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HOLY SHIT! I just thought of something terrifying! Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou) with Ryogi Shiki's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception! -Keels over dead from terror-

Ehhhch, Why do I bother to update this? Ah well, bad news...my brain is fried. Need to work on my landscaping skills... I have begun to work on my companion fic, and Myrrh is a delightfully broken little thing indeed. Ah insanity, how I love you. Well, that's all I really have to say. I may start updating this thing a bit more if I get proof that people actually READ these things. I know I do.

"Victory without ruin, domination without disgrace. That is true conquest!" - Iskandar the Great, Servant Rider.

"Mortal Vs. Immortal. Mortal wins! Idiot."

Darkrai > All. Deal.

People are looking for intelligent life in space.
They've got their priorities wrong.
I'm still looking for some on Earth.

"Having power is not enough. Knowing what to do with it is something given. Knowing how to get it is what's important, and how to get it without consequences is what truly matters. But, what would be the fun if you did it the safe way? Cast off that doubt, and I have a deal to make for you." - Firathia, half-elf warlock

Book of Log.

If you worship the holyness that is the log, copy and paste this section onto your profile... although you may want to change the comments

Position: Log Worshipper (BOW TO THE ALMIGHTY LOG!!)

Possible Book of Log Positons:

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OR the Fanfic that already occasionally praises the log has at least 400 reviews

OR you create a (decently made) Naruto fanfic focused on praising the log... log forbid.

Excerpt of the log number 124: when using the log to escape a fire jutsu, it is konoha custom to write an apology letter to the log, and depending on rank of jutsu escaped from depicts how many words are needed. c-rank, two thousand, B-rank, one thousand five hundred, a-rank, one thousand. only S-rank and higher or excused from the writing of the letter. even then, it is still reccommended.

Log excerpt number 231: if konoha shinobi celebrate the holiday of Christmas, then it is required that they put gifts under the Christmas log. Use of a full tree is an insult to the log and if found out that shinobi is uneligible from using the log for a period of two months.

Log excerpt number 437: Use of the log in a situation that clearly could be avoided using a variety of other methods or techniques is looked down upon. In order to repent for such actions, the following steps should be taken:

For every dent caused by your replacement you shall plant one sapling.

For every stab wound caused by your replacement you shall plant five

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'and the willow sayeth unto the ninja: wherefore dost i weep? 'tis tears of joy, as thy kin and mine together fell thine foes, who would bring the axe and torch to the wood. the log ist thine ally, and mine kin. calling upon the log, is to call upon me. to aid thee in battle, i weep my tear of joy.
and the ninja spoke: yea, thee and thine kin shall forever be blessed among me and mine kin. for thine bravery will never be forgotten.'
-book of the log, song of the willow, verses 1-4

'as the log takes your place, you become the log. the log becomes you. for a moment, you are an extension of the logs blessing unto ninja.'
-book of the log, chronicle of the replacement verse 3

'you are fools! your log is but a mockery of the power of ninja!- the ninja from the desert declared. and the people shook their heads.
you have been denied the log for a long time, sandwalker. we cannot force you to see the glory of the log, but know this. when the time comes, and you have no other allies to call upon, the log will hear your prayers, and aid you.'
-book of the log, redwood journals verses 15-16

'and as the smoke cleared, his foe stared in awe at the log. blackened and charred, the log crumbled. the ninja, filled with righteous wrath, fell upon his foe and slew him. he made his way to the log, and wept. his companion, the log that had accompanied him through so many battles, was no more. he spoke thus to his fallen companion: though now you have fallen in battle, you rest where the logs forever grow. the forest of life called for you, and you answered its call, as you did mine. i thank you my friend.'
-book of the log, honor of the forest canticle I, verses 78-82

'he despaired, for in this place of stone and earth, there was no logs to be found. reaching out with all his might, he begged for a log in the forsaken wasteland. and he was answered, and saved by the log, in a place where there were none.
-book of the log, wanderers saga, verses 7-9

'the log took his place and fell, forever into the abyss. the people, hearing of this, railed against him, in such numbers he swore to never endanger another log again. for many years, he fought without the log, growing more and more weary with each passing day. finally, he came across a foe that was too strong for him. as his life was about to end, he felt a familiar pull, and found himself out of harms way, seeing a log in his place. his stunned foe was felled in his stupor, and he approached the log, he knew it, for it was the same that fell so long ago. he asked of the log: why did you endanger yourself for me again? have you not done enough for me? and the log spoke: it is my duty, and our bond. we exist to save the ninja, and they exist to save the trees. we both play a part, for which i am content.'
-book of the log, honor of the forest canticle II, verses 59-70

Let it be known that it is absolutely forbidden to willingly perform the technique known as "1000 years of death" on a log. It is also equally frowned upon for one to replace oneself with a holy log for the purpose of avoiding said technique. The punishment for such actions is at least 6 months of banishment from the use of the holy log.

I am a proud supporter of NarutoxHinata pairing in Naruto

Time for a QUIZ!

You must fill out EVERY question! No skipping!
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4. Was today better than yesterday? I remain apathetic to the passage of time.


1. Number: Zero. He's the God of Destruction!
2. Color(s): Black, Red and Gold
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1. Are you missing someone right now? Nope.
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Where are 5 and 7?! (That's me, not the quiz.)


Real name? The hell would I tell you that for?
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3. Eye color? Dark Brown.
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8. Answered the truth on all questions? Sure as hell ain't gonna tell you.

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