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I Love these things :





And that's me :

RENA. Likes to read. go shopping. swim. sing. listen to music.

RENA. A thirteen years old girl.

RENA. An Indonesian.

RENA. Has black hair and dark brown eyes.

RENA. Still in middle school. Still hate exams.

RENA. Loves Harry Potter, Twilight, and Jonas Brothers...

Favorite Books:

Harry Potter series -- Ronald Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Ginevra Weasley

Twilight series -- Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Quill Ateara jr.

Favorite Movies:

Warner Bross Movies

Disney's Movies

I Ship :

Harry Potter :

( Draco . Ginny ) Kind of romantic and sadistic if they do get together, the ‘romeo and juliet’ way . So many differences between them , like ‘fire and Ice’ , ‘Weasley and Malfoy’,

‘Gryffindor and Slytherin’.

( Ron . Hermione ) They. belong. together. That’s it. JKR created them to be together!

( Harry . Luna ) It’s just sweet if someone like Harry the Hero with Luna the Loony . They do have similarities , they lost their mothers, they are popular in Hogwarts – with different

reasons and after everything, it'd be really sweet if they were a couple.

( Lucius . Narcissa ) JKR didn’t mention much, but I think they really have true love. Maybe?

( Blaise . Pansy ) It’s cute if both of them together, with Pansy who always drooling over Draco , and Blaise who probably the only ‘friend’ Draco has, they make a Slytherin Dream

team ! –just a lil’ bit different……..or maybe, so…much different?-

( Scorpius . Rose ) Just imagine what would their parents do when they find out!

( Ted . Victoire ) They are pretty much the same , they both have werewolf as their dads.

( Remus . Tonks ) Oh, they are perfect !

( Snape . Lily ) No comment.

( Salazar . Helga ) Maybe , the reason why Slytherins hate Hufflepuffs it’s because Helga rejected Salazar for Godric ! XD

( Harry . Ginny ) Even though I hate Harry for noticed Ginny after she had forgotten her crush on him and broke their relationship , there is no reason for them not to be together.

( Blaise . Luna ) Another version of ‘draco-ginny’ , it would be funny , romantic , and cute, when they are going out .

Twilight :

( Emmett . Rosalie ) Emm will need someone to stop him if he plans something stupid and dangerous. And Rose needs someone to control her emotion to keep her calm and smilling!

( Quill Jr. . Claire ) I Love every Werewolf-imprint story. And this relationship is the one that i like the most.

( Edward . Bella ) This is book is about them, of course they are perfect for each other...

( JasperAlice ) Surprise, Surprise !!

( Sam. Emily ) So much drama...

And, bla..bla...bla..

So, I actually have created some stories of my own. But being thirteen makes me not confident enough to publish them. With the "still young", "not good", "amateur"... and other lame

excuses which probably would come. Amd I'm still learning and improving my english now. I'm afraid that there will be wrong word, sentences, or meaning. So I prefer reviewing for now.


That's all from me.

Bye, Love, see you.. -- whatever...-



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