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I'm Oscena, but you can call me Amanda. Or "HEY, YOU!" Whatever works.

I write fanfics (obviously), but I also do fanart and I take requests for my art, so if you have a character or a scene from a story you're writing, I'll be happy to take a shot at it.

My favorite subjects for fan-works are Danny Phantom, Xiaolin Showdown, Nightmare on Elm Street, Teen Titans, and Fairly Oddparents, (the list goes on) and they're basically my LIFE (pathetic, ne?).

So, just going wherever my mind takes me because I'm too much of a spaz to go back through and make this intro make sense, I'm gonna post some links! :D

Wishes Characters! - Check this out! It's the characters from my story, Wishes! :D (not finished- I'm working on it! ;) )

Chase Young – Gills of Hamachi

Photoshop Bishounen Poindexter

Photoshop Super-smexxi Skulker


~My Journal~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009:

It's been forever since my last update, anud I doubt anyone keeps up with this anyway. But I felt like I needed to clarify something, so...

I didn't know that it would happen, but apparently all my watching readers for the story Wishes got a notification that I had updated. Thanks for letting me know, unknown20troper, since I didn't realize hadn't noted what I'd done in chapter 15 like I'd meant to.

I didn't actually post a new chapter- yet. I'm working on it, but I'm on vacation with the family, so... it may take a bit longer. It'll definitely be up within a week since my little sister just recently got into the story and she's always begging me to write more.

ANYWAY, what happened was that I finally went back through all my comments to find different mistakes I had made. Because I know no other way, I exported and re-uploaded all the chapters after making corrections. I made good use of FF's spell-check since I write all my stories on WordPad and don't come equipped with one (I have to use my BRAIN to spell- oh, the burden!! D:). I did change a few things in my Author's Notes, but that was just as an aside.

Another thing I have to say: I don't always follow the common rules of grammar. If it makes sense to me, I'll write it that way. I've never taken any formal grammar classes outside high school english, so I'll admit to not being perfect. Most of what I know of grammar comes from reading books, so... I hope it doesn't bother you too much. :

Anyway, quick review of what's happened in my life the past two months- in order, college note-taking style: Got stabbed in the back for the first time since I remember, danced first slow dance, turned 18, got first kiss, graduated, got the Sims 3 but didn't work with my stupid Vista processor, went on vacation to North Carolina with family. That's where I am now- in a camper ten minutes from the beach. It's pretty out here except that it keeps raining. :/

Well, that's it! I hope that this clarifies... something! :3

ALSO: Check out my new avatar! I used my old "Wishes Characters" picture and the only program I have on my laptop: Paint. Wish I could've done something cooler, but this'll do until I win the lottery and buy out Adobe(TM)... or I get back to school in the fall semester and figure out if they have some good photoshop programs.

ANDANDAND: I started a discussion page for "Wishes" in the FOP FanFiction forum! Wow, say THAT five times fast... Haha, check it out! :D

Tuesday, January 6, 2009:

Happy Festival of Fools! :D

Haha, so I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame again after several years, and WOW. Apparently, there's alot you don't get when you're ten. You know when Frollo says "Gypsies don't do well inside stone walls"? Last time I watched the movie, when I was about eleven years old, I thought he had some kind of "Cask of Amantillado" fetish or something... O_o... Haha. OH!

And I SO fell in love with Clopin! He. Is. The. Cuteness- Hotness- ULTIMATE. However, I can't pronounce his name to save my life. Hey, I ain't French! Haha. My favorite scene: Quasi and Phoebus are caught in the Court of Miracles and Clopin shows up and does his song. He looks so COOL!

Okay, so enough stalling. I haven't been very good about keeping up with anything lately, particularly my stories or my art. Yeah, I'm a loser. But I was busy...! Oh, who am I kidding, I was sitting on the couch staring up at the ceiling for two weeks and trying to find a patter in the dots. Heh heh, but I DID get some work done on my stories, mostly the Elizabeth Carter story. She's just SO cool, and I'm in love with her character... 'cept I'm a hundred percent into guys, but still. She's awesome! :D

I've also got some work done on Wishes, though not enough to post a new chapter, and I've gotten ALOT done on Royal Blood.

Another update: I'm working on an X-Men story. It's not all that great, seeing as how it's based totally off the movie, but I like it myself.

Well, that's all. I'm at school now, but as soon as I get home, I should be posting some new chappies. Hearts!

Saturday, September 27, 2008:

Sorry I haven't been able to update in such a long time! I've been really busy lately with schoolwork, chores, Academic Decathlon, tech theatre... alot's going on right now. And to top it all off, homecoming dance is right around the corner and my would-be boyfriend hasn't asked me, yet. I swear, if he still hasn't asked me the week before, I'm asking someone else. There's a really cute guy in my AcDec class I've got in mind, though he's a foot shorter than me and he'll probably turn me down...

Moving on. New Wishes chappie up!! Also, I should be posting the first chapter to my new FOP fic based on Anti-Cosmo and Flappy Bob- NO, it's NOT yaoi. In fact, they don't like each other. Muahahaha. But sorry guys, this story does indeed include another OC. I can't help it! I hate canon pairings. Coming up with original character concepts are my thing- it gives me a chance to work on compatability!

Alright. Hoping to add some more to my busy schedule, I'm asking for commissions! I'd like you guys to choose scenes from either your own story or one of my stories to illustrate. If it's a commission for your story, you'l get full credit for the concept, okay? No stealy-stealy! I promise!

Now, to get my lazy but down in a chair to work on these stories, m'kay? Haha, thanks for sticking around through my absence!!

OH!! Before I forget, y'all remember that dream I had about Norm being my math teacher? Well, I have another story about that. This story is a hundred percent true: So, first day of school, blah, blah blah, right? Then I get to my Precalculus class, and sit down and start doodling... and I hear NORM MACDONALD'S VOICE. I nearly fell OUT of my desk. It turns out that my teacher has an earily identical voice to Norm MacDonald!! So all I have to do is close my eyes, and I can picture either Norm the comedian or Norm the genie explaining the concepts of trigonometry. It's FLIPPING AMAZING. ... I think my dream was a premonition.

Okay, y'all. I'm off to put off homework in every way possible! Peace!!

Monday, July 7, 2008:

Last night I had the weirdest but coolestdream. Okay, so Norm (the genie from Fairly Oddparents) was my math teacher. Haha! I mean, my Norm- the long-haired, more complex Norm (if you click this link, you may need to zoom in)- not the exact FOP Norm (based on Norm MacDonald). In the dream, I was four people- four students in the class. I was a witch, I was a girl who had Wanda as a fairy godparent, I was a boy who had Norm as his genie, and I was a girl who had no powers. There were some other people in the class, some who were completely fictional and some I think I remember from school. Okay, so anyway, as the boy, I wished that Norm would teach us how to use our magic instead of math... so he did that! Seriously- coolest dream EVAH.

Geez, that's how you know you're a dork- when you dream about characters from a childrens' show! But I’m going to be a child until I’m eighty-four. If I get there... well, I just might consider becoming an adult... that’s a BIG might... anyway.

I just finished watching Jumper. I had my doubts, but that was a kick-butt movie! Really cool. Samuel Jackson makes a really good- er, bad- (good?) villain. And what-his-face- the ‘jumper’ with the accent (whose name I do not know)- was cute. ;)

Okay, now I’m tired. At 9 o’clock. I’ve got some sleeping issues- I got twelve hours last night and seven the night before. Watch me get five tonight.

Nighty-night! :) Hope I have another awesome dream to bore you guys with!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008:

Okay, okay, I'm a bum. I have new chapters to post for Wishes, Royal Blood, and Two Vows, One Destiny, but haven't gotten around to it, yet. I'm completely stuck on Of Yin and of Yang- I'm at a standstill! I may have to re-write what little I have on the new chapter... but I have to confess, Wishes is deffinitely my top priority at the moment.

Also, I've been thinking about making Wishes into a web-comic, but I'm hesitant to do so.

What else have I been doing? Well, besides an overwhelming amount of housework, I'm working on my drawing skills. I'm pretty good at anime/manga drawing, but that's all I've been trying to do. So now, I'm studying human anatomy independently. Also, I'm getting started studying Mesoamerican culture and the theory of Evolutionary Biology for Academic Decatholon as well as job-hunting for the co-op carreers program I'll be starting in August.

Also: big announcement: "Weird Al" Yankovic is coming to Texas! :D

Geez, it's amazing where I hear people talking about him. I mean, he's been in business since the eighties, and he's an even bigger hit now than EVER. Funny story: The other day, I was in Dairy Queen having lunch, and I hear some guy say something about "White and Nerdy", Al's parody of "Ridin' Dirty." I sat there and listened to some thirty to fourty year old man discuss "Weird Al" and his music to the others at his table. It was AMAZING. Al-aholics are taking over the world and spreading like a virus! It's en EPIDEMIC OF THE GREATEST PROPORTION!! Muahahahahaaa! ... "Weird Al" for president! :DD

Now... I'm off to indulge myself in a calorie-packed chimichanga. Peace!

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