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Hello all! Just a few words about me :-)

I'm a Science Teacher currently living and working in Fiji. I love science fiction and fantasy but I also read and write in a ton of different genres. I was introduced to the Twilight world by the librarian at the school where I used to teach in Austin, Texas (thanks Shawn!) and have been in love ever since! I love all Twilight-related stories except those that are wildly OOC and I am not really a fan of All Human stories, either.

(Other story-lines I love: Labyrinth, SG1, Doctor Who, and Bones)

Daybreak: Complete Version

I uploaded this version of Dayreak strictly for the fans. If you have thought of printing it out, as some have already done, you know that it's a bit difficult going from chapter to chapter. This version is a single document...much easier to copy/paste. I don't know how long I will be leaving it up so please print it out and enjoy. :-)

One thing--just a wish I'd like to send out into the void: PLEASE REVIEW! If anyone out there really wants me to continue and write something new and/or complete something they love--REVIEWS = LOVE. I see the numbers of people reading my story and that does indeed warm the heart. But nothing can compare with reviews :-)

Just a thought...


The Golden Chocolate Awards: "Daybreak" for Best Drama , Best Romance, and rainbowjellyfish for Best Author. Check out the site for other nominations both Daybreak and rainbowjellyfish have received.


Why did I write 'Daybreak'?

First of all...I love the Twilight books! I was addicted from the moment I started reading and have loved every minute of it. I also followed all of SM's interviews and thoughts that she allowed us, her loving and supportive fans, to know. In doing so I was very happy to hear that BD was going to be more like Twilight. It was supposed to have the same romantic bonding in it that caught our attention and captured out hearts. It was to be more Bella and Edward centered...taking the fans back to the Twilight love fest. Unfortunately, BD was not like Twilight (In fact Bella had become the dreaded 'Mary Sue!). BD did not, in my humble opinion, have the same or even close to the same romantic vibe, the depth of bonding, that I felt when reading Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse. I craved THAT ending to the story...not another beginning.

And then I remembered this site...a site that had gotten me through months of waiting for BD. And I had myself been writing my own stories (none published) for a while...so the thought came to me, "Why don't I try to write what I thought was going to happen and what seemed to be the collective vibe of what others felt (at least emotionally) would happen?"

So there you have it. I hope that my story entertains those of you who are sweet enough to read it. I'm writing it for me and my friends and anyone who loves anything to do with the Twilight world!


p.s. At the end of Eclipse we were given a brief glimpse of a very much more matured Bella. She had finally seen that her actions had an affect on others and was trying to take some measure of responsibility for her present and future actions, since those of the past were done and done. 'Daybreak' explores that Bella...not the whiny, complaining, selfish Bella that upset so many readers like myself while reading the majority of Eclipse. Bella's saving grace at the end of Eclipse was that she finally got it/saw it...knew that she needed to start looking at things through other people's eyes and hearts. I loved that Bella! So, for all you out there who have yet to read 'Daybreak'--take this into account when and if you do. And for all of Daybreak's wonderfully loyal fans--you know who you are--this is the celebration of what I feel SM was trying to get at when she had Bella finally grow up.

p.p.s. And just say no to 'Mary Sue' Bella! Please!! :-)

Here's what a few wonderful readers have had to say about Daybreak:

"This is honest to god, one of the most amazing stories I've ever read!
THIS was my Breaking Dawn! This was what I was waiting so long for! This should have been the way Breaking Dawn was supposed to be!
There was romance, and trust, and suspence, and danger!
This story is the real deal!" ~~ by Amatomis

"I absolutely love Daybreak...it seems so much more..."Twilight" than Breaking Dawn did to me. There was so much thought put into it and the depth of the storyline made it real, believable. It's obvious that as a writer you care about your stories...I feel confident saying I've read almost every story out there worth reading and feel you are one of the great writers on here!" ~~ by Abigail Tracey

"Dear rainbowjellyfish,
I do not know where to begin. Your fan fiction is wonderful. I admire your balance between creativity and simplicity. I must also commend you for staying so close to the original characters. When I read your fan fiction, it actually feels like something Stephenie Meyer might write and Edward or Bella might say. I am so impressed by your work and eagerly await the next part."
~~by lilroses89

"Gripping story, glorious suspense - I couldnt put it down...fast-forwarding 50 years at the end made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up - we've been used to reading about Bella in the here and now. It was mindblowingly eerie thinking of the Cullens way in the future after Bella's relatives are no longer there, as it has been for the others - that for me was the killer and the whole "forever" thing hit like a ton of bricks for me!! I sobbed my heart out at that point." ~~ by CullenFest

"Ok, so I originally discovered this story back in December and was pleasantly surprised. As one of the rare few who did subsequent, multiple read-throughs of Breaking Dawn and grew to love it, (fell in love with it really) I wasn't sure about this at first. It could be said that Breaking Dawn is an acquired love,but I do love it and am sometimes resistant to these kind of re-tellings, but you did some wonderful things here with this. Your re-telling did draw me and absorb me and you do a wonderful job of presenting your own creative and unique twist on this. You have provided some deep layers in terms of Bella and Edwards relationship as they transition into the intimate and physical phase of their married relationship... I love the intimacy and continued vulnerability that occurs because Bella is still fragile as a newborn. She always thought her being stronger and indestructible would mean Edward's overprotective habit would die,but this presents a much different take... It takes some skill to present existing material with fresh new eyes, but you handled this well and this becomes riveting in its own way. I was drawn in and became absorbed with this story despite my initial reservations. You have created something that is pure and unique in its own right and I look forward to seeing more... So,I still love Breaking Dawn in its original form, even if it is the red-headed stepchild of the series, but you have done some fine work here." ~~by ClOsEt FaN 71

"...Great style, great plot, wonderful respect of the characters! I stumbled upon your story just hours ago and I must say that it's got me addicted!" ~~ by louisianagirl900

"This has been an exhilarating past two days of reading. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed Daybreak and am breathlessly awaiting your next installments." ~~by cullencrazed2

"I have read a lot of fan fiction in the last few months and only a few have touched me. Yours is one of them." ~~ by MrsYonk

"I really appreciate the time and effort you have taken to produce a well written and well thought out story." ~~ by radioactive77

"Man, this is an exquisite story that is so much better than Breaking Dawn!" ~~ by Transfiguration

"I have been searching fanfiction for a really good and long story to take with me on a 12hr trip on a charter bus. Yours was the one!! I LOVE it!!" ~~ by absorbedbytwilight

"The character development in this story is absolutely fabulous." ~~ by Kitten2909

"I found your story today and it is one of the most phenomenal pieces that I have ever read. The emotion and description that you put into your writing takes my breath away. The plot was beyond words and, for once, I am utterly speechless on a story. It's so much more realistic, yet doesn't dwindle, it captures attention throughout the whole piece." ~~ by DescendingWolves

"I just finished your story and I just wanted to say that I truly love it. Seriously, it's the best story I have ever read on the site, both in terms of staying true to the characters and basic plot but also for coming up with a new storyline that reflects the work of a passionate and greatly accomplished writer. I honestly do not think Stephanie Meyer could have written it better." ~~ by dogluvr2PG

Special thanks to loopylinzee and diamondbutterflies for their constant support and suggestions that make writing these stories so rewarding and fun! You guys rock!

I'm using an online program called "Buzzword" to write my chapters right now. It's an Adobe Acrobat program. I'm really loving it! You guys should check it out. It's free, BTW. www.buzzword.com or www.acrobat.com

Zenith extra stuff:

Primarily 'Daybreak'--Here are a few links for some of the places and/or things found in my stories:

(The Arizona Desert)

Area near ranch:


Here are the final sites for the location of the house in Arizona:

The private plane used in Daybreak: It's a Gulfstream 550 super medium jet

Locations in Italy described in Daybreak:

(Palazzo Mocenigo)

(House rented by Cullens while in Venice)

Information regarding Daniele da Volterra and the Etruscan Guarnacci Museum:

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