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Author has written 8 stories for G. I. Joe, and Degrassi.


I would like to thank everyone that read my stories. You guys are the reason that I write.

Many Thanks go to the writers of ANY fiction, you've given me my motivations again and I now realize that I need to do this again. Thank you very much for the wake up call!!

Special thanks to my wife and son, my brothers and sisters, extended family and friends: You guys are my inspirations and I'll try not to take too many liberties with my writings if I include you or your personality. There is nothing but love for all of you, I swear.

Some notes that would help in the reading of my fics:

G.I. Joe

I've kind of stepped away from these stories for the time being. I just can't get as motivated about the Joe fics like I used to before. I may do a one-shot from time to time, but I have to leave these stories behind for now. Sorry for the inconvience to those that have been waiting patiently for a new story.

Original Characters:

--Sidewinder (Cassidy M. Riley)
--Forge (Alexander Matthews) ((new story))
--Valkyre (Bethany Cross) ((new story))
--Diamondback (Tracy Ellis assumed name) ((new story))

Pairings are as follows at this time: Snake Eyes/Scarlett, Flint/Lady Jaye, Lifeline/Carla "Doc" Greer, Shockwave/Jinx, Dusty/Firewall, Beach Head/Cover Girl(yeah, I know CG/SW is what it's supposed to be, but honestly SW isn't the type to be nailed down to one girl and the whole CG/BH could make things interesting)

-General Hawk is at the rank of Major General (three star) while Joseph Colton is Brigadier General (one star) and in an advisory position. If Hawk has to leave (meetings, missions, etc.), Colton would be in charge.
-Duke is second-in-command at Colonel.
-Flint is third-in-command at W.O.2.
-Beach Head is fourth at Sergeant Major and Stalker is fifth as First Sergeant.


The Kids Are All Right: Ongoing story: Alternate version of Degrassi: The Next Generation/Degrassi Takes Manhattan. Futurefic.

Pairings: (Children will play major parts; parents will be mid-level parts)

Jane Vaughn and Gavin "Spinner" Mason: two children--Gabriel J. "Gabe" Mason (16), Veronica Anne "Ronnie" Mason (14)

Jason "Jay" Hogart and Manuela "Manny" Santos: three children--Antony "Tony" Hogart (17), Juliette "Jules" Hogart (16), Jason James "J.J." Hogart Junior (13)

Emma Nelson and Sean Cameron: two children--Benjamin "Benny" Cameron (17), Emily Cameron (14)

Craig Manning and Eleanor "Ellie" Nash: one child--Alyson Lee Manning (16)

Holly J. Sinclair and Declan Coyne: twins--Elizabeth and Edgar Sinclair-Coyne (both 15)

James "Jimmy" Brooks and Trina Roberts: two children--James "Jimmy" Brooks Junior (17), Rosalyn "Rose" Brooks (14)

Owen Milligan and Anya McPherson:one child--Shane Milligan (17)

Fiona Coyne (deceased) and unknown male: one child--Nicolette "Nikki" Coyne (14)

Ashley Kerwin and unknown male: one child--Jeremy "Jem" Kerwin (17)

Marco Del Rossi and Dylan Michalchuck: no children

Paige Michalchuck and unknown male: one child--Tyler "Ty" Michalchuck (13)

Bruce "The Moose" Morgan and unknown female: one child--Clancy "Ogre" Morgan (17)

Lucas Valeiri and Mia Jones-Valeiri: one child--Isabella "Izzy" Jones (24)

Teachers: (mid-level to minor parts)

Archibald "Snake" Simpson--Principal

Marco Del Rossi--English, History

Blue Chessex--Art

Imogen Moreno--Drama

Craig Manning--Music, Music Theory

Owen Milligan--Math, Head Coach

Drew Torres--Gym, Coach

Others: (Guest stars in the story)

Elijah "Eli" Goldsworthy--Accomplished Writer/Playright

Claire Edwards--Famous Journalist

Sav Bhandari--Record Producer

Peter Stone--Accomplished Musician

Adam Torres--Radio Personality/Part Time Musician

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