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Hello everyone. For those of you who do not know who I am, my name is Ripper22. ...However, you may call me Ripper22. I was a writer here at Fan fiction, as well as an active member for Smash Mansion dot com for quite some time now. As you can probably tell, its definitely been a very periodic time since I last updated any of my stories. Some of said stories might be worthy of looking at... others... not so much.
There's still a few stories I wishes to tell and until then I will keep coming back here. Thanks to anybody who stuck around with me for this long, it's been fun.

"...Dang. Where to begin? Sorry for not writing this sooner. I've been busy and stuff. Yeah. I'll just write a few things so you'll know me a bit better. From now on, I'll write notices here to let you know."

WARNING: Anything published before the year 2009 is probably not worth your time but if you're feeling quite risque, then by all means go ahead.


7/23/08: I'm still working on Chap.4 for StarFox 64:Lylat wars. Thinking if I should erase a few things on here.

7/25/08: Finished the top twelve. I wrote what is probably my best story yet; Its called: The Brawl that was Forever.

8/18/08: I know I haven't been writing much, lately, but I'll be back to it eventually.

10/24/08: New fanfic, out recently, called: The -Extra- Smashy Amazing Race, which I created, and, though, I have a feeling that this new fic has the chance of being my coolest fic yet!.

10/27/08: Well, I broke my promise: Chapter 2 of The Extra Smashy Amazing Race was added on Monday, not Sunday! oh, make up for my horrendous promise-breaking move, I have decided to upload the 3rd chapter shortly after!

11/5/08: I joined a forum site called Smash Mansion.

1/18/09: First update for 2009! I'm so bad at updating...Anyways, I'm currently writing the ninth chapter for the Extra Smash Amazing Race, Out of 12 legs. I don't know yet if there will be a season two, though most likely yes. Last update is to be expected to appear on my birthday, March 15th.

1/27/09: 9 Chapters uploaded for TESAR. I'm definitely having a Season Two. It can be expected to appear about 2 months or so after the end of TESAR Season One.

1/31/09: Leg 10 is successfully uploaded. Final Leg, is probably going to appear around Valentine's day. Maybe a sixth chapter for When The Strangers Come Knocking May appear?!

2/6/09: Eh, Leg 11 has been up for a while now, and I'm writing the Last Leg, Leg 12. It will be EPIC. >:C

2/15/09: Guess what? It's about 9:30 over here, and I saw the Premiere for The Amazing Race: Season 14... Decently made. There was even a deaf contestant, so that was cool. My Final leg hasn't been worked on for a while, but I will start writing more often later on this Week. I'll be inactive for maybe another week. Don't expect anything from me for a while.

2/20/09: Back from my Hiatus! You missed me, I hope. ...You guys read this stuff, Right?!

2/28/09: It's 6:59 PM right now. Yep. I've written a little more TESAR finale. It's a pretty epic read so far.

3/12/09: I have three more days until my birthday, and when Leg12 should come out. So I am writing a lot. Just got to the part where the teams reach the final task.

3/14/09: My birthday is tomorrow, and Leg12 is coming out tomorrow as well. I finished it last night, I Hope you guys enjoy it, I loved the ending of it.

3/18/09: TESAR1 has been over for a while now, though TESAR2 the sequel will appear when Summer comes around. I have lots-a reviewers now?! My goal is to reach 75 Reviews for this next season.

3/20/09: I have tried to upload videos onto Youtube recently, but I suck at that kind of uploading crap. So yeah, still no videos on Youtube from me.

3/21/09: Two updates from me!!1 One for When the Strangers Come Knocking, and I Finally updated The Brawl that Was Forever! Yeah, check these stories out.

3/22/09: Last two chapters were uploaded for When the Strangers come Knocking! It's over now.

4/4/09: Season Two Extra Smashy Amazing Race is out! READ IT!1

5/8/09: I'm on break, guys. Be back soon.

10/22/09: I made a new story, still on my break...I think I'm gonna make a few more new stories by the end of the year.

12/16/09: I know I've been gone awhile, so to any who've been patient, here's your reward: Leg two of TESAR2! I'm back now, so no worries!

1/1/2010: Its a New year, and I'm active again! I was on Hiatus, but I'm back! I put up Leg three for TESAR2, expect legs 4 and 5 by the end of January. I've lost my older viewers that used to review due to my inactivity, but...I'm back for a long time.

1/3/10: Today I deleted two crappy stories of mine, Dawn of Evil and Ripper22's Awesome Guide to Owning at Smash Bros...these two stories weren't going anywhere anytime soon, so I just got rid of them. Also, I added 'Randomly Random Smash stories' for a contest Smash Mansion is having. It's going to be a collection of One-shots for the Contest. Feel free to read it and review.

1/8/10: I added Leg four, and its the weekends so expect Leg five by January 16th.

1/16/10: ...Or not.

1/18/10: Here's Leg five, folks! This is my best leg yet, probably! Enjoy, and don't expect another one until the end of the month.

1/29/10: This is the part where I lie, and...uh...okay, no excuse for this time. I'm just busy with school?! (Yeah, that excuse ought to work...)

2/3/10: Added a new thing to my profile, in the "SSB: Brawl" section.

11/26/10: I'm still alive, and almost done with leg six of TESAR2.

11/27/10: I published leg six, be sure to read it and tell me who you liked and such.

12/10/10: I released leg seven, read and review if you want to.

3/31/11: Working on leg eight, not done yet, but I did cross the halfway point. Expect it before the end of April.

4/5/11: I released leg eight.

10/6/11: Long time no see. Or read. Anyways, as much of a surprise if anyone reads this, it's just as surprising to let you all the three of you who read these updates know that I'm actually done writing a new chapter to one really old fic of mine, and I'm writing leg nine to TESAR2 while I'm also typing this up. 6,333 words into it, expect it by this upcoming Sunday.

10/10/11: I updated both Extra Survivor and TESAR2 Leg nine, so it makes up that I was a day late, I guess.

10/11/11: Okay, expect a new story, not for Smash Brothers though. It'll be a crack fic, so don't take it seriously... please. Expect it probably by the end of October. Another note, I have a planned date for the tenth leg of TESAR2, which is 11-11-11. This is the special holiday that happens once every hundred years, so if I miss this, I will probably not live long enough to try and repeat this. So hopefully I reach my month-long deadline.

10/17/11: I have two thousand words done for leg ten already. Oh, and I started up on The Mistmantle Chronicles: Crack Version.

12/22/11: So I released leg ten eleven days after it was supposed to be released. So sue me. Use your imagination to pretend that you're reading it on 11-11-11.

1/2/12: My first update for the new year. I was finally promoted to moderator for Smash Mansion, so that's a positive. Also, I'm four thousand words into the eleventh leg for TESAR2. Expect it by the end of January.

1/11/12: Fellow fanfiction writer Yellowkirby has just left and Smash Mansion in exchange for real life. Now I have nobody to argue with. (...*sobs quietly*...)

1/16/12: 10,632 words done so far. I plan on making legs eleven and twelve both double-lengths to make up for my lack of extra material in the past couple legs... :jig: I should be finished by the end of January or so.

1/21/12: 12,797 words written down for leg eleven. I'm taking this chapter bit by bit every day and hopefully I will actually make the date this time.

1/25/12: I plan on finishing leg eleven six days from now. 15k words complete, for those of you who care.

2/1/12: I'm thinking on releasing the last leg on the same end date as the first season just for the heck of it.

2/5/12: Okay, so If I'm going to be doing a season three for TESAR, I can guarantee you that it would not come out for a long, long time due to the fact that it takes a lot of effort to write one of those bad boys. There's a second reason I'm waiting to do a season three, which you'll find out in a good year or so.

2/13/12: I would say I'm about one-thirds of the way through the finale now. ...For those of you who actually read this stuff...

3/16/12: Sorry I've missed the deadline, folks, but things like this happen when you're suffering the travesties of real life while trying to balance several internet accounts as well. If anything I wish to finish the chapter before my second deadline, the three-year mark. Hard to believe its been that long.

4/4/12: It's been three long years since I first started TESAR2, making it by far the longest still running story I have. Unfortunately for all of you, I only have 13k words accomplished so far out of a planned total of around 25k so looks like you guys won't be seeing any finale for another few days or so. Thank you to everyone who have been and are still waiting patiently for me to finish this really long story. Besides, you know what they say: Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

5/5/12: I have finally managed to get myself to continue writing the finale for TESAR2. If I continue writing at this pace, I should definitely be finished before the month is up. Again, thanks to everyone who's been with me every step of the way, even if I had to bribe you to continue reading.

7/5/12: Hey guys, sorry for leaving abruptly without a heads up or anything. The computer I mainly use to write TESAR2 ended up being corrupted but I recently managed to recover the story itself so I've finally been able to continue it. I'm more than 18k of the way through it so just bear with me for a little longer and the finale will be here before you know it.

7/17/12: Still writing the finale. All that's left to write is the final task and then I'll be finished. When I release the TESAR2 finale I might go on hiatus for a long time but I'll come back someday, I still have a few ideas left to that I want to write about. Again, thanks to everyone for all your support and to the people who took their time to review and read my stories. I really can't thank you guys enough. Thank you for everything.

8/6/12: I'm officially on hiatus now. I've just released the finale for TESAR2, I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I had enjoyed writing it. I had trouble at first figuring out an appropriate ending for the finale but I hope you guys liked how I chose to end it. It's insanely long so be sure to read when you have the time. Again, thank you to everyone for your endless support, without it I would not have been able to continue such a long story such as TESAR. I won't be coming back for awhile due to school starting back up soon but when I find the time to come back I should have some great ideas for new stories to write. So until then, see all of you later.

9/8/13: ...

9/28/13: I'm back, y'all. I updated "Random Smash Stories" with a new chapter that I apparently wrote a year ago but only just now managed to rediscover it. Turns out I did that alot. Anyways, expect more updates in the following weeks for 'RRSS'. Until then...

1/2/14: By the end of today, maybe onto tomorrow, expect an update for RRSS. I am also rewriting TESAR2. I'm making an extended cut, I guess you could call it. Some of you might be concerned as to what that means. Well, it's essentially the same story... but better quality, better storyline, and more stable characterization. Don't expect the ending to change very much, it's really just the first half that's really changing. Stay tuned for more info.

6/12/14: So apparently my six year anniversary passed last Tuesday with this website. Recently I've been starting to feel really old. Which sounds stupid considering I've only barely been alive for two decades but all these constant reminders of my seniority to websites like these keep showing up. Alright, first things first: I still have two chapters (I think) lurking somewhere in the files for RRSS, so those will be published eventually. As for the TESAR2 rewrite, don't expect that for awhile. At the earliest, you'll see the first leg remastered in January of next year. That's if I even feel like still starting that up later this year. Anyways, thanks for sticking around if you're still around.

10/3/14: After class I stopped by my local Games store and bought SSB4 for the 3DS. Man, this game is time consuming.

10/6/14: Three days later and I've already unlocked all the characters and stages for SSB4. Fun and addicting to play, but like any game, it has its downfalls. My biggest complaint is the stages: the 3DS stages are either hit or miss. Some of the stages like Arena Ferox or Wily Castle, there's simply too much going on right on the stage for the battle to really be enjoyable or exciting. Other stages, such as Paper Mario, are moving too much and too quickly for anybody to fight for too long without being killed by everchanging stage boundaries. Two of the more exciting stages, Spirit Tracks and Gerudo Valley, are pretty fun to play on.
TL;DR: Expect a new chapter for RRSS soon, the new Smash Bros game inspired me to write some stuffs.

10/10/14: Remember when I said TESAR2.5 was starting up in early 2015? Yeah well, I lied. Expect the first chapter remastered and updated on the afternoon of November 11, 2014. From then on, expect the story to be updated next Tuesday following the first chapter update. Be sure to check here for updates on when the chapters will be released, because stuff happens and I might not have time to update the story on time.

11/6/14: The fourth chapter of Randomly Random Smash Stories has been released! The summary: when the fourth smash bros roster is revealed, some of the smashers realize they've been given the boot. Lucas argues with Master Hand about the new roster, while Snake and Wolf take this as an opportunity to get extreme. Don't read if you haven't seen the Smash Bros. 4 roster. And regarding TESAR2.5 I'm contemplating on releasing it as an entirely new fanfic to prevent possible future spoilers for new readers.

11/11/14: the first chapter of TESAR2 has been re-released. There's only one actual new team on the roster, but most of the teams are different "personality-wise" and will actually have character development from leg to leg.

5/29/15: the second chapter of TESAR2 has been re-released. This took much longer than I assumed it would. But at least I'm still sticking with it, right? Anyways, enjoy the updated version, and let me know what you guys think!

8/11/15: I'm putting the brakes on TESAR2 remastered for now! Me and fellow FF(dot)net author Hoogiman have met up IRL and have been collaborating on a few projects! There's a brand new RRSS chapter for all your cute lil eyes. Also expect a brand new fanfic in a day or two!

Oh yeah, I'm also retiring from FF.Net after I finish with updating all twelve chapters of TESAR2 which should be sometime in December 2015. Later!

My Status for this site: I'm retiring after I finish with TESAR2.5!

If you would ever like to talk to me about my stories, how to write fanfics, the Great Recession, peach-flavored figs, just PM me and I'll answer as soon as I can!

Also be sure to visit the forums, where you can be sure I lurk at on a daily basis because I lack what most people call a real life!

Wi-Fi Friend Codes(Has not played in years and sucks at game so don't count on me adding anybody in another 107639453489349902 years)

Wi-Fi Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Code: 2234-7261-4551
Wi-Fi Mario Kart Wii Friend Code: 2235-2914-3615

Super Smash Bros. Mainers:

Note: This may change. sometime.

SSB64: Ness, Jigglypuff

Melee: Jigglypuff, Falco, Sheik

Project M: Wolf, Jigglypuff, Dedede, Toon Link and Snake

Smash 4: Ness, Jigglypuff, Dedede, Lucario


The Mistmantle Chronicles, The Crack Version: A crack fic, for any who don't know, is a story that has the same basic characters from the story you're writing about... though as if they're on crack. This will probably be a re-telling of the Mistmantle chronicles, all five books but written with a few slight differences. Expect by the end of October 2011. Put on hold for now.

Seven Years' Darkness: Mewtwo is dead, another smasher mortally wounded. The Smash Brothers are disbanded. But when a darkness begins to blanket the earth like newly fallen snow, who will rise up to defend earth? No release date planned yet.

Justified Revenge: The story of what would have happened, if Veil Sixclaw hadn't been left in that ditch to die by his father, and if he had been cared for in the army of the Sixclaw. This is the story of what would have happened if circumstances had been different for everyone. My first attempt at Redwall fanfiction. No release date planned yet.

Blood Brothers: Before they met Ublaz Mad Eyes, Conva & Barranca were just crew members. This is their story, and how they went from just being everyday corsairs into the captains they were when they served Ublaz. Another Redwall idea.

WARNING: Anything published before the year 2009 is probably not worth your time but if you're feeling quite risque, then by all means go ahead.

"Well, I'm goin' to go do something pointless now, see you later."


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