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Poll: Vote for your favorite girls to be in Naruto's harem. Top 20 get in! Only sure ins are Kyubi, Koneko, Kitto, and Sakura. I may add a few more women depending on the girl's results but its really up to you. So please vote for your favorite girl! Vote Now!
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Hello my fellow fan-fiction readers/followers! My name is T. Soul - The Harem Master and I am a lover of many stories/series but my main love is Naruto.

Fact about Me

Gender: Female

Age: Same as Naruto (in Part II), add a couple years here or there :-)

Likes: Naruto, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Inheritance, X-Men (Movie), Pokemon, etc.

Dislikes: M/M with cannon pairings (ex. NarutoxAnyMale, RonxAnyMale, Artemis FowlxAnyMale, AshxAnyMale, LoganxAnyMale/AnyoneNotMarie, EragonxAnyMale/AnyoneNot Arya

My Favorite Pairings:



NarutoxTenten (in special cases)











NarutoxTayuya(I really like this pairing)

NarutoxYukie (Filler Pairing)






NarutoxOC (No Yaoi of course)



NarutoxHanabi (Under the right circumstances)

My Least Favorite Pairing(s):

NarutoxYaoi (Please let me stress, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY do NOT like this pairing at ALL. I personally have nothing against yaoi relationships but when the pairing begins to involve Naruto: No. Just No.)

My favorite combo pairings

NarutoxAnkoXKurenai (Classic Narux2Women Pairing)



NarutoxTentenxTemari(Weapon Forgery!)(Moving right along then...)


NarutoxTsunadexSakura (Ultimate Generation Medic Pairing)

NarutoxKurenaixTsunadexAnko(Ultimate Cougar Pairing)

NarutoxHanaxTsunadexAnkoxKurenaixYugao (Ultimate Cougar Pride)

NarutoxHarem(We'll see how that works out-->>Hero's Harem)


NarutoxTsunade (I flippin' love Tsunade like more than anyone else in the world besides Naruto.)

Alternate FanFiction Sites (where you can find me at)

I hope you enjoy my stories and trust me when I say there will be many more to come.

P.S. I just have to thank everyone for their INCREDIBLE reviews and visits to the stories. I appreciate all your comments and criticisms and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read or even review my stories. Thank you for your awesome support and I will continue to write the best stories I can. Once again thank you so very, very much!

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