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first off, im a dinosaur. don't cross me.


I'm Joanna. I'm seventeen. And a chick. I'm a nigerian-american princess, and i love food. all kinds of food. but mostly junk food. i have an unhealthy addiction to skittles. i'm working on it.

I'm five foot ten. and yes, i do play basketball. and track. those are my two main sports, but i'm a big fan of soccer.

i love music. it's my life.

hiphop is my favorite.

i know everybody hates it, but it makes me happy. but thats not all. i like r&b, pop, indie pop, nigerian pop, old skool rap, 80's music, and that kind of music that can't be catagorized.

blackeyedpeas, tlc, beyonce, jay-z, audiopush, james brown, usher, earth wind and fire, snoop dogg, taio cruz, b.o.b, eminem, fiftycent, busta rhymes, jason derulo, drake, rihanna, lil wayne, nicki minaj, shontelle, alicia keys, dj khalid, isley brothers, 3oh3, bruce springsteen ke$ha, vampire weekend, freezepop, violent femmes, katy perry, trey songz, fabolous, justin timberlake, whitney houston, tina turner, pat benatar, vanilla ice, slick rick, wutang clan, notorious b.i.g, outkast, will smith, enrique iglesias, ABBA, beastie boys, the bee gees, chaka khan, billy joel, kris kros, daddy yankee, kool and the gang, annddd... jeez, there are so many more. SO MANY MORE.


micheal jackson.

he is king.

i love him.

lovelovelove every single song this man ever put out. i don't think ive ever cried for a celebrity death before his. i cried for days.

love him.

umm... acting? yeah, kinda my passion. and you know what? even though my school barely has a theater program, i got into the second best school for acting in the country, all by myself. and my sister, she helped me when i was nervous. im going to nyu: tisch school of the arts and i couldn't be more excited. so one day, im gonna be a star. basically.


maximum ride. love the series. love the fanfictions even more.

nudge is my favorite charecter, followed by iggy. so, kinda duh, i love niggy. alot.

fax too, but not nearly as much.

eggy can go jump in a lake. no offense ella.


love it. have loved it since the first season. of course, if it was a zutara/taang/sukka thing, id probably love it even more.

and im really nervous about the movie.

mostly because sokka and katara are white.


i love to read.

i am theultimate book nerd.

it's ridiculous. i have three libraries on speed dial, and sometimes id rather go to the library than the mall.

ok, not sometimes.

most of the time.

i like xmen evolution. guilty pleasure. and kurrty, romy, jott, and loro

and sweeny todd. freaky, but yummy.


im gonna marry dwight howard. he is a god. he's the center on orlando magic. and i love him. and he loves me.

showtunes. i like showtunes.

and glee. and everybody hates chris. and chuck. and basically all of nick @ nite. and wife swap.

i don't know why i watch wife swap. its addictive.

and super sweet sixteen. i don't know why i love it.

maybe its cause i love to hate the brats :)

i am weird. i hate subtlety. i love loud noises. sometimes i make quiet people nervous. i'm a bit of a tomboy, but i kinda sorta adore fashion. I've been editor of my school's yearbook since sophomore year. Im in loads of clubs. NHS, Student Council, Interact, Forensics, Culture Club, QuizBowl... and theater and basketball and track... so im a little busy sometimes. i'm a hardcore catholic, or at least i try to be. i'm a first generation nigerian-american. yes, nigeria is in africa. also, i am a nigerian princess. no lie, i am. i can give you a family tree. i kill seven people, and i could rule over approximatley 1000 people in a village near lagos. um... i like to make up my own words. if you're confused, just ask.


i think thats it.

alrighty then, go down and READ and reveiw MY STORIES!!

"Party Hard-Rock-N'-Roll, were the class you can't control, guys are pimpin, girls are fine, were not the class of '09! When '07 is graduated and gone, '08 will party on, '09 will think they got class, but 2010 will always kick ass!

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