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Author has written 10 stories for Twilight, Ranma, Anime X-overs, Maximum Ride, and Princess Tutu.

NOTE: if u guys ever wanna talk via something else i have a Gaia account (x-Romantic-x-Tragedy-x) and an IMVU (LovedBut4EvaLoveless)


jk jk

no warnings...unless you're afraid of manga crazed, anime obsessed, pocky loving, horror movie guru, that writes, draws and reads A LOT!!

but no worries...i don't bite...i scare mwahahaha!

ANYWHOOOOOO...here is ma favs of stuffs!


1) "Brian, Brian ask me what I'm drinking?!" "What're you-" "I DON'T KNOW!!" (Brian & Scarlette)

2) "I'm hyper today. I blame the government!" "I blame your eating habits, NOW STOP EATING THE CHOCOLATE!" (Izzy & Scarlette)

3) "What color are Jesse’s eyes?" "Pfft, I don't know, hair?" (For the record, we have never seen this boy’s eyes his hair is so long!) (Izzy & Scarlette)

4) Looks at AIM icon of an eye "Oh I get it! Eyecon, right?" "Phil you have to be the only person to notice that!" (Phil & Izzy)

5) Watching Disturbia in a CROWDED theater "Is that...is that Louis? Is that Louis from Even Stevens! Ohmigod, it is Louis!! HI LOUIS!! (Amber)

6) "Aw, you were a cute baby!" "Wait, did you just say I'm a lesbian baby?" (Scarlette & Izzy)

7) (Disturbia character) "Your mom's hott" (someone in the back) "Ew, she's a lesbian!" (Guy behind us) "I'm a lesbian!" (NOTE: WE LOVE THIS GUY! HE MADE THE WHOLE MOVIE MORE INTERESTING)

8) Looks at two sisters n lil bro "Yeah, I've got three sisters" "What, do you like have a third sister you never told me about that got eaten by snakes or something" " How did you know about Tammy?!" (Scarlette & some person)

9) "We've been de-douched!" (Amber)

10) "You know what! I hope she gives him a hand job and gets Herpes and then wipes it all over her face! Then-BAM- FACE HERPES!" (Scarlette)

11) "Hello Sandwich, Imma eat joo now!" "Are you talking to your sandwich?" "No, what gave you that idea!" (Izzy & Izzy’s mom)

12) "My pants are vibrating!" (Loudly in the movies) (Kennedy)

13) (On the phone) "Hey sexy, what're you wearing? Take it off, take it all off" "Phil?!" "Mom?!" (Hangs up) "Dude did you just prank call your mom!" "Phil, get in here!!" (Phil & Phil’s mom)

14) (Walking out of Abercrombie. NOTE: I hate that place!) "Well the clothes are nice" "They're ugly!" "It smells good" "It reeks!" "The guys on the posters are cute" "They're gay!" (Izzy & Izzy’s mom)

15) "Oh, I wanna catch snowflakes on my tongue! Ahh! My eye!" "Leave it to Kennedy to get beat up by snow!" (Kennedy & Scarlette)

16) "Hey dad, can we light the cake on fire?" "No" (Silence) " Oh my god, oh my god, put it out, put it out!" (Izzy and Scarlette & Scarlette’s dad)

17) "Hey Scarlette, what do you think I'm drawing?" "I don't know, a fat guy on a rock?" "It's a puppy!" (Scarlette & Scarlette’s sister)

18) "The newly made vampires in Eclipse are called Newborns?" "Oh yeah, that's intimidating! Help me, Edward, help me! The babies have my arm!" (Anya & Scarlette)

19) "Okay, who am I?" (Hold fingers in middle of eyebrows and under nose) "A guy with a mustache and a unibr-PHIL!" (Anya & Izzy)

20) "Oh Craig's not going to like me leaving him home with a house of girls" "That's because he's gay, he's gay! Your son is GAY!" (From way downstairs) "Go to hell, Scarlette" (Scarlette’s mom, Scarlette, & Scarlette’s little bro)

21) "Ha! You're afraid of trucks!" "Says the person who's afraid of Mrs. Clause!" "I was at an impressionable age!" (Izzy & Scarlette)

22) "Anya doesn't play well with people or other dogs" "I don't get it" "He's calling me a bitch" "Oh, I get it!" (Brian, Anya, & Heidi)

23) (While playing Kingdom Hearts (all of us!) NOTE: game is in italics) "So what is Cloud doing?" "YOUR MOM!!" "Beats me" (Hysterical laughter) (Izzy, Scarlette, Anya, Kennedy, Amber, and Anya’s BF)

24) (Trying to get out of the tent during camping) Zip "John that's the window" "Oh, okay" Zip "John...that's the other window" Zip "John that's the window to the door!" "Suze help, I can't get out!" (Izzy’s aunt and uncle)

25) Teacher: "What's BAMF mean?" Michael: "Uh, nothing" Teacher: "It's on your project, what's it mean?" Michael: "Nothing" (Silence for all of a minute) Teacher: "Do you wanna have sex with Napoleon?" (Entire class cracks up)

26) (Watching a movie) "That guy looks like Billy Idol?" "You can't talk to Billy Idol like that?" "Ohhh! That explains it!" (Scarlette)

27) (Teacher on a class trip) "You can eat at any of the restaurants, except for Hooters! I don’t want you guys ruining my lunch there"

28) (Walking down the hall) "Wait you guys, my pants won't come off!" (Heidi)

29) "Ew this tastes like ass" "How do you know what ass tastes like?" "Cuz ass tastes like eggplant" “How do you know ass tastes like eggplant?” "Because it does" "Why?" "Just because!" (Scarlette & Amber)

30) "Hi, someone called me from this numb-" "MOOCOW!!" (Scarlette on the phone with some guy & Amber)

31) "Craig" "..." "Craig?" "..." "Craig, I'm talking to you!" "..." "Craig!" "..." "Hey, you with the face!" "What?" (Scarlette & Scarlette’s brother)

32) "It was horrible in there! It smelled nasty, and it was so dark that I tripped over three frickin mini tables! God I hate that place!" "Then why the hell'd you go in Abercrombie then!?" "We wanted to see how many dirty looks we'd get " (Izzy, Scarlette, and Amber & Anya)

33) "How many idiots does it take to buy a soda from a soda machine?" "Three apparently"(Brian & Scarlette) Izzy: all 3 of us were trying to get the thing to work after I broke it

34) “Come upstairs and let me pamper you” (5 ppl got up n left at this part in Sweeney Todd) “Where’re they going?” “They couldn’t handle ‘the gay’” (Izzy & Scarlette)

35) “So, how was the movie?” “Well, in the end he stabbed him and stabbed him and stabbed him, cut, stab, shank, stab, stab breathes…so, how was Alvin And The Chipmunks?” “Well, nobody got stabbed” “God, I hope not!” (Scarlette & Izzy’s mom)

36) (Amber chasing Izzy down the entire street) "I'M GONNA RAPE YOU UP THE ASS! TELL ME WHAT YOU SAID NOW!!" (Izzy & Amber)

37) (watching Across The Universe) “Oh, I get it! The closet is significant!” (Kennedy)

38) “And he’s going to play croquet (sp?) and not that sexy croquet like Gerard Way croquet” “Oh! You mean the croquet that makes you want to tap that! Hit the ball! Hit the ball! Oh yeah!!” (Scarlette & Amber)

39) (Over AIM) “I’M GONNA EAT YOU!!” (Scarlette)

40) “See this pot of boiling water! I’m gonna throw you in, make cat soup out of you, and it’ll taste like chicken and nobody will know, NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW!!” (Scarlette & her cat Sir Miltington)

41) “I mean they have more sex than turtles! (I start laughing hysterically) Wait, wait! I meant to say bunnies!” (Scarlette & Izzy)


43) “Damn you fat man! (he stole our table) (Izzy)

44) “Miranda, honey…if you snap your fingers at me one more time…I’m going to break them off and shove them in your eyes” (Our 8th grade science teacher)

45) “He said he was going to ‘work’…if that’s her real name!” (Kennedy)

46) (2 ppl walked past our S.S window n we all looked) “Yes! Look! It’s human beings being human!! Now if you’d all divert your attention back into my class that would be wonderful!” (My History teacher)

47) “Your mom is a cheese sandwich!” “Oh yeah, well, TA MERE UN SADNWICH FROMAGE!! Hah, French, bitch!” (Amber & Scarlette)

48) “He’s got Mommy’s eyes, mommy’s pretty, pretty- OH MY GOD!!” “What!?” “Don’t look at the computer screen! DON’T DO IT!!” (Scarlette & Izzy on Gin and Izuru’s children)

49) “Hey, Justin, turn around!” (Kid turns around and Amber throws a Pop Tart at his face) “Crazy good!!” (Amber)

50) “Are your boobs getting bigger?” (Izzy’s mom) (yelled out the car window in public n yet I wasn’t the least embarrassed)

51) (At the Breaking Dawn thing w/ the book) “Oh my God! Smell inside the book, it smells so good!” “It smells like sexy!” (Hysterical laughter) (Kennedy & Izzy)

52) “I think the Volturi will go to Edward and Bella’s wedding-“ “And DANCE!!” (Anya & Scarlette)

53) “Well I couldn’t tell who the guy was in the commercial because he was wearing a hood” “Hmm, maybe it was one of the Volturi?” “He was wearing a sweatshirt! What, is it casual Friday at the Volturi?!” (Izzy & Scarlette)

54) “EW! These apples taste like ass!” “That’s because those are pears” “Oh, well, okay then!” (Amber & Amber’s mom)

55) “How do you spell ‘doughnuts’” “Wait, like the Dunkin Donuts ‘doughnuts’ or the regular kind of doughnuts?” “The regular kind” “Well, it’s d-o-u-g-h-t-s. Doughnuts” “…Uh…you forgot the ‘nut’ part!” “Oh, oops, then it’s d-o-u-g-h-t-n-u-t-s” “Now you spelled ‘doughtnuts!” (Izzy, Scarlette & Anya)

56) “Okay, what does this look like to you guys?” (looks in window of day care with child cartoons sitting in a circle of chairs) “It looks like an AA meeting, right? Hi, my name is Dora, I’m and alcoholic and my last drink was dos months ago!” (Izzy)

57) “I do not have ass cancer!” “Ass cancer, ass cancer, ass cancer” (trys to hit him and misses) “The only thing funnier than this is ‘Doughnuts’!” (Kennedy & Phil)

58) “Don’t tell me you just searched all over your kitchen for that humangous knife…just to cut a sandwich?!” “But this one is more fun to use!” “Who are you, Michael Myers?!” (Izzy & Phil)

59) “You do know you just wrote our ‘World Domination’ plans all over your math homework, right?” “Oh crap!” (Izzy & Scarlette)

60) “Do you wanna buy a duck?” “A what?” “A duck!” “Does it quack? “OF COURSE IT DOES!!” “YAY!” (Anya & Kennedy)

61) “ISLAND BEACH DOMINATION!!” (Amber & Scarlette)

62) “Kitty, kitty! Me~Ow!!” (Izzy & Kennedy)

63) “C is for cookie, that's good enough for me" "Uh...Brannon?" "Oh my god! You're still on the phone!?" (Scarlette & Brannon)

64) “Hey mom! I changed my mind about buying the sweatshirt from the concert!” “Okay, so what are you going to buy!” “That emo kid, right there!” “Honey, we don’t have any room for one of those!” (Izzy & Izzy’s mom)

65) “OH MY GOD!! They skankified Converse!! Those fiends!!” (Izzy)

66) “If I saw my kids playing in the woods and some kid in a robe with wooden sandals came running along going ‘NEHREEEEEEEEHHHHRRRRRR!’ I would NOT let my kids play with that kid!!” "Are you kidding?! My kid would be that kid!!" (Scarlette & Amber)

67) “Okay I think I get the Breaking Dawn cover. I know the white queen stands for Bella, but who’s the red pawn supposed to be? Wait, is that… is that supposed to be Edward? Does this signify that Edward is Bella’s bitch!?” (Scarlette)

68) Are you kidding?! Faust the VIII is awesome! Any guy who can wear purple lipstick and work it is so totally cool on my list!” (Izzy)

69) "Yes, I'd like some nuts and bolts with my mashed potatoes please!" (My history teacher)

70) "Nick, can you sit in this chair so that when I throw it out the window you'll got with it?" (My history teacher)

71) "Craig, move back so your not in the field and in their way!" "I already had a bagel!" (Scarlette & Craig)

72) "I want your pants! Go into that stall right now and take your pants off!" (Amber)

73) "This is a parking lot, there is no right of way! It's called 'you walk in front of my car, I mow you down!'" (Izzy)

74) "Blackgard? What's that mean? 'A villian or one who uses crude language'...Hey Amber, you're a blackgard!" (Amber's dad)

75) "26!" "The back of Neji's car!!" (Kennedy & Scarlette)

76) "What do you mean the bread goes in and toast comes out! What happens to the bread!?" (Amber)

77) "Okay, Amber's friend, Johney, is a hermit! This kid lives in the woods! Not the 'oh, he lives five feet into the forest'. No. To get to this kid's house, you have to go down a dirt road, down another dirt road, that leads to another dirt road, and then into a ditch, and in that ditch is where Johney lives, okay! This kid lives in a hole in the woods!" (Scarlette)

78) "What is with your costumes this year!" "What about them?" "You and Phil look like...I could make a story out of your costumes and call it 'The Pixie and The Hooker' and I'll make billions of dollars!" "Yes Phil is a pixie, but only because his costume deflated and IT IS NOT MY FAULT MY COSTUME IS SKIMPY!" (Scarlette, Izzy, & Phil)

79) "Shut up, shut up! I can hear Kennedy in the bathroom" (All huddles around bathroom door) "Yeah...uh huh...what?...I don't know!" "What don't you know, Kennedy!?" "Oh My God! You guys are listening to me!?" "We didn't know you talk to yourself while your on the toilet!" "I'm not! I'm talking to my mom on the phone!" "You called your mom while you were in the bathroom!?" "No! She called me!!" (Kennedy, Scarlette, Amber, Anya, & Izzy)

80) "Holy crap! You, like, jacked my thing (bottle tab) without me even noticing! It was all like, shaaaa, ninja!!" (Kennedy)

81) "Okay, that one indian is totally a nazi. He shouldnt be named Little Creek, he should be named 'Killer of Jews' or 'Runs with Racism' or something. And that horse is totally named 'Blitzkrieg'" (Amber watching 'Spirit')

82) "Stupid Brannon at his stupid Pow wow with his friends 'Sound of Rain' and 'Spirit of Rock'!!" (Scarlette)

83) "Your boyfriend has WHALE VAG FINGERS!!" "FUCKING EW" (Scarlette & Gabbie)

84) "I murdered the sponge cake!" (Some random boy scout yelled this from out of nowhere)

85) "OME!" "What?" "OME! you know, 'Oh My Edward!" "Oh! Right! Because Edward has sexy Jesus powers!" (Kennedy & Izzy)

86) "My French class sucks! I'm literally on the intersection of I Broke A Nail Lane and Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big Avenue in the middle of I'M A PREP City!!" (Izzy)

87) "Why'd you have to go?" "I just HATE when people walk in on me while I'm talking to you over the phone!" "Why Brannon? What are you DOING when you're talking to me?" "...Wow" (Scarlette & Brannon)

88) (At a sleepover and the room was dark) "What're you doing?" "Enjoying the view" "Of what!? The dark!?" (Izzy & Scarlette)

89) "Everytime someone reads the bible, I get a sticker!" (Scarlette)

90) "They forgot an x in Xxtreme" (Kennedy) (Do NOT Ask!!)

91) (Watching Skins and two guys start making out) "Well, I like this show!" (Anya)

92) (In a British accent) "Let's play 'Wander'!" (Amber)

93) "Oh that guy is Cute!!" "Anya! You have a boyfriend, remember!?" "I know! I can look, I just can't buy. Plus, Travis doesn't care" (Anya & Amber)

94) (Running down the stairs in some random hotel) "Neener neener neener!!" (Amber)

95) "Now, I don't want you girls letting the guys working outside inside the house, okay?" "Why would I need to let them in? Use el bano? No. Steal el magazines? No." (Amber's mom & Amber)

96) "Dude! That bald dude just took the last cinnamon bun and then proceeded to lie to me and say there were more! Jeez, when you pull a stunt like that, your supposed to turn to everyone and yell 'I'm taking the last cinnamon bun, bitches!' or something!!" (Izzy)

97) "Why is Yumichika Cat so angry!?" (Scarlette)

98) "Ha, you suck at this game!" "You suck at life, Phil!" (Phil & Jesse playing some video game)

99) "You guys had an M&M war!? Without me!?" "Well, actually it started as an M&M war, but then we ran out of M&M's, so we used spoons!" (Izzy & Kennedy)

100) "I think 'just pulling your leg' has to be the stupidest expression for a joke! I mean, why would you pull their leg if your joking with them!? It actually sounds sexual!" (Kennedy)

101) "EPIC DOT DOT DOT MOMENT!" (Scarlette)

102) "It's like having a dot dot dot moment, only without anyone to dot dot dot with" (Izzy)

103) "What did you do to yourself!?" "It's not blood, it's not blood! It's paint! I'm a very messy artist remember!" (Scarlette & Izzy)

104) (Watching Howls' Moving Castle) "Close the windows! It'll protect you from the bombs!" (Anya)

105) (Wacthing Spirited Away) "The radish spirit is so sexy!!" (Kennedy)

106) "I'm too old for this!" "Too old for what?" "This! Walking!" "You're not too old to-uh...don't worry, a witty comeback will come to me!" (Kennedy & Scarlette)

107) "OMG! This Snapple is bursting with FRUIT JUICE FLAVOR!" (some guy in our lunchroom)

108) "Quick! If 2+2= fish, what is the color of blue!?" (Izzy's sister)

109) "Why don't you just get contacts?" "Oh, we all know how that'll turn out if I tried to get contacts into my eyes!" (Anya & Izzy)

110) "VAMPIRE DANCE PARTY!!" (Kennedy)

111) (Some guy running across a parking lot) "This is my first time in a Mini Cooper!" (He trips and falls) "This is my first time in an ambulance!" (Some guy & Amber)

112) (Pulls Yaoi manga off Borders shelf) "Well this doesn't seem so bad, It doesn't seem-ho shit! (throws manga back on shelf) (Scarlette)

113) (Looking at the same Yaoi manga) "I'm too scared to look at the next page!" "I'll look at it for you!" (Scarlette & Izzy)

114) "What is butter made out of?" "Britney Spears!" (Izzy's sister & Izzy's cousin)

115) (Watching an intense scene in a movie on Logo) "Are those dildos!!" (Scarlette)

116) "Hey, that guy's van is the type of van that people get...(looks at my little sister) I stopped myself from saying it" (Scarlette)

117) "I did not slap you, I high fived your face!" (Kennedy)

118) I love this picture! It has all the KH characters in it and I mean all of them! Look, here's Axel, Sid, Cloud, Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, Xigbar,...dude, what is your name!?, Larxene, Roxas, Leon, dude what is your fucking name!?, Sephy, Kairi, Riku, Sora, bandage guy, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR NAME, GUY!?, Ansem, Lexeus, Zexion, Vexon, WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR NAME, GOD DAMMIT!?, Saix, Xemnas, and what the hell is this frickin dude's name!? (Looking it up later...) "Xaldin!!" (Scarlette)

119) "What is Jasper like just came out of the box naked and was all like 'Surprise, surprise! Didn't see that coming now did you?'" (Scarlette)

120) "Rape is imminent!!" (Scarlette)

121) "Surprise butt sex!" (Unknown)

122) "Noob rape in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-raperaperaperaperape!!" (Amber)

123) "I will devour you soul...and your chocolate grahams!" (Scarlette)

124) "What do Gojyo and a woman with blue cotten candy hair and roller skates have in common?" "What?" "They have odd colored hair and they will get on their knees at one point. Think about it" "I'm thinking about it" "Are you thinking about it?" "I'm thinking about-OH GOD, I just pictured it!" (Brian & Scarlette)

125) "I really despise people, but I find them oddly amusing when they do something utterly stupid -!" (Izzy)

126) "I think I found the moral in Death Note" "Uh...killing people via an evil notebook that belongs to a shinigami is bad?" "No! That addiction is bad! Because everyone who died was an addict to one thing or another!" (Izzy & Some girl on Gaia)

127) "You know...Mello kind of looks a little like Pip from South Park right? Only a littler more gothicy...or darker...or-" "Pip and Damien's love child, like TOTALLY!" "Exactly!" (Some girl on Gaia & Izzy)

128) "Hey dad, did you ever watch the movie, 'The Last Mohican'?" "Yeah, why?" "Well, what happened?" "I don't know, my tears blocked my vision!" (Kennedy, Kennedy's dad, and Kennedy's brother, Axel)

129) (My sis was goin thro a whole Catholic faze + had cut up pieces of bread in the kitchen + gave us them saying 'This is the body of Christ') (My mom walked into the kitchen) "Why is the body of Christ all over my kitchen table!!" (Izzy's Sister and Izzy's Mom)

130) "If you hate this Halloween thing so much why did you volunteer for it?" "I didn't volunteer, I was volunteered and basically that went like this, "Eany, meany, miney-that poor asshole!" (Brian & Sean)

131) "Bye Jason, Michael Myers, and Creepy guy!" (Izzy's cousin)

132) "Scarlette, what're you being for Halloween?" "I'm not gonna say it to you of all people because you'll hurt me" "No I won't. So what're you being?" "Alright, here goes nothing. I'm being the scariest thing ever, can I borrow your face?" "...Come here so I can slap you" "Hell no!" (Runs away) (Anya & Scarlette)

133) "Rhyming SUCKS!!" (Scribbling all over the page) (Sonya)

134) "My 'Breaking Dawn' is such a whore! Everyone's had it, but it always comes back to me!" (Kennedy)

135) "Oh, an Etch-a-Sketch! I want to try!" "Uh, Scarlette, your artistic skills in Etch-a-Sketching suck!" " Noooooo! You guys are mean! I'm never Etch-a-Sketching ever again!" (Scarlette & Izzy)

136) "A disease can't spead because there's a condom in the way!" : D (Some kid in Bio class)

137) "I don't care what you guys say! I'm going to Etch-a-Sketch until the day I die! The man can't hold me down!!" (Scarlette)

138) (Phone ringing) "If it's work again I swear to God I'm going to go down there and...beat the crap out of them all!" (Izzy's mom)

139) "Me plus Etch-a-skecth = FAIL!" "At least i used to be able to draw a house." "You can't draw a house because you can't draw the slanted roof you dumb frick!" (Scarlette and Izzy)

140) "I'll show you, I'll show all of you! I'll draw a house! And i'll put a tree in the yard and then you'll all be sorry! And you'll all be like 'I'm sorry i ever doubted you, Scarlette'!" (Scarlette)

141) "So Scarlette, what did you want to get on Christmas?" "Well, I asked Mom-I mean, Mrs. Clause for snake bites and Mrs. Clause was all like 'Let me ask Santa about that one?' and Santa was all like 'Hahahahaha, no." (Izzy's mom & Scarlette)

142) (One of those star fact things in the movies: "I don't wax" -Zac Afron) "That is a lie! That is bullcrap!!" (Kennedy loudly in a crowded theater)

143) (Jacob comes on the screen during the Twilight movie) "Sharkboy!? Where's Lavagirl!?" (Izzy, Kennedy, Scarlette, Rob and Kiela)

144) "I like his pole thing! I like long, slender things" (playing a video game in the movies and about a character named Kalik or somethin) (Kiela)

145) (Static shocked at the top of the head) "OWWWWW! You shocked my brain!!" (Sonya)

146) "It just doesn't work! Noodle does not go good with Toast! Toast goes better with Jam! But Toast is such a manwhore he's dating Noodle, that bitch, and then Toast as the nerve to hang all over Jam-even though Jam is all like 'fuck you'- while Noodle is in Texas with her cousin, Spagetti!" (Scarlette)

147) "Run CedricEdward, run!" (Kennedy)

148) (Over Gaia towns) "Okay, Scarlette, you're probably going to kill me tomorrow at school" "Why?" "Well, because before I logged on, I kinda went to a store that started with an 'H' and ended with a 'Topic'" "..." "Scarlette?" "IMMA FUCKIN KILL YOU!!" (Izzy & Scarlette)

149) "Why is the floor sticky!?" "..." (bursts out laughing (all 12 of us!) (Kennedy)

150) "I like to watch you sleep. You're very entertaining" "Cause that's not creepy at all!" (Scarlette)

151) "God, I would never want to marry a physiatrist!" "I know! It'd be like 'Honey, we fight all the time!' 'And how does that make you feeel, sweety?' 'Shut the FUCK UP, Steve!!'" (Izzy & Amber)

152) "I'd be pretty creeped out too if I walked out of a boat and was all like 'Boat? Antarctica? Child?...Adam Sandler!?'" (Watching fifty first dates) (Amber)

153) "If your force yourself on a prostitute is it considered rape or shoplifting?" (Amber)

154) "It's odd when you think that it's possible that at least one person in this room will go to hell-" "Nose game!!" (Teacher & Jamie)

155) "I hate that holiday!" "What holiday?" "Okay, think of something I've never had in my life" "Pfft, okay" "Alright, now think of what holiday revolves around that thing" "...Hannukah?" "Valentines Day! I hate that holiday!" "I love Valentines Day!" "I don't. It's like Singles Awareness Day!" (Mike & Amber)

156) "Sexy pants, make a left!" "Wait, are your sexy pants or am I sexy pants?" "Well, since she said 'Sexy pants, make a left' and I'm the one driving, I think she means me" (Amber, Pete & Mike)

157) "Sexy pants, make a right. A right-no wait, left, left! What the hell are you doing!?" "Shut up, your confusing him!" (Amber & Izzy)

158) "Why am I in the trunk of a mini van and not making out with anybody?...Vinnie come here" "Why?" "Just come here!" (Amber & Vinnie)

159) "Guys we're pissing this guy off, so shut up" (5 min. later he goes back inside) "SEE! You pissed him off, and now he left! we could have been friends!" (Runs back outside) "By the way, you guys didn't piss me off" (Hysterical laughter) (Amber & some guy at the movies)

160) "Where is everyone!?" "Maybe we're the only survivors or something...that'd be awesome for me since I'm the only guy" (All 5 of us) "NO!" (Mike & Izzy, Amber, Scarlette, Kennedy, and Courtney)

161) "Okay, Kenni, you have to do me this one favor" "Sure. What is it?" "Okay, okay, Please, I'm begging you, duck into your coat and say 'L is on the move'" (she looked like Watari with the same hat n jacket) (Scarlette & Kennedy)

162) "I didn't know Mike worked at the A&P?" (Runs up to counter and slams a chocolate bar, hard, on the counter) "Hi, welcome to-Oh it's you" (Amber and Scarlette & Mike)

163) "Oh, I get it! in-you-end-oh" "Axel...did you just make an innuendo out of the word innuendo!?" (Kennedy's brother & Izzy)

164) "Amber's right, being married to a psychiatrist would be weird! Sex would be all awkward,'How does this make you feeeel!!" (Kennedy)

165) (Sarcasm towards the Dorito's bag) "Look at this kid! He is sexy!" (Picture of a fugly guy) (Amber)

166) (Playing Harry Potter Sceneit (cuz we're just that cool) "It's that big spider!" "What's the spider's name!?" "I don't know! Big. Huge. Hagrid. Spider!" (Amber & Scarlette)

167) (Still Harry Potter Sceneit, What's missing from image) "It's the rememberall! It's not even in his fuckin hand! His hand is just there, like he has the arthritus!" (Amber)

168) "I am pissed!" "Why, Craig?" "Cuz Reese's watching that stupid Lindsey Lohan movie!" "Oh" "Yeah, the Chronicles of Narnia!" (Hysterical laughter) (Craig & Amber)

169) "Go home!" "I live here!" "...Then go to class!" "It's Saturday!" (Amber & Kennedy (impersonating a teacher)

170) (Amber sprays gross spray candy shit) "What is that!? It smells like Shit!" "...What if I just smell like this?!" (Izzy & Amber)

171) (Still playing Harry Potter Sceneit w/ dead silence for question no one knew" "...Hufflepuff!!" (Hysterical laughter) (Amber)

172) (In British accent) "Sexism is one of my many pet peeves...that and leaving the damn milk on the counter when no ones using it and it gets all gross even if its only been for five seconds!" (Pause n then hysterical laughter) (Izzy)

173) "I have an Ice Whip on Gaia and I'm so happy!" (Pause for 1, 2, 3? minutes) "You have an Ice Whip!?" (Izzy & Scarlette)

174) "Those doggies are so cute, I just wanna rape one!" (Scarlette)

175) "Quick what's 23k+9k?" "I don't know, you need a calculator...or a Mudkip" "Yeah, cuz Mudkips are so good at math?" (Sarcasm) "...Hey Scarlette, look. (shows pic of Mudkips) Does this creature really look like it can't do anything it sets it's little mind to!?" (Scarlette & Amber)

176) "And he wanted to leave before our dad got home, but-why do I have the image of a penis in my mind?" (Scarlette)

177) (During a boring lecture by teacher) "Miss S, Matt just tomahawked my pen!" (Mark)

178) "Who would play hide and seek in dark with light up shoes!? 'Ready or not, here I come-I see you!' 'God dammit!'" (Scarlette)

179) "Okay, well I got down the first step when I realized I was stuck and I thought I was unstuck and it was okay to keep going. By the time I got down to the fourth step I was all prepared to go 'Oh, shit, I'm falling down this fucking flight of stairs now!' then Izzy finally decided to take her foot off the bottom of my pants and I was saved" (Amber)

180) (Talking about Ritsu wanting to be Ayame from Fruits Basket) "There is no way you can go from zero self confidence...to that fuckin guy!" (Amber)

181) "Now don't take that bag off your head until you get passed the gate...I know there are no eyeholes in it, you just gotta feel your way out" (Scarlette)

182) "Do you want to hear my impression of a mudkip?" "No, actually-" "Maaa! That's my impression of a mudkip!" (Amber & Mike)

183) (Dead silence in gym n our friend whispers something to Amber, but no one can hear) "I ALREADY ASKED HIM! HE SAID NO!!" (Hysterical laughter) (Amber)

184) "When you hold his hand it's like you put your hand in a baseball glove-I like it!" (Scarlette)

185) "I'm about to bust a blood vessle in my face!" (Playing volleyball) (Amber)

186) "Okay now what city is (inset something historical here)?" Silence "...Sigh...if I wanted to buy drugs where would I go?" "Patterson!" (Note: please don't be offended if your from Patterson, our teacher just likes to be mean) (My history teacher)

187) "Joey! Nobody could suck at volleyball that bad!...Unless your being sucky on purpose!!" (Still playing vollyball) (Amber)

188) "Okay, so what is and eight sided sign called?" "An octagon!" "Correct, a stop sign" (Teacher and everyone in Driver's ed)

189) "Stop seducing me!!" (Scarlette)

190) "What do you want from me, Amber?!" "Everything?!" (Jesse & Amber)

191) "Lol, rape" "Amber, I will not have you using words like that in my class!" "...Molestation. What're you gonna do about it!" (Amber & Teacher)

192) "Ah, I'm dying! Tell my wife...I love her!" "You don't have a wife, Scarlette" "Yes I do, her name is Mike!" (Scarlette & Kennedy)

193) "Why so sad, Jesse?" "I'm not sad!" "Fine, apathetic then!" (Izzy & Jesse)

194) "Woah! Wait! What about emo hedgehogs?!" (Izzy)

195) "Okay, we gotta be careful how loud we talk now cause the music is low-" "Sex!!" (Kennedy & Sonya)

196) "Vincent Valentine is a complete broodaholic!" (Izzy)

197) "I'm hungry :/" "I'll cook you breakfast" (jokingly) "Oh? and what would you make me?" "Heart shaped waffles" ":P why heart shaped?" "Beacuse I love you :D" (Amber & Majson)

198) "Severus Snape has syphilis!!" (Kennedy)

199) "I don't want you riding me gay man!" (Scarlette talking about horses from Brokeback Mountain)

200) "I like orange sherbert! It's all nice and fruity-like a gay friend!" (Izzy)

201) "Don't break him! I don't want to have to go back to the Best Friend Store!" "Really? How much was I?" "You were free, I got you out of the Lost and Found box in the back!" (Amber & Vinnie)

202) "And if my mom had a gun it would be a machete" "Wait, what the hell! One minute we're talking about Bon Jovi, and then suddenly your talking about your mom and her gun-machete! What the hell!" (Jesse & Amber)

203) "Famiy meeting? The closest thing we ever got to a family meeting was when me and your aunts and uncle would be rolling around the living room floor beating the crap out of each other while your grandpa watched us from the couch!" (Izzy's mom)

204) "He kept asking me how many days it's been, every day, all five days!" (Savannah)

205) "Yeah, I hear Mr. M in health class yelling the 'P' word all the time!" (Entire class laughs) "I was talking about pregnancy! I don't know what you sickos were thinking!" (History Teacher)

206) "Well, the Phantom loved her first!" "You can't call dibsies, love doesn't work that way!!" (Scarlette & Amber)

207) "It's a klondike moment, I'd kill you for a kodak bar!" (Liz)

208) “Get…IN!” “…Talking to your boobs, Amber?” (Hysterical laughter) (Amber & Izzy)

209) “That’s illegal, that’s illegal!” “That is the opposite of legal!” (Cast and Crew & Sam)

210) “Make like a tree, Craig, and have some big, fat, burly man come chop you down and carry you out of my life!” (Hysterical laughter) (Amber)

211) “Sara, put my heels away and stop trying to eat your sister” (Izzy’s mom)

212) “That’s weird” “What’s weird?” “Tyler just texted me and he said ‘hey, lol’” “Heh, maybe he sees you” (Gets up and looks around) (Amber & Izzy)

213) “If you interrupt me one more time I’m gonna sing the Pokemon song!” “Yeah, whatev-” “Da da duuuun…da de de DA!” (Amber & Jesse)

214) “Look Jesse, walk with me through our puddle of Friendship :D” “Amber…Puddle of Friendship? More like a puddle of rain water and motor oil” (pause) “Do you HAVE to ruin EVERYTHING?” (Hysterical laughter) (Amber, Jesse & Izzy-she was there)

215) “Oh and that’s him” “That’s him? Really? Wow, he is just…he is VERY attractive!” (laughs) (Amber & Izzy)

216) "How long has it be-" "TWO YEARS!!" (Izzy & Scarlette)

217) "I invited you to this chat to ignore the FUCK out of you...your welcome!" (Scarlette)

218) "That looks like a ferris wheel from here" "And you look like Maryl Streep from far away when I'm drunk so SHUT UP!" (Izzy & Amber)

219) (Bumper sticker that says I Heart My Portuguese Water Dog) "So does Obama!!" (Amber)

220) "Kennedy come here for a moment" "I can't, I have to go" "Aw, VAGINA!" (George & Kennedy)

221) "It's between 3:00 and 3:01" "That's only one minute-" "I KNOW IT'S A FUCKIN MINUTE!!" (Amber & Izzy)

222) "I'm a pokemon, i'm pokemon, I'm Amber...-osa! AMBEROSA!!" (Amber)

223) "Grade A cereal!!" (Phil)

224) "You wanna know what Alabama is? Alabama's a myth! Don't believe it, it's just like mustard!" "What's like mustard?" "Alabama it's a myth!" "Alabama's a myth?" "So is mustard!" (Phil & Izzy)

225) "So how's Trevor Cummings, your little buddy...or big buddy if your offended by that" (Amber) (Don't ask n if u get it it's all in good humor)

226) "This is 'me and Jesse talking'! I see nothing about 'Whore joins in'!" (Amber)

227) "For the love of-listen to me! Your my friend! I want to be your friend, but you need to stop blocking me out! I'm trying to rebuild this bridge of friendship, but your hate keeps destroying it!" "...So basically your calling me an asshole" (Amber & Jesse)

228) "I probably shouldn't be talking about this when I'm so out of it-I'm not out of it, I'm FINE!" (Amber)

229) "See the ground right there?" "Yeah?" "That's Alex. See that chimney ALL the way up there?" "Yeah?" "That's Majson- no wait! That that tower that's so much taller, THAT'S Majson!!" (Amber & Izzy)

230) "Nobody cares about so-and-so who got together with so-and-so and had a kid like that!" (Sonya)

231) "I can't read and walk at the same time!" "That's because you have the intention span of a half dead goldfish" "I-! (thinks about it) ...you're probably right" (Izzy & Brian)

232) "So, what's in the Dark Pit O' Doom?" "DOOM!" (Liz & Sonya)

233) "Because Amber's special!" "You don't mean special as in 'Don't eat that paste' special right?" (Cat & Amber)

234) "I'm so bored! I rather die than be this bored!" (Kennedy)

235) "Hey baby!" Five minutes later "Did you just call me baby!?" (Scarlette & Amber)

236) "You're married?" "Yeah, me and Vinnie got married when I was six and he was five- which I'm pretty sure is illegal. And you have to get married in order to play house" "...That is by far the weirdest thing you've ever said" (Majson & Amber)

237) "Well what if I came home hyped up on nothing!" "If you came home hyped up on methane!? We'd disown you!!" "I said nothing, not methane!" (Michelle & Scarlette)

238) (Reading back of planner: Don't do drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes) "If I don't get my iPod back I just might do drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes!" "You do know alcohol tastes bad" "I don't care! I'll inject it through my eye!!" (thinks about it then burst into laughter) (Michelle & Scarlette)

239) "You see Alex, Izzy is 'special :D' special. You're 'special D:' special. That's why you need to wear the helmet :D" (Izzy's uncle)

240) (Points to a random guy in a book I'm reading) "See that guy right there?" "Yeah?" "Gay" "...I was expecting an important piece of information to the story...but I probably should have seen that coming anyway" (Kennedy & Izzy)

241) “I die a little inside every time you do something stupid” “You’d be dead by now then, you liar!!” (Scarlette & Amber)

242) “And we just got into fight…Dick! Which reminds me I have to change my background to his face!” (Amber)

243) "My ass hurts-nobody say anything!!" (Amber)

244) "The poor bird!" (five minutes of eating) "OH MY GOD! I'm eating chicken!!" "Who makes that connection!?" (Amber & Scarlette)

245) "He's not different he's just special! Oh wait, it's the other way around!!" (Scarlette)

246) "El Tigre de Fuego! Cuz everything is better on fire!" (Scarlette)

247) "Curtain?" (Moves curtain violently) "What curtain!?" (George)

248) "My pink sock is a girl and the purple one is a boy because purple is almost like a boy color so 'mwah'!" (Amber)

249) (While watching Watchmen (lol) "They work better in the dark" "So do I!" (Rob)

250) "Rorshach's journel...wait, what's today?!" (Sonya)

251) "I will steal his fort innocence!!" (Amber)

252) (Sniffs Jesse) "You smell like Downey!...Can I sniff you again!?" "No!" (Amber & Jesse)

253) "I'm an agnostic jewish male!-" "Everything in that sentence is a lie, Amber" "-on Facebook!" "Oh, okay" (Amber & Jesse)

254) "Jacob! Hey, Jacob!" "Who's Jacob?" "He's a werewolf" "Oh...why are you calling a werewolf to my car!?" (Kennedy & Kennedy's mom)

255) "If you guys don't calm down right now I'm gonna...I'm...I'm not gonna feed you anymore!" (Pause then hysterical laughter) (Izzy's mom)

256) “Amber’s having a mental breakdown” “Is she really?” “The toilet paper is my only friend!” (Izzy, Majson, & Amber)

257) (In a British accent) “He made me feel special by putting my name in his About Me, but I just realized it’s in a sea of bullshit!” “Yea, that’s so bad! Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit…Amber…bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!” (Amber & Scarlette)

258) (In thick Chinese accent (we’re not racist, just mean) “Hola? WRONG NUMBA!!” (Amber)

259) (Listening to Fuck The System by System Of A Down) “…All I’m getting from this is ‘Whore’ and ‘Fuck the system’…” (Amber)

260) (After a whole fit on Majson) “You know when I go to bed at night I go ‘I didn’t mean it~’” (Amber)

261) “You know what! You got toilet paper in the face because you’re a piece of shit!!” (Amber)

262) "I have to reopen Fire Fox because I shut it down in a fit of rage" (Scarlette)

263) (In her hush-hush voice) "Hey, I saw you writing your essay in English class. It reminded me of those guys you see at Starbucks that sit there, drinking their Chi-Lattes whilst typing their novels, and that made me wanna smack the Latte off the table,lay you down and fuck you in Starbucks" (Amber)

264) (Looking at her calculator) "Did somebody draw a PENIS on this?! Somebody DID draw a penis on this!" (Amber)

265) (Jiggles the doorknob and it doesn't open) "Oh my God! I'm stuck! What if no one finds me!?" (Opens door) "Amber...get out of the bathroom" (Amber & Izzy)

266) (Watching the Grudge 3) "Gretchen can't answer the phone right now...she has no eyes!" (Izzy's mom)

267) (Still watching Grudge 3) "It's Saiyuki!" "Mom! That's a manga I read!" "Well here she comes!" (Izzy's mom & Izzy)

268) (Grudge 3 still) "What's he gonna do with that knife!?" He's gonna cut her hair!" "But I like her hair!!" (Izzy's Aunt & Izzy's Mom)

269) (Watching Family Guy) "No one was talking to you Albania!" (Hysterical laughter) "I told you! I told you no one likes them!!" (Amber)

270) (Walking from gym) "Okay, I gotta go" "Oh, have fun in math!" "God, Amber, I have lunch! You know nothing about me!!" (Jesse & Amber)

271) "If a boy and a girl had a baby it'd be me!" (Kennedy)

272) "It's 6:44, everyone make a wish!" "I wish for a Hershey bar-" "Don't say it aloud! You just ruined everyone's wish, so you and that Hershey bar can go fuck yourselves!!" (Amber & Izzy)

273) "I'd like to invite two very speial men to come up and light a candle" "That's me!" (Kennedy & Amber)

274) (Watching arrancars on Bleach) "What's with all them wearing white? What happens after Labor Day?" (Amber)

275) "I think Happy Trails are sex-Oh, look a catapiller!! I shall name him Stanley!" (Amber)

276) "Loooooooook! Look look look look look!" "What?" "It's Stanley's twin brother, Herbert!" (Amber & Izzy)

277) "I just pictured the neighbor kid going all like neehhhhher and falling into that little pond. He would be like, flailing around, trying to get out. But seriously, one of the fish has a better chance of getting out of that thing!" (Amber)

278) " Tell him he can go suck one...and I don't mean a juice box." (Amber)

279) "Oh Izzy, where were you yesterday?" (In her adorable voice) "I was sick." "Wow, Izzy, you could like, murder somebody, and as long as you told me in that voice, I would be like 'oh really? Good for you.'" (Amber & Izzy)

280) "I SAW THAT!" "No you didn't! It's a lie!" "YES I DID!" "NO YOU DIDN'T ITS A LIE! ITS ALL A LIE! THE CAKE IS A LIE!" (Izzy & Kennedy)

281) "Look at my completely heterosexual track uniform!" (Shows phone) "You have a text from Kennie is the most awesomest person ever with a heart." "Did you have to say the whole thing?" (Phil & Scarlette)

282) "Hey who's Liz-mos?" "That's Liz, why?" "Oh because I'm on Izzy's shit going through all her shit" (Amber & Kennedy)

282) "Why does everyone wanna have sex with me!?" (Runs away, trip and falls not five feet away) (Amber)

283) (After seeing our towns version of Romeo & Juliet and the cast was being congraduated in the lobby) "Hey, Romeo!" (Everyone(including Romeo) looks. Blows him a kiss and runs away) (Amber)

284) “We’re skipping! Watch out!!” (Kennedy)

285) “I think the bunny’s name from Arthur was Baxter” “The bunny’s name was Buster!” “Oh, like it matters!” “It matters! It fuckin matters!! What if I said Ash’s name was Roger? Everyone would fucking care ” (Katrina & Amber)

286) “Hi welcome to the Fer-“ “I have a beard!!” (Watching Caillou) (Amber)

287) “And when you come out, your gonna be thirty!” “But what about my childhood-?” “You were eighteen when you were pushed in! Your childhood was over!!” (Amber & Brandon)

288) “Sexual harassment in the work place!” (Kennedy)

289) “FUCK the fucking Other Siders and their fucking fake-ass fuckin- I wanna be a Power Ranger” (Amber)

290) “It’s a picture of you and Mike surrounded by a heart that’s surrounded by a bunch of little hearts surrounded by a circle surrounded by a star surrounded by a fucking ampersand! Then A and P decided ‘We can no longer be apart’ so they slammed together except all your bullshit was in the way so THAT’S why it’s called the A&P and you can suck my cock! (Amber)

291) "Oh, he's cute!" "You didn't even see his face yet" "...He's got a nice ass though" (Scarlette & Scarlette's mom)

292) "Amber, do you wanna pass the milk?" "Do you wanna pass the SHUT THE FUCK UP...here you go" (Scarlette & Amber)

293) (While watching Austrailia and keep in mind Hugh Jackman was in it) "Oh, I get it! Since she fired Fletcher that means the only person that can drove the cattle is-" "Wolverine!!" (Izzy's Aunt & Izzy's Mom)

294) "Let me run upstairs and put no pants on!" (Amber)

295) (After watching Friday the 13th(the ending inspired this) "I'm 1/4 deformed, 1/4 momma's boy, 1/4 serial killer, and 1/4 dolphin!" (Amber)

296) "Wait, does Mike-AAH! Beard! BEARD!!" (Scarlette)

297) (While watching Friday the 13th) "Why in these situations people think 'Oh, it's someone stealing the kerosene' or 'Oh, maybe this place belongs to a hobo'. But if I was in the situation I'd be like 'It's Jason, it's Freddy, it's Michael Myers! I'm leaving!!'" (Scarlette)

298) (Still watching Friday the 13th) "Jealousy. It wears a hockey mask and stands outside your window while your fucking" (Amber)

299) (While watching My Bloody Valentine(Two guys fighting with pick axes) "Who do you think is gonna win?" "I don't know, but somebody is going to get pick axed!" (Amber & Scarlette)


301) (Watching the grandpa from Rugrats (Amber was afraid of him and his accent) "Where are me kindela?" "Get away from me Hitler!!" (Amber)

302) "Whoever made up chinese food was a GENIOUS!!" (Izzy)

30h3) "River Lakes?" "That's an oxymoron" "Yeah, like a tow truck towing a tow truck-oh, wait, no. That's just redundant, nevermind!" (Izzy & Izzy's mom)

304) (While watching Across the Universe) "Nobody love me like she do~" "Does she do you?" "Yeaaaah, she do~" (Hysterical laughter) (Amber)

305) (Read 298) From looking at a really strange Bleach yaoi pic) "Jealousy. It sits next to you and reads a book...while your fucking..." (Izzy)

306) “What can ten dollars get me?” “Me!” (Amber & David)

307) “Now I’ll beat you Harry, like I beat Draco at home!” (Kennedy impersonating Luscious Malfoy)

308) “Malfoy’s got his own pimp cane now!” “Yeah, now he can beat himself” (Kennedy & Izzy)

309) (Anya got really hyper from eating Rapid Mac) “You think if we gave her a second one it would cancel out the first one or would it just make her twice as hyper?” “I’m not taking that chance!” (Scarlette & Izzy)

310) “Curiosity killed the cat” “But satisfaction brought him back” “…Yeah, but then I hit him with my car!” “That’s cheating!!” (Gabby & Izzy)

311) “Hey Izzy, so how’s your summer so far?” “Hi!” “…I believe the correct answer was ‘My summer’s great, how was yours?’” “I was getting to that!!” (Phil & Izzy)

312) (While watching Watchmen and impersonating Dan and Laurie) “I just got this new lock installed. Rorschach knocked it down looking for sex, but I had to go ‘No, Rorschach! I’m pretending to be straight!’” “…What?!” “What?” (Scarlette & Izzy)

313) (During the scene in Watchmen where Laurie sets Dan’s hide away on fire (Impersonating Dan) “Now your just making fun of me! I’m not a flamer!!…Anymore…” (Scarlette)

314) (During a scene between a tense Nite Owl and Rorschach) “Okay now, KISS!!” (Sonya)

315) “Oh crap! Savannah’s online!” (Slams laptop close and silence for two minutes) “Do you think she saw me?!” (Pause then hysterical laughter) (Amber)

316) "Mmmm Patrick." "I don't understand the 'M's. It's like your talking about him like he's a soup. Mmmm, Chicken Noodle Patrick!" (Majson & Amber)

317) (Watching Spirited Away) "Get in the bucket I'll steer you to safety!!" (Amber)

318) "Well bestiality is illegal in very many places...like everywhere!" (Scarlette)

319) "I'll be right back" "You're leaving!" "I have to go save Harry Potter!" "Oh no you don't!!" (Dream Amber & Dream Majson)

320) (Watching Spirited Away) "If you were in a spirit world and your parents turned into pigs-" " I would trust Max Goof!!" (Izzy & Amber)

321) (Still watching Spirited Away) "Max Goof (= River Spirit) plus Lilo = Love!" (Scarlette)

322) "Look at those faggots hanging out at the bank!...I know all of them. Every. Single. One." (Amber)

323) "Look at that faggot...oh wait that's Vinnie!" (Amber)

324) "By the way Izabelle, everyone to me today is an asshole! Maybe it's my mood" "What's your mood then?" "I don't know, everyone's an asshole!!" (Izzy's Mom & Izzy)

325) "Oh! Look at the moon!" "Liz...that's a street lamp" "Oh. I've got my eye on you moon!" (Liz & Scarlette)

326) "Izzy! Off the computer and come eat dinner! What are you doing anyway?" "Hold on! I'm watching England guilt trip America...while drunk!!" (Watching Hetalia) (Izzy's mom & Izzy)

327) "Don't you have to go clean your vagina?!" "Scarlette, if I have a vagina then you have a huge penis!" "And all the girlies love me~" (Scarlette & Craig)

328) (Acting out the Wonder Pets and 'saving' Liz's dog from her cage) "Don't worry Chin we'll save you!" "Wait, there needs to be a problem!" (Silence before both yell together) "We don't have thumbs!!"

329) "Kephrin hearts Liz...and Shannon...and his mom." (Steals paper and rips it up) "...It still exists!" (Amber)

330) "Tiggers are nomnible things!" (Scarlette)

331) "Wait, did the TV say G.I. Jew!?" (Kiela)

332) "Why do we need to put V's on our heads?" "Cuz we're virgins." "But what does it mean?" "It means you're a virgin!!" (Liz & Izzy)

333) "And I put this bitch in DEFENSE MODE!" (Craig playing Yu-Gi-Oh)

334) (Still playing Yu-Gi-Oh) "I'll put these motherfuckers in my thingy so I can draw the cards I REALLY want!" (Craig)

335) "You'll always be 12! When your 21 and you say to me 'Hey Amber, do you wanna hit up the bar?' I'll be like 'You're 12!!'" (Amber)

336) "Okay, what's an interesting sweater print?" "Leopard!!" "...What?!" (Scarlette & Rob)

337) "Let's think up a good code name." "Banana!" "That's the GAYEST codename EVER!" (Scarlette & Rob)

338) "Liz, what's my name?" "France-no, wait! Rob!!" (Rob & Liz)

339) "Well the witch didn't like Dorothy or something" "Of course she didn't like Dorothy! I mean if you had to fly around and listen and watch them skipping and singing and frolicking wouldn't you have wanted to burn'em and kill'em, too?! I mean I would have shoved the broom right in Dorothy's eye! And the cowardly lion?! Now Mufasa, that was a lion!! The cowardly lion would have shit his fur if he had to face off against Scar!" "...O_O!" "And i hated those other two!" "...The tinman and the scarecrow?" "Yeah! The tinman was a crybaby and the scarecrow was an IDIOT!!" "That's because he didn't have a brain-and where is this coming from!""I don't know. Maybe it's that Caramel Toffee Mocha Latte making me hyper " (Izzy & Izzy's Mom)

340) "Sweetheart, that's like asking why the sky is blue or the grass is green" "Don't call me sweetheart and the grass is what?" (Scarlette & Amber)

341) "Grrrrraandaughter!!" (Amber/Scarlette/Craig)

342) "Stick with Amber and Izzy cuz we're going to a party tonight," "Oh, for who?" "And we kind of wanted to do a family group costume," "For who?" "Your father suggested the Addams Family," (more agitated) "For who!?" "But I think Jets Tailgaters would be cool," "FOR WHOOOOOOO!?" "What?" "FOR. WHO?!" "Slow your roll there buddy" (Puts feet up in attempt to fart) "Uh! Uh uh!" (Craig & Scarlette's Mom)

343) "Oh cock, I thought I had a bag of cheetos-I do, I DO!!" (Scarlette)

344) "Twizzlers!!" "Fuck you! Fuuuuuck you!!" (Amber & Scarlette)

345) "What are David's three favorite colors?" "Black, denim, and the blood of his enemies!" (Izzy & Scarlette)

346) (Spills cup of blue Hawaiian Punch) "MY WATER BROKE!! How could you do this to me!" (Amber)

347) "Hold on, I wanna take a picture and tag everyone in it" "Can I be the baseball!?" (Kiela & Rob)

348) "The Little Mermaid represents the fact that no woman will ever be happy!!" (Scarlette)

349) (Playing with a Seto Kaiba action figure from my cousin) "What do the number's mean?" "That's how much money he has! It's 2456...eons of...a lot" (Izzy & Scarlette)

350) (At midnight showing of Rocky Horror) "Where's Magenta's hand and why is Riff Raff smiling? Where's Riff Raff's hand and why is Magenta smiling?" "Where's my hand and why am I smiling?" "Where's my hand and why am I NOT smiling?!" "That's because your hands on your chin!" (People behind and in front of us @ Rocky Horror)

351) "Your line of horses on Farm Ville are bothering the crap out of me! They're all in straight lines except for one! It's like horse, horse, horse, DIRP!, horse, horse, horse!" (Scarlette)

352) (Driving me home while late to work) "Awww, couldn't you have waited a few seconds to mow them down-" "I don't have time to kill people!!" (Izzy & Scarlette)

353) "Liz is jailbait!" "But I don't want to go to prison!!" (Pause then laughs) (Scarlette & Liz)

354) "What's the full word for con? You know, like 'con-man'?" "Condom!" "...Condom-man?!?!?" (My mom & Paul)

355) "Did you just say herpes?!" "Yes. I would marry you in a herpes." (Izzy & Katie)

356) (Lying on the couch talking) "You don't like the zoo!?" "Hate it." But it's so fun!" "Not my deal." "But why-wait, what about aquariums?" "Oh yeah, 'Oh look, there's a fish...swimming. Neat. Now we're walking away'" "They have other stuff like sharks and, well, fish and-and seaturtles!" "Seaturtles? Like, Lock Jaw?" "Well, yeah-" "Ahahaha, Lock Jaw, BITE me!" "(laughing) Stop it!" "AHAHAHA, Lock Jaw!" (Adam & Amber)

357) "No mom, we're not watching Sailor Moon! Sailor moon didn't have lesbians in it." "What are you talking about!? Sailor Moon was full of lesbians! It had one guy and a cat; and Tuxedo Mask was probably a faggot anyway!" (Liz & Scarlette)

358) (Watching Zombieland) "Look at this fuckin' clown," "Amber, cover your eyes." "What? Why-" "Just do it! (David & Amber)

359) "Well my dad-your grandfather-used to drive us down to 42nd street to see the homeless people-or, as well called them back then, bums-and they were just everywhere! You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a bum! And that, for us, was fun!" "What swinging dead cats at hobos?" "Yes-no!" (Izzy's mom & Izzy)

360) "Izzy, what's that next street called? "Hos...pital...I don't that's our street." (Izzy's mom & Izzy)

361) "What's that big sign there say?" Switzerland!" "No...the other big sign. The one with all the stuff-PUPPIES!" (See. We're related.) (Izzy's mom & Izzy)

362) "Hold...still, Squirmy McGee!" "You can't just take what I said and add a 'McGee' at the end, it doesn't work like that!" (Adam & Amber)

363) (Watching Inuyasha and wondering what's behind his side-bangs where his ears should be) "What do you think's behind them?" "Cheeks...no, ass cheeks! An ass! Another face-no, two face! One half of a face on each side...and another one of the back of his head...how does he eat? Maybe he rotates!" "...O.O" (Izzy & Scarlette)

1) I get plenty of exercise: jumping to conclusions, pushing my luck, and dodging deadlines.

2) A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match it for me at kick boxing.

3) Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver.

4) I reject your reality and substitute my own.

5) Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us to walk and talk, and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up."


Her Majesty's Dog (Fist manga), Fruits Basket, Black Cat, Yurara, Gentleman's Alliance Cross, Maximum Ride, Twilight (this includes New Moon & Eclipse), Boy Meets Boy, Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles, xxxHolic, Shaman King, Saiyuki (both Gensoumaden and Reload...Requiem was good), Hellsing, Fallen Vampire, and soooo much more


MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!, Three Day's Grace, Skillet, Vertical Horizon, Within Temptation, TATU, Taking Back Sunday, SR-71, Simple Plan, P!nk, Papa Roach, Nickelback, Mayday Parade, Linkin Park, one song by M83 and Jam & Spoon I'm obsessed with, Lifehouse, Goo Goo Dolls (awesome band!), Good Charlotte, Green Day, Evanescence, Dashboard Confessional, Bowling For Soup, Bon Jovi, ACDC and (go ahead, call me a geek) all the Inuyasha, FMA, Naruto, and Bleach themes


Inuyasha, Bleach, Naruto, Sweeny Todd (seen 7 times!), The Lost Boys, The Eye, The Grudge, The Ring (that's a lot of 'the's), Law & Order (all of them), CSI, Without A Trace, Cold Case, Scrubs, Comedy Central Presents, The Boogyman, Family Guy, Futurama, Juno, and whatevers on Cartoon Network (yes i still like cartoons, SHUT UP!)


Candy, Chocolate, Mountain Dew Voltage, Manga/anime, SUMMER, drawing, typing, swimming, MA COPAINES (I LUVS U GUYS!!), MUSIC!!, horror movies


Ashlee FRIGGIN Simpson, Math, PEOPLE!!, nameless and SOULESS people in my school!, my bosses wife (she's the devil in woman form!), the fact that my D.E class is between the lunch room and the Home Ec lab

Time doesn't exist here, we will never dieI found this on someones page, its really sad

I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.

I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.

I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.

We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.

I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.

I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever had. I wish they could adopt me.

I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.

I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.

We are the couple who had the realtor hang up on us when she found out we wanted to rent a one-bedroom for two men.

I am the person who never knows which bathroom I should use if I want to avoid getting the management called on me.

I am the mother who is not allowed to even visit the children I bore, nursed, and raised. The court says I am an unfit mother because I now live with another woman.

I am the domestic-violence survivor who found the support system grow suddenly cold and distant when they found out my abusive partner is also a woman.

I am the domestic-violence survivor who has no support system to turn to because I am male.

I am the father who has never hugged his son because I grew up afraid to show affection to other men.

I am the home-economics teacher who always wanted to teach gym until someone told me that only lesbians do that.

I am the man who died when the paramedics stopped treating me as soon as they realized I was transsexual.

I am the person who feels guilty because I think I could be a much better person if I didn’t have to always deal with society hating me.

I am the man who stopped attending church, not because I don't believe, but because they closed their doors to my kind.

I am the person who has to hide what this world needs most, love.

Repost this if you think homophobia is wrong.

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