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Author has written 7 stories for Brokeback Mountain, Sherlock, Third Star, Misc. Tv Shows, and Star Trek: 2009.

My obsessions (except for the obvious ones, judging from what I've ever written):

Rimbaud; Baudelaire; Classic (Beethoven and Bach) and ost/movie music; Placebo; Indochine; Muse; Florence & The Machine; The Cure; Anne Rice's vampire Chronicles (at least the books before it got a mess :() and Buffy TVS (and other vampire related stuff).

Further notes on the things which made me write:


I grew up watching TOS (and Bioman, just to clarify that I'm not from the original watchers of TOS but of one of the reruns) and have always LOVED Spock. And I've always thought that teletransportation is a thing that should exist :) But to be honest I got back into Trek thanks to the reboots, which I really LOVE (apart from ok a few HUGE things here and there, but I've always been good at denial) and which made me want to watch TOS again and WOW seeing it as an adult was totally different and SO MUCH MORE - and oh, I kind of fell then for everyone but inexpectedly especially for Jim, HARD (I always was and will always be a Spock’s girl, but rediscovering Kirk with adult eyes made me finally understand how glorious that character truly is).


This movie. Damn. Just. Damn. So much beauty, you know. The story. The text. The visuals. Everything. And it has very little to do with the facts that I love camping and that I'm a coast person. It SO goes beyond that, huh. To keep it simple: I needed a dose of Ben, had been wanting to see that movie for some time (I mean, so much love on Tumblr, must be good, right, tear jerker or not…), and then THUD, just got a dose of WOW. It's going to resonate in me forever.


I got interested in Holmes after the first Ritchie's movie (because it was SO different from my childhood cartoons memories and soooooooooo not boring - Holmes is crawling on the floor ??? holmes is in fact dark and crazy and fascinating ??? and watson kicks ass ??? and omg the interaction between those 2 is just too much and all) Anyway, that got me reading the Conan Doyle's stories (I'm not finished though: RL, huh, never enough time), and I fell even more for it all and then WOW the bbc version, such original yet such literally, textual adaptation (I'm SOOOOO glad I read some originals before, it's like he, that's in a story, and he, that too, and he ...), THUD - couldn't help it, I got obsessed...

Brokeback Mountain: the first movie that got me to actually WRITE:

The landscapes and the music are really amazing, the actors are just SOOOOOO perfect, and the story is just SOOOO strong. I'm normally not the crying type, but it really touched me, deep, deep, deep. All this passion and desire and longing and love (I swear, the "meeting again" kiss is the strongest kiss i ever saw in a movie, it reminded me of what it is like to really long for someone ... we used to be countries apart for years, my man and me, and this kiss is just SO true with how you feel then when you meet again after awhile ... and we never had to wait for 4 years !!...) and so much sorrow and waste and unsaid and undone and regrets and well, missed lifes... it's just so true and so painful. The end is really awful, though it gives us again one of the most beautiful moments ever in film history (the shirts ...!!) Anyway, it became right away one of the few movies which, in a way or another, had touched me so deep that they actually ARE a part of myself. The others are The Big Blue (1988), Leon (1994) and Interview with a Vampire (1994), so it doesn't happen that often... (PS : Additions to the list since then: Into the wild / Revolutionary Road / Third Star)

Heath Ledger died since, and it really felt bad. Still does. Not that I knew him, but I've always been fond of him (I mean, he was just mindblowing), and after seeing Brokeback and his heartbreaking interpretation of Ennis, he was one of my precious few, which had known how to touch my heart in such a special way. All this talent now gone to waste, while he had so so much to give, it's just sad. And he was my age too, so it felt maybe close to home. Anyway, I decided then that I should sort of keep him alive, at least in my head. I've read fanfics for long, since the "Buffy" time, but I never wrote anything. I sure always had enough stories in my little head, but they just never made it until paper or screen life before...

And in the end, there is no tragedy by GRock87 reviews
A continuation of the lives that James left behind. Because the lives that we lose are never forgotten, never truly. There is memory in the land and in the sea and in our hearts. Written right after I watched Third Star.
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A Pon Farr story without actual sex (yes, I'm probably crazy). Starts soon after Jim comes back from the dead (STID). Soon to be beta-ed (yeahhhh) :) Mostly fluff and silliness. Contains also flashbacks/backstories, and here and there (starting with the title) TOS quotes because I just can't help it :)
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A restart reviews
Missing bit in my head from the end of episode III of the BBC Parade's End brilliant adaptation of F.M.Ford's book. Written just after seeing EP3, because it just needed to be done. Silly little way to release some steam and frustration of my own about those two, huh.
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