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I am what I am…hiding everything within…unreachable... unfeeling.

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April 22, 2004
Ei guys! long time no see! I've just uploaded my Chapter 3 of FMIYE, hope you like this one.
And for those who read my story, MTBB, I’m sorry but I still have to find where the hell my files go. (stupid computer, has many virus that eats my fics!)
nywz, I also uploaded my first one-shot fic, about the letter of Meiling to Syaoran... it's called 'A Backstage in My Thoughts' hope you like that one too. so that's it for today for I have some writer's cramps and I need to prepare for the tournament this coming may 2. so that's it! ja!

April 26, 2004
Wow! I’m really overwhelmed at the reviews on my story FMIYE! Thanks guys! (teehee!) this is the best birthday gift for me! if you haven't notice it's my bday today and I’m 18 now! (cheers! cheers! cheers!) thank you very much! I’ll try to upload it as soon as possible, promise! but for now, please bear with me for I have an injury in my right hand because of our last game in futbol. (and sad to say but I’m not ambidextrous) so it's hard for me to type. so, thanx again and just continue to read and review my stories! ok? arigatou gozaimasu!

April 28, 2004
Hmmm.. people are so demanding nowadays... but oh well, I still want to thank you guys for your beautiful reviews! Though I hope it's long for I love reading long, inspirational reviews! hehehe! nways, I’ve updated chapter5 of FMIYE, so I hope you'll find time to read it. ok? I also hope to get some reviews on ABTMT story. please! please! please! give me some reviews! so that's it! tnx again!

April 29, 2004
Hanyaaaan! I really loooove your reviews! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
whew ummm... I just want to thank you guys for your great reviews, but please understand that from this day forward, I may not be updating very fast for I’ll be a frequent customer of the hospital 'coz I have an injury in my left knee. (I think they told me about quitting football... but hell no! I will not submit to that!) if that happen... then one of my dreams will crumble! wah! I don't want that to happen! so please, pray for me, ok? and just continue on reviewing and thanks again!

April 30, 2004
ei, what do we have here... wai! I’ve got 56 reviews! this is really a record for me... but as I was saying, I’m sorry for the future long delay for I need to rest my whole body.. and I’m somewhat banned at the computer for our bills rising like a volcano! hehehe! so that’s it, thanks!

May 3, 2004
Itai! my skin hurts, my body hurts, my head hurts! (I’m such a big mess today!) we had our tournament yesterday and guess what! I have the worst sunburn in the history of mankind! for our team decided that we should wear racer-back tops and the that's a very stupid idea if the futsal is in open place! and my parents keep on scolding me about the stupidity of our team! they keep on telling me that we should just wore a t-shirt because the ozone layer is slowly vanishing, making the sun to become harmful, (geez, talk about science!) anyway's I tried to upload my chapter 6 of FMIYE so I hope you'll love this one for this is the time wherein Syaoran will discover about Sakura's identity. so that's it! more reviews! but as I was saying I will be a slow poke this time for my sunburn really bugs me! (I kept on pouring water on my shoulders for it really hurts!) so, that's it for today! buhbye!

May 13, 2004
Wazzup! if you're reading my profile now then congartz! for I’m announcing that I’ll be uploading the next chapter in fmiye maybe tomorrow or next day after that! shhh... it's a secret, though! tee hee! I’m so happy that I got 82 reviews! demo, I’ll be happier if I get 100. hahaha! am really that aspiring author! bwehehehe! soduzit! ja! please review my other stories!

May 14, 2004
O My Gosh! staff has reformatted their site! and I’m getting dizzy 'coz the structure of my story didn't resulted as I planned it to be! wahhh! I’m sorry dear readers! I just hope that they'll brought back the old format so I can upload easy...

May 15, 2004
Hah! now I know how the things in the edit chapter works! (am I genius or what!) I’ve updated a newer and I can say a less grammatical errors in chapter 7 of FYIME! wahahaha! I’m sorry for those who read it earlier! I re-read my works and my eyes pooped out when I found out that there were really many errs in my fic! bow bow GOMEN NASAI! hmmm... as I was saying, thank you for the people who read it! ja ne!

May 22, 2004
Hiyee ppolz! I’ve updated chapter 8 of my FMIYE, it's so kawaii! hahaha! I just hope you love it!

May 27, 2004
OMG! I don't like what's happening to me! I’m totally having a writer's block... it's just, I suddenly felt lazy and bored writing my fics.OMGOMGOMGOMG! please, sum1 help me! hehehe! another one of my blabbing schemes! gomen nasai!

May 29, 2004
OMG! I’ve updated another chap! read and review, ok!

June 3, 2004
I've updateD! keep on reviewing! welcome to Hong Kong!

June 8, 2004
ATTENTION! I’m sorry if I haven't posted my new story... I’ll be planning to do it within this week but not today... gomen, ne. hope you understand... we have classes now... so I’ll have another problem to think about. bow gomen nasai.

June 11, 2204 (I’ve updated on 9th)
hahaha! now I know! I really sucked at summaries! people always told me that one... I dunno... maybe I’m not really gifted in that part... hmmm... thanks for thos who reviewed my chappy 11! arigatou!

June 14, 2004
OMG! Nursing is really hectic! I can't even surf the net! >( cya! gtg! need to study! ja!

August 22, 2004
Oi! long time no see ah! hehehe! i'm really sorry for the long update! hope you forgive me!

Oct 17, 2004
Waii! i've updated yesterday and i'm really happy that you liked it! keep on reading, demo, i'll be bc now... so be patient!

May 17, 2005
Wow! it's been ages since i've updated. oh well, here's another chappy for you dear readers! but please bare with the lay-out, i don't know what happened. but don't worry, as soon as i could fix it, i'll inform you, ok?

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Shy, stubborn Kinomoto Sakura becomes a student teacher for the grouchy Mr. Li Syaoran, a history teacher in an everyday American high school. S&S, incomplete, being revised.
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§ ‘Finding Myself In Your Eyes’ § reviews
“You’re Li Syaoran?”“So, what? Wait…don’t tell me that you’re a gay?”- Running away from Japan isn’t as easy as living with the most wanted bachelor in HK, especially if you're disguising as a man! ‘To fall...? Or not to fall...?’-that is the question.SS
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one-shot fic. A letter of love and understanding... (ddc8ed to my friends jiaoxi and shei-shei and to their bestfriends)
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The Canvas reviews
FINISHED yay! the last chapter!... I find it rather amazing… how we’ve come to know each other and eventually became friends, Life has its miracles… and finding you, Sakura, is a reason enough to believe in one--Li Syaoran
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The Last Mission reviews
syaoran was sent by the elders to go back in japan after 4 years for a mission but wait... the problem is, the elders didn't tell syoaran what's the real mission! and sakura's having a miserable life! S+S and please R+R... i made it PG-13 4 d curses
Card Captor Sakura - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 39,294 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 11/25/2003 - Published: 3/8/2002
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it's about syoaran and sakura making a promise when they were five that they'll meet again after five years, but something happened... sakura lost her memories of syaoran and syaoran forgets all about sakura... what will happen next is for you to find out
Card Captor Sakura - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,479 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Published: 2/9/2002