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Author has written 3 stories for Dragon Ball Z.

Disclaimer: I'm aware that if I ever was to get sued for writting fanfiction it wouldn't be a valid defense. Nevertheless, I still should say due to paranoia that none of the literature I create on this sight is owned by me, but by Shounen Jump/FUNimation or any other unidentified owner.

I. Preamble.

Now, with that troublesome venture out of the way, I suppose my readers deserve to know something about me outside of my pen-name.

My name is Steven and if you wish to address me in a pm or forum call me Steven or Phoenix. My age is something that I consider...disadvantageous to admit on an Internet site, but I'm older than the United States age of consent if your wondering about that useless tidbit of information.

I attend Portland State University in Portland, Oregon for secondary education, while pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in civil engineering. As such, most of my time will be devoted to my success in school. Fanfiction is merely a hobby that is expressed when I have the time for it.

I consider the pleasurable commodities in life to be acquiring knowledge, learning about other cultures, music, sports(both futbol and football, preferably), and cinema. My dislikes are pretentious ignorance, explicit arrogance/cockiness, and inflammatory/ad hominem arguments. In my view, if you can't debate with mutual civil respect than it isn't a debate worth having. It makes both parties look like fanbrats at best, and at worst Neanderthals masquerading as fanbrats.

I'm not a writer by profession. It's merely something I'm doing because certain ideas refuse to leave my brain until they are committed to paper. However, don't let this fool you. I'm not going to give a shoddy effort in anything I do. If it isn't my best work, I refuse to post it.

II. Reviewing Policy.

I'm not just a writer on this site, I'm also a reviewer. As such, I'll review any story which abides by one of the following criteria: 1--The author of an aforementioned story requests a review of a particular fanfiction from me. 2--I come upon your story and I come to the internal conclusion that the story has potential and the author is willing to listen to criticism.

For review trades, compacts and/or covenants, I've came to learn that I'm really bad at keeping up when somebody writes a ton of reviews for me and I fall behind severely. As a person that tries to live by his word, I don't think this is acceptable to any of my future readers/reviewers. At the same time, I recognize when a system doesn't particularly work for me and I have to establish a new one. With that being said, I feel I've gotten a more cohesive system that will hopefully benefit me and the people who hope to exchange critiques with me.

1. I review stories on a chapter-by-chapter basis. If you want me to review a chapter, I would appreciate you contact me (either through the Neo Z Fighters Forum or P.M directly). Please note that if you don't follow this part of the procedure I will consider your review a gift.

2. Please write up your review, but do NOT upload. P.M me when it's complete and I'll write up and upload my own review for you. Only then should I humbly receive your review.

3. There is no minimum review length. If you want to say 100 words or 1,000, I won't begrudge you for it. Just note, that my reviews will say what I feel they need to be said and no more. If that means the review is small or large, so be it.

III. My Writing.

I have two writing projects, although only one of them will be updated or be worked on for the better part of two years. These two projects are called Salted Ruins, Cognitive Dissonance.

I. Epiphany. My main project currently. All of my time is being devoted to it.

II. Cognitive Dissonance. My former main project currently. Sadly, I've found some of its inconsistencies have plagued me to the point I feel its best to rewrite it one of these days. When that will be, if ever, is unknown.

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