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Hiya's! My name's Suzie and I'm a 17 year old Final Fantasy and Furuba fan that would do pretty much anything to get Advent Children: Complete and the Furuba manga series! I love reading and writing fanfics, especially Reno and Yuffie ones. I am obsessed with Relenas, Reffies and, sadly, Jonas Brothers fics... I know, epic fail... I did have stories posted, but when I got over Twilight, I deleted them. So, I'm mainly going to try write Relenas (I'm very critical with my own work, so I might not post), but who knows, I may even write some for other random things I find interesting! XP

FaVe ColoUr: Red

FavE ShADE: Black

FavE SonG: Knives and Pens- Black Veil Brides

FavE MovIe: Juno- Ellen Page Is The Bomb!! (I don't think I'll ever change that...)

LoVes: Reno, Yuffie, Final Fantasy VII/X, Kingdom Hearts, My Guitar, Gallagher Girls, Vampie Academy, House Of Night, Kingdom Hearts, Sims2/3, NCIS, Wuthering Heights (I'm a sucker for classics), Fruits Basket and MUSIC!! P.S: I also love Glee!!

DiSlikES: Spiders, Twilight, crazy obsessive Twilight fans, Miley Cyrus, Stupid Disney Wannabes and Techno!! It's not music, it's RUBBISH!

FavE PaiRings:










Josh/ Cammie

Dimitri/ Rose

Heathcliff/ Cathy

Jenny/ Gibbs

Puck/ Quinn

Rachel/ Finn

Finn/ Kurt

Tohru/ Kyo

Yuki/ Tohru

Kyo/ Yuki

Haru/ Rin

The Grand List Of Console Role-Playing Games Cliches- Blame QueenAlla!

Let's Start From The Very Beginning (Yuna Rule)
Whenever there is a sequel to an RPG that features the same main character as the previous game, that character will always start with beginner skills. Everything that they learned in the previous game will be gone, as will all their ultra-powerful weapons and equipment.

The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God (Cloud Rule)
The more outrageous his hairstyle, the more important a male character is to the story.

Aeris's Corollary
Just as the main male character will always use a sword or a variant of a sword, the main female character will always use a rod or a staff of some sort

Zelda's Axiom
Whenever somebody tells you about "the five ancient talismans" or "the nine legendary crystals" or whatever, you can be quite confident that Saving the World will require you to go out and find every last one of them.

Place Transvestite Joke Here (Miss Cloud Rule)
If the male lead is required to dress up like a girl for any reason, he will be regarded by everyone as much more attractive than any "real" girl. If the female lead cross-dresses as a man, she will be immediately recognized as who she is by everyone except the male lead and the main villain.

If you've read this far, thanks!

This section is for random oddities that pop into my mind.

Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgment difficult.

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