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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

m i s a n t h r o p e.

i'm the girl in the sundress when the sun has said goodbye;



ideas & works in progress.

vanilla twilight. / axis powers: hetalia. / sufin. / angst-romance./ berwald has loved tino for forever and by forever he means six days. in which six days were all they had.

meteor shower. / axis powers: hetalia. / swissliech. / romance-hurt-comfort./ lilli knows that vash wonders - wonders why she tries so hard to be like him. what lilli doesn't know is that in the end, vash doesn't care.

space shuttle romance. / axis powers: hetalia. / rusame. / friendship./ alfred dreams in sunlight, stars, rocketships, and colours that no one else seems to see. but ivan - ivan does see. pre-spacerace.

peppermint tea. / axis powers: hetalia. / usuk. / romance./ arthur knew alfred loved christmas; always had. but that's not why he bought peppermint tea, oh no. because it didn't remind him of late night kisses after alfred had finished off his fifth candycane. that's definitely not why.



the pairing wars.

south park; craigxtweek. stanxkyle. kennyxbutters. kevinxclyde. cartmanxwendy. bebexwendy. damienxpip. redxwendyxbebe (oh, yes. the threesome kind.)

hetalia; denmarkxnorway. usxuk. swedenxfinland. americaxcanada. prussiaxcanada. lithuaniaxpoland. sealandxlatvia. switzerlandxliechtenstein. austriaxhungary. spainxromano. germanyxitaly. badfriendstriopitysex (daaaayum.) japanxamericaxengland (no threesome, just fun triangle.) IVAN-SAMA X ME. DUH. xD

kingdom hearts; rikuxsora. naminexjustaboutanyone. zexionxdemyx. kairixselphie. axelxroxas.

vocaloid; lenxrin. kaitoxmiku. meikoxluka. gumixluka. tetoxted. tedxrinxlen.

kobato.; fujimotoxkobato fujimotoxkobato fujimotoxkobato. have i made my point?

tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE; kuroganaxfai kuroganexfai kuroganexfai syaoranxsakura. i think i have.

cardcaptor sakura; syaoranxsakura. eriolxtomoyo. touyaxyukito. tomoyoxsakura.

negima! magister negi magi; negixnodoka negixnodoka negixnodoka. setsunaxkonoka. kazumixsayo. kotarouxnatsumi.

K-ON!; yuixazusa. ritsuxmio. yuixmio. yuixtsumugi. nodokaxyui.

i.. i think that's about it. for what i read on here, anyway. most other pairings i like in a series are canon. -shrugs- not that canon's always right. i'm just generalizing here. if you have a certain series you'd like to ask my views about, don't hesitate. c:



the girl herself.

name: menolly-hime.

age: i will be eighteen in sixteen days.

gender: it clearly says 'girl.'

species: i am a human of otherworldly origin.

habits: biting my lip, tapping beats with my fingers or feet, looking around everywhere a lot, and shaking my legs.

persona: a paranoid creature if there ever was one. if you're looking for awesome, she's got it in spades. frequents smackjeeves like no one's business. can often be found sketching, singing, reading, writing, or simply staring into space/at the sky/your face/etc. inbetween a type A and type B tsundere. (description by evan.)

favourite anime: kobato, axis powers:hetalia, and saikano.

favourite manga: tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, cardcaptor sakura, and pita-ten.

favourite book(s): stargirl by jerry spinelli, acheron by sherrilyn kenyon, a clockwork orange by anthony burgess, etc.

favourite musicians/bands: the who, black flag, dead kennedys, queen, system of a down, mindless self indulgence, daft punk, m-flo, melody&mezzo, ABBA, tool, a perfect circle, coheed and cambria, korn, rammstein, the prodigy, the doors, jefferson airplane, pink floyd, dethklok, lady fucking gaga.

favourite webcomic(s): far-out-mantic!, pointless, life sucks, rock-paper-scissors, glorious kids, pepersae!, alternate, project:karamawari.

favourite character(s) ((in no particular order)): stargirl (stargirl), gilbert beilschmidt/prussia, ivan braginski/russia, alfred f. jones/america, tino väinämöinen/finland, mathias klein/denmark, lilli vadul/liechtenstein (all from hetalia), acheron/asheron (acheron), chise (saikano), hanato kobato (kobato.), JD (scrubs), tweek tweak, clyde donovan, craig tucker, kyle broflovski, kevin stoley (all from south park), asuka langley soryu (evangelion), and many, many, many more.

and yes. the human names for denmark/liechtenstein that i listed are what i would personally name them. c: so.

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meteor shower reviews
lilli knows that vash wonders - wonders why she tries so hard to be like him. what lilli doesn't know is that in the end, vash doesn't care.
Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 835 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 2 - Published: 10/3/2010 - Liechtenstein, Switzerland - Complete
poetic indulgence
tonight you're falling in love." he scoffed and considered the man insane - until he saw her eyes. sasusaku.
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