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Author has written 16 stories for Inuyasha, and Avengers.

Well about time I updated this a little. I've always loved to write since I was in high-school. It's been a long time since I found my muse to write anymore until I discovered Loki! Since the Avengers I haven't stopped writing and my ideas seem to be endless.

Fanfiction for me has become a way to hone my writing skills as I begin to branch out toward publishing a novel of my very own. Constructive criticism is always welcomed as well as any advice that could help me with my long term intended goal!

As for my Fanfiction I post my chapters on on-going fics on Mondays and Thursdays!

My older work is currently in the transition of being edited and eventually the newer modified chapters will be up soon. I've improved quite a bit since I started this in Nov. 2013.

Also made a Facebook page for my Fanfiction.


You can also find me on Tumblr: Ladyyasumi

Although I have written Fanfiction that have different OC's that I have created I mostly spend my time and energy writing about Cephera. I've sort have taken her, as so many people fell in love with with, and have decided to find and write all kinds of ways her and Loki can meet and fall in love. I enjoy making each fic involving her different from the last and try my best to not duplicate things. Live decided to add a character profile regarding Cephera here.

Cephera Selestia Fair-O'Lite (Drogo)

Height: 5'1

Weight: 115-120 pounds

Eye color: Violet

Hair: Brown and wavy that reaches her lower back. Has one small braid starting at the base of her neck that ends a little longer then the rest of her hair. This was something she did in memory of her mother. She has pink streaks dyed into her hair.

Age: As I developed this character he age has varied but has recently been kept around 800 or more. She does hold immortality due to her strange birth circumstances.

Birth Circumstance: Cephera is what's know as a Heteropaternal superfecundation twin. Her twin sister and her share the same mother but different fathers. Her sisters father was alien and Cephera's was human. Growing within a womb next to her half alien sister it caused abnormalities in Cephera causing her to become immortal.

Other Oddities: Cephera is also able to copy magic from others. Her humanity makes it hard for her magic to be strong and she can only use the magic because she was blessed by an fallen angel for setting them free. Her sister shares the same mark.

Personality: Cephera has a childlike essence about her. A whimsical innocence. She enjoys simple things in life. She tries to see the good in everyone but there is not always good to be had. To some degree she feels like an outcast and a freak due to her unnatural talents and tries her best to appease and make friends with everyone around her to have a place to belong.

Family: Cephera's mother is usually killed by King Yorin who is her twins sister father. King Yorin eventually gets a point in his life where he accept Cephera as his adopted daughter. Over time I created her a guardian called Shiaji. A magical mechanical cat. It can change his size from tiny kitten size to a large beast Cephera could easily ride. He guards and protects Cephera and is not in all Fanfiction, but has slowly become a staple.

Overall I had a ton of different ways I wanted her to meet Loki and so over time began to tell a different tale with each Fanfiction. It's not often I change her look or personality but her age has changed to fit the contents of the story and sometimes her strength regarding her magic. In an upcoming fic I have changed things a little where King Yorin is actually her father and she is half alien, but that's not yet posted. :P

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