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oh haii (:

foar everyone.

im fizzy n.n i kinda suck at writing stuff soo apologies in advance. oh and btw, i created this account ages ago and thats why i have a weird username. i would change it but its wayy too much effort :L

age: 14

birthday: 12 august 1995 - therefore i am a PIG, born in 1995.

lives: England

hobbies: art +design, textiles, fashion, guitar +piano, riding, climbing, and i love skiing but thats hard in the uk ¬_¬ xD

music: the temper trap, gorillaz, the horrors, the passion pit, lostprophets, arctic monkeys, the big pink, blink 182, bloc party, blur, boys like girls, friendly fires, gary numan, green day, hellogoodbye, just jack, kasabian, katy perry, lady gaga, marmaduke duke, miike snow, my chemical romance, owl city, razorlight, robots in disguise, a static lullaby, snow patrol, sugarcult, the ting tings, vampire weekend, the wombats, 3OH!3

movies: amelie, bunny and the bull, sex drive, ice age, up, avatar, lost in translation

tv: true blood, mighty boosh, mock the week, never mind the buzzcocks, it crowd

books: i feel like i should have this here since it's a story website but im not a big reader :L but i liked the time travellers wife, and the knife of never letting go.

couples: 2Dxnoodle, a bit of 2Dxmurdoc (but sometimes the writing style just makes it suck, but i have read some good ones!), will turnerxben barnes (lmao). i HATE vincexhoward.

randoms: i love vampires (: v--v i am a massive true blood fan but what the hell is twilight. o_O biggest load of balls EVER. I HATE TWILIGHT. dont talk to me about it. it should die. and alsoo some people say im a scene kid but i wouldnt say i am im more of ... an indie girl (: i have a bit of an obsession with alex evans +im rly excited about the new gorillaz album :D i have a weird taste in music but fuck off i like them. rip alexander mcqueen. ): he was my practical idol ;_;

other extra:- this is some stuff thats going around the profiles ...

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so there you go

thats me (:

frum fizzy xxx

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