: Oh...Linden is rapeing Robby!

Linden: Hey!

Shelly: Robby's raping Linden?! I wanna see!!

Me: uhh...WHAT?!


In the Band Room Shoe is playing his drum rather loudly

Me: Shoe! SHUT UP!

Shoe: NO!

Linden: Shoe what are you doing?

Shoe: I had to make sure my drum fit comfortably!

Linden: And that included BANGING IT?!...Oh wait...uhhh


Talking on IM

Me: What the e-mail just randomly closed!

Whitney: Oh I'm sorry

Me: Oh wait I just accedently hit the mimimize bad!

Whitney:'re a smart one!


Talking about Chace Crawford

Whitney: bahah
Me: hahaha I feel like a 12 year old who just saw Zac Efron
Whitney hahaha i feel ike a band geek who saw mozart
Me: ...did they have "Band Geeks" back then?
Whitney: im sure they called it. music enthusiasts.
Me: hahaha or Mozart Fangirls...that was one hott dude


Talking about taning squirrel skin for her to give to her sister for Christmas

Regan: The only way to tan the squirrel's skin is use the brain but I don't wanna touch the brain, what if it had rabies?

Me: Regan, did the squirrel have rabies?

Regan: I don't know I shot it!


Talking about not being thrown into the ocean

Whitney: LMFAO
Whitney: are you threatening her with your menstral cycle?
Me: duh that's totally the popular thing right now!


I was wearing my letterman without my arms in the sleeves

Ben: You look like you have 6 could be an octopus!
Whitney: Ben that's 8 you moron!
Ben: Oh.. then your a sexpuss
Me: I'm a what?!
Ben: uhhh I mean... six oops!


At a girls night sleep over

Katie: Well he's cute and we're dating I can't just look at him!

Linden: AIDS!!

Me: Quack!

Katie: Ducks have AIDS now?

Me: Sure... why not?


After talking about the "dude" salesman that sold Kiana's family their new car

Kiana: I wonder what emo people do with their lives?

Me: join a band?

Kiana: or become band groupies

Me: then they become dudes instead of emos

Kiana: and dudes become car salesmen!!


Kiana: now we know!



At Perkins for brakfast with my family

Talking toDrew: what is takeing so long? I'm hungry. Dad who's meal takes the longest to cook?

Mom: Yours

Me: What?

Mom: Yeah they had to go kill a pancake


Talking to my friend about how to get a guys attention

Shelly: Just, pretend you're a puppy! They're cute and everyone likes them!

Me: I don't think he'd appreciate me smelling his butt...


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