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Poll: I know you're all desperete to see your fave smashers in my fanfic, and you can see which order they are going to appear in. but which one are you most deseperate to see next? NOTE: THE RESULTS WILL NOT CHANGE CURRENT PLANNED PLOTLINE. Vote Now!
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Author has written 3 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Punch-Out!!, and My Little Pony.

at last! I've got something up! i hope...

things that must have bricks thrown at them:


- PlayStation's. how can a games console with NO DECENT GAMES sell so well? it's about time we started doing something about it. NOW.

- people who write a perfectly good story, then WITHOUT WARNING add naruto/yaoi/master chief/(insert stupid irrelevant element here). i came for smash bros, people. jeez.

- people who think that Mario x Peach is a bad thing. why? doesn't Mario deserve a girlfriend? surely Peach must have some feelings towards him?

- really, really, REALLY stupid named OC's. I'm looking at you, Gamecube Slivermoon. seriously, WTF?

-and my newest source of rage: wii music haters. come on guys, it's not the last nail in the wii's coffin! the sound quality is decent (apart from a few insruments), the song list isn't that bad if you play it right and so what if it doesn't have a song creator? guitair hero's song creator can only create total garbage, which wii music can beat by miles! wii music is not stupid, it's just missing a few things. like a church organ. how the hell did they miss that one?

trivia about my story, super smash bros-when universes unite:

-in case you didn't get what i said at the end of chapter 3, this means the charecters join in this order - Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, Yoshi, Fox, Samus, DK, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Ness, Captain Falcon Punch, Peach, Zelda, Ice Climbers, Bowser, Ganondorf, Falco, Marth, Mr Game And Watch, Diddy Kong, Metaknight, Pokemon Trainer, Lucas, Ike, Pit, Olimar, Wario, King Dedede, Toon Link, Lucario, Wolf, R.O.B., Snake and finally Sonic.

-Brawl, the main OC in the story, was originally planned to wear black trousers and sweater, like a school uniform. however,(1)the author decided that was too mary sue, and (2) it's hard to make a "good" character wear black.

-the Jim Carrey joke in chapter three came up when the author had to complete the following sentence - "yeah, and I'm _". looking for a name to fill the gap, the author picked up the nearest DVD, and wrote down the only name shown on the front. the name, of course, was Jim Carrey, and the DVD was An Unfortunate Sequence Of Events.

-in this story, the ancient minister is not THE R.O.B., but rather a power hungry R.O.B. that betrayed it's people.

UPDATE: Hi! still not dead, folks. but SSB:WUU is kinda on hiatus. but i've put a new punchout story up, so if you just distract yourselfs with that, that'll be great. kay-thanks-bye!

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