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BIG NEWS They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I guess i'm feeling very flattered. Someone using he handle "Alice Doolan" did a cut and paste theft of the first seven chapters of "Harry's Future" and tried to pass it off as his/her own. One of my loyal readers uncovered this brazen act of plagerism and notified me. I in turn cofronted this bogus author and reported it to the site administrators. So confronted, the 'author' has ceased but in another act of deception claims due to 'abuse', ie, being called out, is stopping the rest of the story. Amazing.

Hey there, just an update as of 19 Nov 2008. The story has grown to six chapters, yes long ones, but chapters with the seven in the works. It's been fun for me to explore this idea and I'm very gratified that a fair number of folks have enjoyed taking this ride with me. I hope you hang with me to see where it goes. Stay tuned...

Middleaged married father of one who works in the engineering field. Hobbies include reading, writing and things mechanical. Have a swords and sorcery book published elsewhere. Hope to continue adding elements to the Harry's Future storyline posted here. Hope you all enjoy it.

If you enjoyed this ongoing adventure I have a self published fantasy adventure novel available for download at entitled "The Changemaker. Just cut and paste this address. . It is also available in print from lulu as well as, and Barnes & The story will be posted to in serial form soon (November, 2010).

Update: It would appear that while i was uploading some revised chapters, my Harry's Future got a bit jumbled up. Chapter one is now hiding between chapter 10 and 11. I apologize for any confusion this may be creating. I'm going through and giving the chapters another scrub and i will likely delete the whole story and then reload to get it straight, unless someone can tell me how to move individual chapters around. Stay tuned Chapter 13 is in the works. And thanks to all of you who've read and enjoyed the story so far.

Update update: Finally figured out how to correct my scrambled chapter one and it's now where it belongs. Thanks for your patience.

Update redux: I've been going back through the episodes correcting as best I can typos, grammar and a few inconsistencies that I hope will improve readibility. I hope to have the updated files posted shortly (today is March 1) Thanks for your comments and in case anyone is wondering I have no real idea where this story is headed. Truth be told when I start a new episode I'm not really sure where or how it will end, hence the large difference in lengths from one episdoe to another. But I'm enjoying the ride while it lasts.

5 March 2009--Okay, i put up the revised episoes to deal with the typos and inconsistencies. I hope i got em all but you never know, but i hope it makes them a bit more readable...on we go...

I wanted to take a moment to convey a few thoughts to those of you who have been reading my story. First and foremost “THANK YOU”. I enjoy knowing you’re appreciating my writing almost as much as I enjoy writing it. I particularly appreciate the time you take to post a review to let me know what you think. In regards to those comments I’d like to offer you the following:

For those of you who’ve asked for posting dates I really can’t do that. Between job and family I write as I can and since I don’t have any real plan for each episode I don’t really know when I’ll be done with a segment so I can’t really put a date at the end of one chapter as to when you can expect the next.The length of each episode seems to be a love/hate sort of thing. Some of you like them long, others don’t. More frequent posting of shorter chapters seems like a way to approach it but my head doesn’t work that way. I just start writing and let the particular story line carry me along til I think it’s done and that’s where I stop.As to the end of the story, nope, haven’t come close. I realize chapter 17 seemed to suggest an ending but in fact merely stated something that would continue for a long time. There is plenty of story left to tell. You don’t think I’d pass up telling you about the wedding of the century or the unfolding tale of a deep dark criminal conspiracy do you? 8).As to the next installment, #18 it is in progress, however my laptop contracted a very nasty virus last week (first week of March) and I’ve been struggling with that so this one is taking a bit longer. Hang in there though for wedding bells are about to chime. Hopefully I can get it posted by this weekend (14-15) March.Lastly, thanks to JKR for providing such a rich foundation to build upon and to my son, Brian for introducing me to this website.

27 October 2009...Just a note to let those that are looking that i appreciate the kind words now that Harry's Future has concluded and the anticipation for the start of "Professor Potter" which will come early in 2010. I'm working away on my sequel to my first novel but ideas for Harry and his family are bubbling around as well. Looking forward to posting the first chapter.

6 February 2010...Happy New Year, yeah a bit late but oh well. With three chapters of the new set "Professor Potter" posted i'm pleased to see folks are enjoying it as well as readers still discovery Harry's Futute. If i haven't said this before one of the things I find especially gratifying is seeing the interest for my writing from so many different places around the world. It's pretty amazing to think that someone from the far reaches (at least from my perspective) of the globe are reading my words. I hope i continue to hold your interest.

Well, lets see, we're up to chapter seven in the new series with a review rate of less than one percent. That means for every one who takes the time to post a review more than one hundred aren't. Tsk tsk.

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