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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, and Walking Dead.


I'm 21, a girl, and My name is Kris. My favourite number is 23.

I write colour and favourite and Grey (along with other similar words) in author notes and messages and anything personal. Though my stories will have it "Americanized" if you will. Haha.

All-I-Want-Is-Whiter-Tigers is my old name from years ago.

I don't respond to reviews in stories because I feel it distracts future readers/readers who don't review. However, I will add very brief author notes for suggestions/explanations/answers/ect.

I will always try to write my fictions completely before posting them in regular chapters.

I will always leave my old fictions up, so everyone can see my progress.

If you ever wanna leave ideas, questions, comments, or anything else: Go for it!

I have a tumblr, instagram, steam account and many others, if anyone asks I'll add them up here.

I'm always up for talking.

Thanks for reading!

Fictions in Progress:

Title: Like We Run

Fandom: The Walking Dead (video game)

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Friendship, Drama (slight)

Posting ETA: Posted Prologue and Chapter 1. Further updates with vary. Hopefully weekly. Still being written. TAKING OCS!

Characters: Clementine, Aj, Luke, Molly. Jane was a past character.

Summary: Clementine just wants to keep her friends happy. Luke wasn't doing the best, but can someone help him out? And by chance could he turn himself around? Or will everything come crashing down again for all of them?

Bonus/Specials: A not-very-popular writing style. Each chapter will have a title and a subtitle of a name. This name if who's perspective that we are looking through. So each chapter is a different person's view than the last.

Title: Trouble in the Foreshadows

Fandom: The Walking Dead (video game)

Genre: Unsure

Posting ETA: Unknown. Currently being written. Chapter 7 has been finished. Hope to reach around 23 chapters.

Characters: Lee, Clementine, Luke, Dominica (original character), Lucian (original character), Molly. Currently somewhat one-sided [Luke, Domi]

Summary: After joining into Lee's group, Dominyka starts getting bad feelings before danger appears. Can she sense the future, or is it just luck? What happens if she sees someone's fate, but there's not enough time for her to do anything?

Bonus/Specials: Has separate "Deleted & Altered Scenes and Commentary" that will be posted if requested.

Original Characters

(both are for The Walking Dead Game)

Name: Dominica Hardy

Nicknames: Domi, 'Minic, Minica

Age: 23

Appearance: Average height (around 5'6) and slightly overweight for her figure, i.e. bigger hips and thighs, no flat stomach. A small C bra size, about a 30-32. She's got slightly full cheeks, green eyes, and black hair with a blonde streak in the front right (she had it before the apocalypse, it's very grown out, about halfway down in her hair). Her hair is cut to about shoulder length.

Personality: She's very nice to the ones she loves, but will not let anyone get away with being rude. She has been know to start fights. Also know to lust after people who she has no chance with. She's also forgetful and sometimes can come off as rude. Very logical, thinks quickly under pressure, comes up with multiple solutions for problems.

Favourites: She is fond of the colour teal. She has a very big crush on Luke but he seems to feel awkward around her, much to her dismay. She also has declared Molly her best friend, whether Molly knows or not. Her dagger, which is a plain silver coloured blade, with a black leather strip wrapped around the handle for grip (very similar to Matthews knife, but shaped like a dagger)

Name: Lucian Graymark

Nicknames: Luci/Lucy (From Molly, he's not fond of it)

Age: 25

Appearance: Tall (5'10), very strong, beautiful blue eyes. Dark brown hair with blonde tips, past shoulder length, pulled into a ponytail. slightly scruffy styled beard. Not skinny, but not overweight. More of a "full" figure style.

Personality: Very nice and loving. A perfect shot. More of an acting-before-thinking-it-through kinda guy, useful in defensive situations.

Favourites: Molly and Luke are two of his best friends. He's fond of Domi as well, but they don't talk much. His Crossbow and Kabar knife.

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Like We Run reviews
Now despite the choices made, the outcome hasn't been great. Clementine, Luke, and Molly all have to find in it them to hold each other together and look after Aj. While still being aware of the dangers of this world. Can they make the right decisions? Will they even survive? OCs full! Elise from ThePaintedKittyKat and Matt from Shaun Of The Dead Banana. Thanks guys!
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