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Author has written 5 stories for Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!.

Well I guess if you are on this page you probably want to know about me Right?

well I'm currently in colledge so for my stories I will try to keep them as up to date as possible but I only do this to keep my writing sharp so don't be expecting any day to day updates

Age:for me to know and you to never find out

Personality: I am just your average dude I have a some what sarcastic streak other than that I am pretty good natured and am some what of a gentleman. I am also smewhat of a romance fanatic cause I like that moment when the guy gets the girl or when the girl confesses and I get really pissed off when said things get interupted. I also have a weird pechant for cute looking people and things. (which might explain why I am a hardcore Kirby fan)

I'm an artist by trade I've sketched several masterpieces so check out the link below

Favorite Games: Let me get this out off the way I have a ton of favorite games way to numerous to list them all so here are a few.

Mario:nuff said

Kirby: Respect the puffball! RESPECT IT


Mega Man X: growing up on the super nintendo I started with the X series and loved it

Metroid: two words Super Metroid

Gradious: Konami your so good to me "Destroy them all!"

Castlevania: (please see above)

Silent hill:(See 2 entries above)

Contra:(Please see 3 entries above)

R-type: awsome everything you betcha 2-d shooter

Touhou: a Shmup that makes my previous entries look like little kid stuff

super smash bros.: lets face it's epic

Sonic: youd think they would give him a traffic ticket

Donkey kong: the only ape that can look good in a tie

Devil May cry: its Dante's brand of badassery that inspired Regulus

Half Life:The Gordon Freeman making nerds everywhere bad assssss

Portal:...I swear to god the cake is a LIEEEE!!

Team fortress 2: BONK!

Metal gear: is there anyone that can be more badass than hideo kojima?

Snatcher: a Kojima masterpeice of a visual novel.

UN squadron: Capcom gem of a shmup

Metal Slug: Rauket laaowncher! i don't care what you say Fio rules.

Mother Series: One of the greatest RPG's that no one has ever heard of (Unless you count Ness from smashbros and or live in japan.)

Fire Emblem: Turnbased stratagy at its best the GBA game are my all time favorites of the series

Advance Wars: Fire emblems sister game with more emphisis on statagy and modern warfare Dual strike is my favorite

Super Robot Taisen series: its like fire emblem WITH every freakin famous Giant robo you can throw in there hell yeah!

Final Fantasy: I don't even know why I skipped over this.(Favorites FFVI best 2D game,FFVII all hail sepheroth vs cloud,FFX Blitz ball is awsome, FFXII Mundus Magicus looks vaugly like Ivalice the more I read Negima)

Tales series: well seriously they are a cool series of games but my all time favorite

Phoenix Wright: OBJECTION!!

Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night: Ok I know what your thinking their visual novels and you read rather then play but they still count as games and have far to many cool characters to ignore

Shin Megami Tensei main series: im a fan...Its like Pokemon from Hell seriously no other way to describe it. oh did i mention the super nintendo titles you can kill god...favorites would be SMT Noctune and Devil Survivor

Persona Series: While its under the Shin megami tensei name its tottaly different, how you interact at your new school and build relationships with your class mates determines how you and your party perform in battle...did i mention your game character has to shoot himself in the head to call his persona?

I'm a connosiour when it comes to fighting games so they get a seperate section listing my best fighters.

Street fighter: ah the classic my best are Sakura and Guile oh but makoto from third strike was awsome as well

Mortal Kombat: Get over here!! its gotta be Scorpian

Fatal Fury and King of Fighters: Terry Bradford Ryo and Mei you have to appreciate SNK's ability to top the 2d fighters.

Virtual Fighter: pionerring 3-d gotta go with wolf

Tekken: a hard one either Armor king or Law

Soul Calibur: Ha Nightmare Mitsirugi and Talim.

Marvel Vs Capcom 2: those of you who are tottal noobs at this fair warning. you will be hated if you use abuse the cable juggernaught and sentinal combo. thankfully thats not my team. mine would be Gambit Strider and BB hood.

Darkstalkers: Like i said before BB hood she's so messed up its funny little red riding hood packs heat and will cut your throat

Melty Blood: I actually played this log before I even knew what Tsukihime and type moon ever were but its just amazing bests are Arcuid, Sion and Ceil.

Fate Unlimited codes: thank you Capcom for publishing this Fate/stay night as a fighter, best would have to be my favorite Gilgamesh followed by Sakura and Caster, ironically my favorite characters in the visual novel

BlazBlue: it was something amazing when i popped it into my 360 felt like Melty blood all over again, my best Rachel who oddly has the same voice as Rin from the Fate/stay night Dub

Favorite anime: ooh thats a toughy

Sailor moon: This one started it all

Black Jack: this is genius trust me

Mazinger Z: the granddaddy of the giant robos PILIDER ON!

Macross: If there is one thing i like more then gundam its Macross my prefered Real robo series.

X-1999: This one started my addiction to CLAMP as to why I didn't put this one up hell I don't know Great show

Excel Saga: I don't know why I forgot to put this up here either

Naruto Shippuuden: Favorite Shonen jump series

Full metal alchemist: "I told you Al a fist to his face!" (Always a sound stratagy Ed)

Code Geass: well it's a psycological thriller with giant mechs drawn by CLAMP and designed by the geinuses that made Gundam-What more could I ask for

Gundam: Thank you Gunslinger for convincing me to start watching this again (Favorite series :Gundam Zeta, Gundam Seed, Gundam00)

Death Note: It was very hard not to but up L's L for my avatar

Negima: thats Neo Negima?! the remake season personaly I think its cooler cause its Negima but at the same time it's not Negima

Pani poni dash: Totally weird insane and random...Just the way I like it!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: A real gem of an anime and quite funny

Lucky star: friendly reminder the top end of a chocolate cornet is the head

Gurren Laggan: Who the HELL do you think i am?

Kanon: Oh god its such a tear jerker!

Full metal panic: its has a bit of everything i can't find reason to hate it mecha's slapstick a Tessa-chan

Rurouni Kenshin: Samurai swords to the death!! How much more badass do you need.

Fate/Stay Night: Like the Tsukihime manga things are simplified from the VN but it spews out awsome at every possible turn

Favorite manga:Hmmmmm (how can wee help?) yes i like You tube poops

Negima: "Love not ought be mocked" (Yue Ayase)

Gamble Fish: losing your finger over a game of black jack never looked so badass

Naruto Shiippuudden: best SJ Manga

Death note: (See favorite anime)

Tsukihime: Like the fate stay night anime its simplified yet awsome

Melty Blood Act 1 and 2: Sequal to Tsukihime poor Sacchin...

Fate/Stay Night: trust me on this one the manga is different it follows the Unlimited blade works route.

Black Lagoon: Gun fights, modernday pirates, its almost like a Manga version of metal gear except ten times better.

The world that God only Knows: A new one I picked up and for some reason the main character reminds me of Lelouch from code Geass

Black Cat: i don't know what it is about this one the fact that just how uniqe and different every single character is and yet it works to make it all fit together for a really awsome story. makes this one a top on my list

Full metal Alchemist: I prefer the anime but it has some cool plot differences

Love Hina: if Keitaro were to write an autobiography on the ladys of the hinata house abusing him he'd be a millionare

Rurouni Kenshin: different story than the anime but they are even

Favorite Type moon characters...









Berseker Zero

Aoko Ms. blue


Site friends:



GunSlinger Alchemist

Ansem man

Tsutomu Teruko

Crimson Musashi

Kiki Hyashi




My top 5 Negima characters

1)Yue Ayase. (her personality is exactly like mine.)

2)Anya Cocolava (LIke I said habit of liking cute things)

3)Setsuna Sakurazaki (Total bad ass)

4)Nekene (She doesn't get enough love seriously I'm hoping Anyama!? will change things)


and I guess thats for bio's of a few of my many OC's

Name:Regulus Gainsbrough-(no relatoin to Arieth)

Gender: Male


Birth place: Born and Raised in Kyoto(as far as he knows)

Previous residence: Hinata sou with his brother and Matoko

Known relations: Tsuroko Aoyama(teacher and foster mother), Older Brother(works in the AAA), Matoko Aoyama,(foster sister) Setsuna Sakurazaki,(Child hood Friend and Rival),Konoka Konoe (Other childhood friend)

Hair: Blonde


Build: the average teenager little visible muscle mass long and slender (Bishie)

personality: he can be pretty good natured but also has a very short temper and sarcastic as somethings just set him off

Fighting style: uses his broad sword Estreledge to perform Shimeiryuu (he and his brother were taught by Tsuroko Aoyama directly)

Likes: his freedom, Training day in and day out to better himself, easy going life style, treats his freinds like dudes regaurdless of gender.

Dislikes: Negi, Uniforms, Nerds people, being mistaken for a pervert

Birthday: June 1 1988

Sign: Gemini


Name: Regs Valentine

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Birth place: Sacramento California

Previous residence: Johnson boarding school of mage craft in Salem Maryland.

Known relations: Mei Narusegawa,(Friend) Takane Goodman,(Harasser and bully)Julia Valentine,(mother) David Valentine, (Father) Polaris Valentine, (Little sister) Ako Izumi ,(pen pal)

Eyes: blue

Hair: Green

Build: Average for a girl of her age save for around the chest area #5 heh heh

Personality: Happy and childish can be a bit of a cry baby sometime but not afraid to get serious and take a stand.

Fighting style: Uses a Bow called Isami which allows her to generate arrows from her mana, that can break into twin blades for close range combat. Magical affinity is Holy magic.

Likes: Shopping and cute guys wanting to be normal.

Dislikes: people who make her cry, her angel blood heritige (its only a small amount about 1/16 but once people at her school heard she had angels blood they stayed away from her), Takane Goodman.

Birthday: August 24 1989

Sign: Virgo

and there ya have it folks

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