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Hi! I'm Mew. Nice to meet you! I tend to go through obsessive phases so writing new fiction will more than likely be a hit-or-miss thing. I'll go through periods of intense activity and then periods of absolute inactivity. I'm still new to the whole fan fiction thing so sometimes I really don't know what the hell I'm doing lol. I promise to try and keep you as entertained by what I'm doing as I'm keeping myself.

06/20/2008: Got my first review! Thank you,Anicorn! You've filled me with a pleasent conceit of myself this morning lol!

06/21/2008: Review numbah 2! Thanks Lady Arabella Malfoy! Also...Take a Chance on Me is done! Woohoo! Go read it and review it immediately!

06/24/2008: To Liz, my anonymous reviewer, you flatter me. Thank you for the kind words :-)

06/25/2008: My stories have been favorited by Deathsfangirl and BloodCrow. I'm incredibly flattered and not worthy. Thank you! Ho snap...WhiteFire86 has favorited a story of mine too! Wow, thanks you guys! I promise to read something by y'all if you've written anything!

07/01/2008: Thanks for the kind (if all in caps) words, BringMe2life1490!

07/06/2008: Thanks LDeetz for subscribing to my latest work. I will do my best to finish it now that I know I have an interested reader! :-)

07/14/2008: Thanks Pooky The Kid for your kind words and for putting me on all your alert lists. I'm continually shocked at people who like my writing. I hope my future work doesn't let you down! :-)

08/15/2008: For some reason I'm not getting email alerts for anything on this site. Sorry about that. Thanks KnucklesRedFury207.2 and WithoutHesitation for the kind words. WithoutHesitation, I am not worthy of your praise...your writing puts mine to shame!

08/16/2008: I seem to have moved on to The Matrix. One can only hope I do as well there as I have with Beetlejuice.

08/25/2008: To Gunnythedude, another anonymous reviewer (and my first Matrix reviewer), thank you so much for reading and reviewing!! I intend to "keep on keeping on!" :-D

08/30/2008: Big old special thanks to my very good friend from Gaia Online, Shimi-Baka, who helped me flesh out chapter 8 of In The Beginning. Without her, I'd still be held prisoner by writer's block. Thank you, Shimmerz!!

09/01/2008: More big old special thanks to my other very good friend from Gaia Online, Maewolf, who helped me get started on (and give a title to) A Tangled Web. You're a good idea woman, Mae!! I should also mention Shimi-Baka again because she helped me with A Tangled Web by suggesting I create a timeline for my main character. SO HELPFUL! Thank you both so so much!

09/09/2008: Thank you Natalie.040891 for favoriting In The Beginning! Be sure to check out the sequal, A Tangled Web!

09/10/2008: Woo! That was a MARATHON! A Tangled Web is finished yay! And I have to mention that my captain for the Gnosis, Marlin, is named after my friend Maewolf's parakeet. Yay for parakeets! PLEASE REVIEW IN THE BEGINNING AND A TANGLED WEB!!

09/11/2008: Thanks to Starbucks galaxy for the kind review and for adding me as a favorite author. :-)

10/02/2008: Thanks S0l1tary0ne for favoriting Take a Chance on Me. Also, I've got some serious writer's block going on so sorry I've not updated An Unexpected Ending. But I think I've got a handle on the next chapter so be expecting an update sometime in the near future.

10/07/2008: So...I posted An Unexpected Ending on 09/21/2008 and here we are what...16 days after the first chapter posting the second one. And this second only 900 words or so. Meanwhile, I have 4 other chapters written but I don't know where they go in the story (and one of them is so VERY explicit that I'm not sure I can post it here and not violate TOS). Plus I have a good 4 pages of random notes and the fifth incarnation of a colour-coded character list, all of which is collected into a charming 1/2" binder and currently residing in my purse (yes, my purse is that big) where it has been for almost 2 weeks now completely untouched. Writer's realdo. But anyway, chapter 2 is finally up of An Unexpected Ending so go read it! Imma go take some more notes or something lol.

Supplemental: One of the 4 chapters I had done already? It seemed to fit next so I cleaned it up, typed it up, and posted it. Wow...I go 16 days without any updates and then you get two chapters in one day! Yay!

10/08/2008: Thanks for reading my stuff, BEETLESBABES! :-)

10/09/2008: Thanks again, BEETLESBABES! Glad you like my stuff :-)

10/10/2008: Took a break from the effing Matrix and wrote a one-shot bit of fluff for Star Trek the Next Generation. It was fun to write and it amuses me so I decided to share it with the intertubes. Hope you enjoy it!

10/18/2008: Thanks CrystalArcher for the kind words. Also, I fear my Matrix trilogy will never truly be finished. I've just written the third stinking plot map and I'm still no closer to writing the next chapter. I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...

10/22/2008: Thanks for the reviews, Oceanfae. Glad to amuse you :-). Also, this past Monday I posted two new chapters to An Unexpected Ending. The name of that fic might be changing, though, because the story keeps changing. Stay tuned!

10/29/2008: Thanks armedzibra for the review.

10/30/2008: Thanks armedzibra for adding me as a favorite author :-)

11/09/2008: Thanks LadyLasa for the review and for favoriting me :-)

12/11/2008: Been a while. Sorry about that. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed me lately and also those who have favorited me or my work. Sorry I didn't say thanks sooner!

12/12/2008: Thanks Ducky'sgirl4ever for adding me to your alert list, favoriting "Kittens," the kind review for "Kittens," and for generally making me feel completely full of myself this morning lol. :-)

01/05/2009: Happy New Year, Fan Fic-ers! Thanks to everyone I haven't thanked yet for reviews and alerts and junk, especially TheTARDIS who had some very kind words regarding "Kittens."

03/02/2009: Ok thank everyone who's favorited me in the past couple months. I don't remember who all of you are...sorry. And yes, I know...I never finished that Matrix fic. And I'm sorry. Someday I will hopefully go back to it. In the meantime, I've written a one-shot for BioShock yay! Go read it immediately AND REVIEW!! Thanks!

03/09/2009: Thanks to ObeyThyHeart and Tasmanian Tiger 221 for their kind reviews of "Jack's Journal."

03/11/2009: Belated thanks to Blesformy for the kind review of "Gimme a Man after Midnight." Thanks also to Lunaros for favoriting "Jack's Journal." :-)

07/18/2009: I don't have a list of everyone who has been reviewing and favoriting my stuff lately, so I'll just say thank you to all of you. You humble me. Also...finally...a new chapter of An Unexpected Ending!! Woo! FINALLY!! I'm back writing my ambitious Matrix trilogy of prequils (can't spell lol) and it feels pretty good. Keep checking back!

10/27/2009: Once again I have no list of everyone who has reviewed and favorited me, so again I offer a blanket thank you and apology. I'm glad my work amuses you :-). Also, finally, a new chapter of An Unexpected Ending has arrived! I have it down to about 4 more chapters that need to be written. The hard part is where to begin. A lot has to happen in those chapters, and finding a jumping off point is proving difficult. So yeah...stay tuned!

04/30/2010: Just logged in to fix the Jack's Journal story on a few points and suddenly discovered all my little "--" marks to break up different sections in a chapter are gone from all my stories. This is not good. So begins the "separate everything into different chapters" project. How absolutely annoying...I mean, the structure of many of my stories depends on leaving the chapters as they are...they can't support new chapters. Crap nuggets. Oh well...I'll figure it out. Also, thanks to all my readers and reviewers. Like usual, I don't have a list of them, but I try to reply to each of you when I get emails.

06/17/2010: Oh God, I've crossed into the Dark Side. I wrote a Law and Order SVU fic today. Not only did I write an SVU fan fic, but it's about Benson and Stabler getting together romantically. SO WRONG. And yet...somehow...very satisfying to write lol. Hope those of you who read it enjoy it :-) and leave many comments/reviews.

Also in the news today, as you can probably tell I haven't gotten around to cleaning up all my other fics. It's on my list, I promise, it's just been pretty busy for me lately so I've not had a chance. I think I've found a way to keep from having to split everything into new chapters or whatever, so wish me luck lol.

07/02/2010: My SVU fan fic had a baby. Well, actually it had a second chapter. It is complicating my life...this chapter necessitates at least 2, if not three more chapters. Then I have to change the order the chapters appear in because I seem to be writing it backwards.! But hey...what's life without a few complications right? Maybe it'll turn out to be fun lol. I haven't written a multi-chapter fic since the Matrix (still not done...sorry, kids), so let's see where SVU takes us, yes? Thanks for the wonderful reviews I've received (y'all know who you are) and let's hope I get this sucker done before I get Matrix-like writer's block lol. Wish me luck!

06/21/2012: Wow...4 years later and I'm at it again. Beetlejuice has taken over my brain and I'm off and writing lol. Stay tuned for a minor overhaul of my profile, the long-ago promised clean up of all my existing fics, and of course for updates of my newest fic. I will discipline myself to finish it...hopefully...

PS Thanks to everyone who has read, reviewed, and favorited me over the past two years. I love it when people stumble across something I've written and decide they like it. Hope you like the new shiz. Thanks again!

07/01/2012: BJ Fic is finished...and I just discovered that there is a movie section for Beetlejuice FF as well as a cartoon section...which means my story is in the wrong damn place. FUCKADUCK. I don't know whether to leave it where it is or move it. Hmm...

Anyway, thanks to everyone who read and reviewed. I've actually got an idea in my head for epilogue to this story plus 5 inter-related song fics. Not sure if that will go anywhere, but we'll see.

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Never Parted for Long reviews
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