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Author has written 15 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, My Little Pony, and My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア.

Hello, and welcome!

All Stories & Author's Notes:

Through the Flames and Fire: [Cover by HexaFruit] My very first fan fiction ever written. More of a writing exercise than a proper fanfic, admittedly, but we all have to start somewhere. For those not in the know, the title is a rather stupid play-on-words on the Dragonforce song "Through the Fire and Flames". My first review on this fic, by Frozen Nitrogen, also marks my very first review ever, and I'm happy to say that it included helpful constructive criticism. I still don't think I'm very good at descriptions, but I try.

I tried to continue this fic, make it multi-chaptered. I failed. You can still read Chapter 2, but F&F is officially a oneshot.

The Other Empire: Ah, this fic. I tried to stuff everything into this fic. You can't really tell by the first chapters I published, but there was so much stuff planned. And that was a big mistake. I acted like I'd only have one chance to ever write a fic, so I'd better use every single idea I have in my head for this one big one. It was overwhelming, I couldn't keep track of my plot. So it was canceled. I've been reusing ideas from that fic in other fics, though—see the final "chapter" for details on that. The big twist and several conceptual beats were reused for Applied Starlight, specifically.

Savour Night: [Cover by Smattila] I came up with this poem in the middle of the night, when I was trying to sleep. I got up, found a pen and a piece of paper, and wrote it down. Then the next morning I typed it out and published it. Everything Sonic says about himself has some sort of "justification", though in some cases they're really subtle (and the kind of thing only someone half-asleep would think of).

I for some reason still really like the line "But I know / Worry has a set speed".

Post Dream Repercussions: [Cover by misukisu123] I dislike this fic. I don't like that other people like it.

Taste the Day: I like the idea behind this, but I don't think I wrote it well. It's a bit forced.

Bright White Walls: I hated this one at first, but I later went back and revised and rewrote parts of it, so I don't really mind it anymore. I was going to make a sequel for Sonic's next birthday, where the the events of this fic were seen from Sonic's point-of-view (*gasp* Did he make it out alive? Dun-dun-dun.) but I never got around to it.

I Am the Wind: Genre: Poetry/Parody. Characters: Omochao/Topaz. That is all.

Erase Time and Space: [Cover by Luc Boonen] This...really isn't a Sonic fanfic. Not really. It's more like original fiction which I forced the Sonic characters into. I wrote a revised version (renamed "A Small Piece of Foam") that removed all the Sonic elements (along with cleaning up a bunch of other things I didn't like and making it a bit more focused in general) so I could use it for an English project. I definitely think that version is much better than what's published here. But I like what's published here anyway. =)

It's My Destiny: This fic was me attempting to write a angsty romance fic. I failed so miserably. But instead of giving up, I asked my friend shattered petal to write it for me. And, for some reason, she actually did it. *sweatdrop* Yeah, kinda stupid, but...I just wanted to see the fic completed.

When she moved accounts, pretty much all of her 100 fics were deleted, except for a small few she saved. This fic wasn't one of them. Good thing, then, that I keep full backups of anything online that I never want to see deleted (I've become paranoid after seeing so many fics be deleted, so many videos taken down, so many sites go offline...). You can read it here: [FFN doesn't allow external links anymore. I guess PM me if you're really desperate to read it? But why would you?]

A Day on the Island of Angels: [Cover by jr9000] This fic is so stupid...but I still laugh occasionally when re-reading it. I think the ending could've been improved—the fourth wall didn't need shattering that badly—but at the time I didn't know how to end it, so I just wrote the first thing that came to mind. =/ Anyway, I'm proud of this one, just for crack-humor's sake.

Dinner's Ready: This fic was inspired by The Veldt, a short story written in 1950. I basically just took the idea and applied it to Cream the Rabbit. I eventually decided I didn't like this one, so I deleted it. However, it can still be read here: https://www(period)deviantart(period)com/notknownlight/art/Dinner-s-Ready-157492242

Sweet Sweet Sweet: Oh my, Sweet Sweet Sweet. My, oh my.

This fic was specifically written for me, and for me only. Not for anyone else. As I've said before, everything in this fic is a metaphor, even to the point of making the overall fic worse in order to fit in a metaphor. But, the thing is...while the last chapter was specifically written with more "general" metaphors in mind, so that it could be figured out rather easily, the rest of the fic references in-jokes and tons of things only I would understand. I tried to make the fic reasonably entertaining to people that aren't me, but that wasn't the focus. *sweatdrop*

I notice that no one paid any attention to the name of the fic. The very name "Sweet Sweet Sweet" is a very blatant allusion in itself that may help you understand what's going on a lot better.

Amusement: [Cover by Dragon-Star-Pro] It's called "Amusement" because it was written for my own amusement, when I was stuck in my step-dad's sign shop for hours with no internet access. Amusingly, for a very long time it was my most-faved fic, before finally being beaten by Applied Starlight. Considering the story is comedy pseudo-shipfic, I'm not very surprised that it was my most popular story for so long.

Dawn of a Generation: [Cover by Rorisu] I almost think of this fic as an "apology" for SSS being so stupid to people who aren't me. I kinda wish I had spent more time on this fic. I basically just had the idea, sat down, wrote it quickly, then threw it out the door. This story is a fantastic example of Death of the Author because 100% of reviewers misunderstood what I was trying to say with it, which is entirely my bad. Oh well. I still like it.

On a related note, Ctrl-F says that I used twenty-four em dashes (long dashes) in this fic. I didn't even notice. I seriously need an editor.

Private: Another fic I sat down, wrote, then threw out the door. But unlike Dawn, I don't mind in this case. Dawn was supposed to be a tribute to Sonic. This is almost the exact opposite. XD I like second-person narration, I wish it was used more often.

Applied Starlight: [Cover by AquaGalaxy, commissioned by me!] In the last chapter of The Other Empire, I said that the most important part of the story was its ending. While TOE was cancelled, I said that I planned to reuse the ending for another story, and whatever that story is—whether a Sonic fanfic or not—it would be considered the rewrite of The Other Empire. Well, this is that story.

You may remember that when I published Erase Time and Space, I was immediately requested by multiple people to write a sequel, for some reason. At first I laughed at the idea, but later on I warmed up to it and said that, yes, at some point I'd like to write a "sequel" of sorts to Erase Time and Space. This is that story.

To this day, Sweet Sweet Sweet is the strangest story I've ever written. That fic was designed like a puzzle—I challenged the readers to figure out what happened in the real world by decoding the ridiculous events and metaphors in the characters' dreams. Unfortunately, I wrote this story improperly and made it too vague and ambiguous, so it's impossible to figure out. I said that one day I'd like to try writing a "puzzle" story again, except this time making sure the solution is actually solvable. This is that story.

When I noticed that I had no drive to write fan fiction anymore, and that my FFN account was essentially dead, I decided that I had to leave with a bang. Hell no would Private be my final fic. I set out to write the grand finale to this account, with references to tons of my previous works even beyond the three I just mentioned. My goal was to write the best, most over-the-top thing I'd ever written, something that was purely, undeniably a story by Unknownlight.

This is that story. I'm proud of it.

git good: Somehow, Palpatine Unknownlight returned.

This is my best story, and it's not close. I'm not sure why ten years later I suddenly had the urge to write fanfiction again, but life works in mysterious ways sometimes. I don't expect to write anything else, but hey, maybe in another ten years the urge will come again.

I said before that Applied Starlight was the grand finale to my career as a fanfic writer... and to an extent, that's still true! This story is filled with references to Applied Starlight because I just couldn't help myself. Applied Starlight, in turn, is a vague spiritual successor to The Other Empire (in terms of the plot twist I was so proud of, and literally nothing else about it). In the end, it all links back to The Other Empire, which is so funny. You have no idea how funny it is to me that this awful fic I wrote when I was 13 still has a vague impact on the types of stories that I tell.

Possible Future Projects: lol none of this will be written. Preserved for posterity.

Title: Bamboozlement Blue

What it is: "Insanity reigns when a single, small use of time travel explodes into a seemingly neverending quest for Sonic and Tails to find their way through the tangled webs of time and prevent the formation of a universe-destroying paradox."

It's essentially "Double Rainbow" but with Sonic characters. Different plot and everything, of course, but an identical premise and structure. I'm writing this because I really enjoyed "Double Rainbow", but, even though I appreciated what it was trying to do, I was rather disappointed with its ending.

So I figure that if you want a job done right, you've gotta do it yourself.

Progress: Four chapters written.

Title: End the In

What it is: Sonic messes around with time travel, and things go horribly wrong. Tragedy fic?

Progress: Cancelled, in lieu of Bamboozlement Blue stealing some of its ideas. May or may not rework later. May be written instead if I don't finish BBlue.

Title: (Untitled - The Complete Guide to Mary-Sues)

What it is: My OC Allyn the Armadillo plays teacher in a lesson about the many types of Mary-Sues, examples of them, and why they're bad. Less of a fan fiction and more of an actual guide.

Progress: I've written the first thousand words, and while I like what I've come up so far, I'm honestly thinking the fic might end up being...well, boring. I probably won't bother to finish writing this one.

Title: Saccharine Sweet

What it is: A theoretical faux-sequel to Sweet Sweet Sweet. It would be unrelated to the plot of the first, but fit in all the ideas I didn't have have the room to write (stupid plot...getting in the way of ideas...). May be humour-based rather than the mishmash of humour and drama and tragedy Sweet Sweet Sweet is. Or maybe not.

Progress: I honestly have no idea whether I'm going to write this or not. There's still a lot of stuff I still need to do before I start even thinking about this one. Nevertheless, I have been thinking about it. XD If I do end up going to the effort of writing this, I'd probably want to go full-out and make this a trilogy ("The Sweet Series"). The third would be called "Sayonara Sweet". Of course, this is all theoretical.

The Legal Disclaimer

In the following, "I" refers to the FanFiction.Net user "Unknownlight", with the userid of "1605506" and alias "Ryan Miles":

I own everything.

"Everything" – Copyright Unknownlight, 2024

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Sonic becomes trapped in an alternate world with a version of himself so different he's almost unrecognisable. But he soon learns they are more alike than he thinks. In the end, it all comes down to a simple choice. AU, Fleetway & SegaSonic crossover
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Midoriya Izuku's quirk is Git, the distributed version control system designed to track changes in source code and resolve conflicts in nonlinear development workflows. Yes, really. I'm serious.
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Private reviews
This room has been reserved. Do not enter.
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Even from black to green and back again, he will always, until the very end, be blue.
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On Mt. Silver's summit sits Red, a fourteen year-old, and the most powerful Trainer in all of Kanto. But fourteen is much too young to truly be content with solitude. He must find amusement from somewhere in the lonely, desolate mountain peaks...
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Dreams: A visual display of the intricacies of life; a reveal of one's true thoughts and feelings; an outlet for the subconscious mind to form its judgements; a warped reflection of reality. Sleep tight.
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Every fictional character is a puppet, required to obey every action and line given to them. They have no independence. They have no freedom. They have no life. But a small piece of foam may fix that...
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For dawn will destroy it.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: K+ - English - Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 199 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Published: 3/14/2009 - Sonic - Complete
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